Iphone Showing Charging But Battery Percentage Not Increasing

By | 07/10/2022

You’re on Tiktok watching a very funny video and, oops! – Your battery’s run downwards. You go to plug your phone in and go on watching the video, but afterward the 10th video, you notice that the battery percentage has not increased, peradventure it even reduced… panic ensues. Why is this happening? What exercise yous do?

If this is your current state of affairs, relax, you are non alone. The “iPhone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing” issue is 1 that some iPhone users have experienced more than one time and they will tell you that panic is not the way to go. This article will highlight the possible causes for this issue and give some of the all-time fixes to go your iPhone charging as it should.

Why is your iPhone Showing Charging but Battery Percent Not Increasing?

Your “iPhone showing charging but battery percent not increasing” result might be caused by background apps running, a damaged battery, or an incompatible charger. You might accept several apps open on your iPhone that you aren’t using and some of these apps will keep refreshing or running whether you switch back to them or non. This could prevent your bombardment from charging properly even when the phone is plugged in because there are too many apps utilizing the battery at the aforementioned fourth dimension.

Damaged or Incompatible Charger Cable or Adapter

Another reason why you might be facing this issue is that your charger cablevision or adapter is damaged or incompatible. Cheap tertiary-political party chargers are known to become faulty faster. If you lot are using i of these chargers and are facing the “iPhone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing” issue so the charger could be the crusade. Your Apple-certified charger could also get damaged after years of use and this might cause your battery per centum to be stuck fifty-fifty when plugged in.

Damaged or Dirty Charging Port

When dealing with the “iPhone showing charging but bombardment percentage not increasing” upshot, you should besides consider the charging port of your iPhone. Your telephone’south charging port might’ve go damaged due to frequent plugging and unplugging improper connection, or h2o damage. This might cause your battery to stop charging or discharge while the phone is plugged in. The charging port might also have some dirt or debris stuck in it, affecting the necessary connection to go the battery charging properly.

Here’s a guide to cleaning a charging port: How to Get H2o Out Of Phone Charging Port

Power Source

You might experience some difficulties with increasing your bombardment percentage if the power source used in charging your phone isn’t supplying plenty power to the bombardment. The power source might exist your laptop, wall socket, or wireless charger. If you are using your iPhone while it is plugged in and notice that the battery pct isn’t increasing, information technology might be because the ability source isn’t getting enough ability supply to charge the battery during usage.

Software Issues

Everything on the iPhone is controlled past the software and then when you lot come across the “Phone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing” issue, you might want to check your iPhone iOS version for any updates. This issue might occur due to software glitches on your phone, and software glitches can be caused by apps or games downloaded from the app store, an interrupted software update, or a glitch as a result of an update.

Failed Battery

A mutual reason one might consider is the failure of the iPhone battery. An iPhone battery might fail from the frequent use of low-quality, third-party charger cables, and adapters. It might as well neglect due to a defect in the gas gauge line between the logic board and the battery. H2o impairment is also a common cause of battery failure.

Missing Component

If your iPhone has been repaired or opened before, then the issue might be with a missing component on the logic board – probably the FL 11. This component is tiny and could go easily knocked off when connecting or disconnecting the battery.

Battery Not Calibrated

Another reason you might feel the “iPhone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing” effect is because your iPhone battery is not calibrated or its calibration has go corrupt. When this happens, battery details, assessments, and computations also become corrupt and this might crusade your telephone to misread the battery country. Your phone might be showing the incorrect battery percentage making you lot call back it is not charging.

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How to prepare iPhone Showing Charging but Battery Percentage Non Increasing

The beginning fix to try when your iPhone shows charging but the battery percentage is not increasing is to bank check your charger cable, adapter, and power source. First check the charger cable and adapter for amercement, if you spot whatsoever amercement, but replace them. Next, if the charger cable or adapter isn’t the problem, you can attempt connecting your phone to a laptop with the USB end of your charger cable if it was originally continued to a wall socket and if it was originally connected to a laptop, and then connect it to a wall socket or extension using the charger adapter.

Fix 2: Cheque the Charging Port

The side by side thing to try if the above step doesn’t piece of work for you is to bank check out your phone’s charging port.

  1. Use a flashlight to cheque the port for whatsoever dirt, liquid, dust, or debris in information technology.
  2. If any is spotted, use a new toothbrush to gently brush out the dust or dirt in the port. You can also use a Q-tip or tweezers to practice this. We do non recommend the use of paper clips or pins as these might cause more than issues.
  3. After this is done, plug your telephone in and leave information technology to charge for about thirty minutes, and then bank check the bombardment percent.

Fix 3: Endeavour a Hard Reset

Doing a hard reset on your iPhone is sometimes the only matter you need to do to gear up both hardware and software-related bug.

For iPhone viii and newer:

  1. Press the volume up push on the side of your telephone and let go
  2. Printing the volume down button and let become
  3. Then press the power push and hold until the screen goes OFF and On once more. Permit go when the Apple logo comes up.

For iPhone 6, vii, 7 plus, and later:

  1. Press the power push button and volume down simultaneously and hold until the screen goes OFF and ON over again.
  2. Permit go when the Apple logo comes upwardly

After doing a hard reset, plug your iPhone in and go out it to charge for almost 30 minutes, then cheque the battery percent.

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Gear up four: Stop Groundwork App Refresh

As earlier stated, you might have several apps running or refreshing in the groundwork and draining your battery while it is plugged in. To fix this;

  1. Unplug your telephone and close all open apps on your iPhone
  2. Get to ‘Settings’
  3. Coil downwardly and select ‘General’
  4. Select ‘Background App Refresh’ to open information technology
  5. Click on ‘Background App Refresh’ again and then select ‘OFF’
  6. Once this is done, plug your phone dorsum in and get out it to charge for most 30 minutes, then check the bombardment per centum.

Fix 5: Reset Settings

Doing this would keep all your media and files merely reset all your preferred settings similar wallpaper, notifications, sound, and keyboard. To do this;

  1. Make a mental note of all the changes made to your telephone’s settings
  2. Go to ‘Settings’
  3. Scroll down and select ‘General’
  4. And so whorl down to ‘Reset’
    and click it
  5. Select
    Reset All Settings, and then allow the phone restart
  6. After this is done, redo your preferred settings, plug your phone back in and leave it to accuse for most 30 minutes, then bank check the battery percentage.

Fix 6: Recalibrate

Some other gear up you should effort if zero has worked so far is recalibration. Afterwards years of use, your battery’s calibration might go corrupt, this can easily be stock-still with the following steps:

  1. Unplug your phone and continue using it until information technology dies out. This procedure is also chosen a deep belch and it is recommended for phones and laptops every once in a while
  2. Sometimes, when a phone dies, it might still have some bombardment charge left in it, so try to switch it dorsum ON and let information technology die out again
  3. Confirm the phone is completely discharged by trying to turn it ON once again
  4. Once information technology is completely dead, plug it in and let it charge. If the battery pct starts to increase, exit information technology to charge until information technology’s at 100%
  5. After the phone is fully charged, restart it to see if the bombardment drops significantly. If it does, then the bombardment is probably faulty and needs to be replaced

Fix 7: Replace the Bombardment

If all the fixes above practise non ready your “iPhone showing charging only battery pct not increasing” outcome, then you might desire to have your phone to the nearest Apple store and take them bank check it. The issue might be a failed battery and this tin exist fixed with a replacement.

Set up 8: Fix the Phone

When facing issues with charging your iPhone, it might not necessarily be a battery failure, the trouble might be from the phone itself and perchance a software glitch that a hard reset tin’t fix. It could too be a hardware issue similar a damaged charging port. We recommend taking the phone to your local Apple tree shop for a proper set. This is highly recommended especially when your phone is however under warranty.

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