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Iphone Not Sending Texts To Android

By | 02/10/2022

Most iPhone users communicate with iMessage, which works through over cellular data or Wi-Fi. iMessage allows for fast message sending likewise every bit special stickers and read receipts. But what if y’all have an iPhone not receiving texts from Android? If this is happening to yous, you’re not alone. Many people study having issues with this likewise.

Luckily, there are a few fixes to try that will get you receiving messages from Android phones again in no time.

1. Make Sure MMS and Grouping Messaging Are Enabled

While all iPhones can receive text messages past default, some might accept MMS and Group Messaging disabled. If an Android user sends a moving-picture show, emoji, sticker, or sends a group message, you won’t receive it on your iPhone until the MMS and Grouping Messaging options are enabled.

You may not realize that you lot have these off if you receive pictures or emojis over iMessage from other iPhone users. That’south considering iMessage doesn’t need MMS enabled to receive pictures.

To enable MMS Messaging and Grouping Messaging, caput to
and turn this on. So, plow on
Group Messaging, which is right below.

mms messages

This is the most common fix for this consequence, but if this didn’t work there are withal several more fixes y’all can attempt.

2. Brand Sure the Number Isn’t Blocked

If you accidentally or intentionally cake a number, you lot won’t receive texts from that person at all—no thing what type of telephone they have. If yous aren’t receiving letters from somebody, it’s quick and easy to check if you blocked them.

To check your blocked numbers, caput to
Blocked Contacts
and remove anyone you don’t want to block from the list. Yous tin do this by swiping left and tapping

blocked numbers

If you don’t have the number in question blocked, try moving on to the next step.

3. Delete All Old Text Messages

If you lot have too many text letters on your iPhone, you lot might exist missing additional messages due to inadequate storage. If you lot haven’t deleted text messages in a while or get depression storage notifications on your telephone, deleting sometime letters can assist.

To delete messages, head to the Messages app and tap
Select Messages
and delete any messages you don’t need.

select messages

Later these messages are deleted, try having someone with an Android telephone send you another text bulletin. If you receive it, so this was the issue and you’re good to go. If not, try the side by side set.

If the above fixes didn’t piece of work for you, yous should contact your carrier to see if there’s an upshot with your cellular service. Afterward all, your carrier might have some data about why your iPhone isn’t receiving text letters.

Some iPhone users have talked nearly trying to reset their Network Settings or restoring their iPhones, only this doesn’t seem to work reliably. You can give these a try before contacting your carrier, only you’ll want to contact your carrier as soon equally possible.

Alternatively, you can mail in the Apple tree Discussions Community to see if another user has institute a potential set up.

iPhone Not Getting Android Texts? Ready It As Before long as Possible

Not getting text messages means missing out on social events, of import work information, and messages from loved ones. Texting is a critical means of communication these days, so not receiving texts means being out of the loop.

The virtually mutual solutions to not receiving text messages are like shooting fish in a barrel to endeavor, but if these simple solutions don’t work, you’ll want to contact your carrier. Subsequently all, you pay a phone bill every month and wait to receive messages. Hopefully, the carrier can set up the event for yous and you tin kickoff receiving Android texts again.

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