Iphone Calls Go Straight To Voicemail

By | 04/10/2022

How to Fix iPhone Going Straight to Voicemail Without Ringing

How to Fix iPhone Going Straight to Voicemail Without Ringing

Are y’all not receiving incoming calls on your iPhone? Instead, are all calls going straight to voicemail without ringing? Don’t panic, as we’ll make sure your iPhone starts ringing once again by the end of this article.

There could exist several ones why all your calls are going direct to voicemail. It could exist due to small-scale changes that you’ve fabricated to your settings or because you’ve enabled certain features that restrict incoming phone calls and preclude the device from ringing. Regardless, this is pretty easy to diagnose and resolve in most cases, then there’s nothing to worry about.

If you’re ane of those unlucky iOS users who’re unable to pick any calls as they’re all going to voicemail, you’ve come to the correct identify. In this article, we’ll guide you through the necessary steps to quickly troubleshoot and fix possible issues you’re facing with phone calls on your iPhone.

What to do if iPhone Goes Straight to Voicemail, Without Ringing

Regardless of what iPhone model you currently ain, you can follow these bones troubleshooting methods when your device isn’t ringing and all your calls go straight to voicemail.

ane. Check Cellular Connectivity

This is the first basic thing to do equally before long equally you lot realize that your phone calls are going direct to voicemail. Make certain you’re continued to your cellular network and take enough betoken force to receive telephone calls. Besides, check if y’all have enabled Plane style on your iPhone accidentally by heading over to Settings.

How to Fix iPhone Going Straight to Voicemail Without Ringing

two. Check if Do Not Disturb is Enabled

Do Non Disturb / Focus is a feature that allows iPhone users to temporarily silence all telephone calls, notifications, and alerts. Although you lot technically receive phone calls when Do Not Disturb is enabled, you wouldn’t know nigh them since your phone doesn’t ring or light up, and they eventually go to voicemail. You can check if Practise Not Disturb is enabled on your device past looking for the crescent icon in the iOS Control Center.

How to Fix iPhone Going Straight to Voicemail Without Ringing

3. Disable Silence Unknown Callers

If you aren’t receiving any phone calls from new people who’re not in your contacts, it could be probable due to the fact that you have “Silence Unknown Callers” turned on. To cheque and disable this, merely go to Settings -> Telephone and tap on “Silence Unknown Callers” as shown in the screenshot below. See if you’re able to receive calls from unknown numbers now.

How to Fix iPhone Going Straight to Voicemail Without Ringing

4. Check for Carrier Settings Update

In some cases, you may need to update the carrier settings on your iPhone. These settings may exist necessary to establish a successful connection with your mobile network provider. To encounter if you have any available update from your carrier, head over to Settings -> General -> About. Await for a couple of seconds and if y’all exercise have an update, you’ll get a prompt on the screen. Merely choose to update and check if you’re able to receive phone calls now.

How to Fix iPhone Going Straight to Voicemail Without Ringing

By at present, you should’ve resolved the issues you were facing with incoming calls on your iPhone.

If none of the in a higher place steps worked in your instance, you can try restarting or forcefulness restarting your iPhone and see if that fixes the issue. Virtually minor software-related bugs and glitches tin can be resolved by restarting your device. Proceed in mind that a force reboot is dissimilar from a regular restart and requires a combination of fundamental presses.

For iPhones with home buttons, you tin forcefulness reboot by simply concur the ability button and abode button simultaneously until you meet the Apple logo on the screen. For iPhones with Face ID, you can press the volume up push first, followed past the book down button, and and then hold the side/power button until yous see the Apple logo.

However unlucky? Then information technology’southward time to contact your carrier and open a ticket for missed calls. At this point, information technology’s likely that the result is probably on the carrier’southward end and not your device itself. They tin can check if in that location’s whatsoever tower update necessary and fix this issue for yous.

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