iPhone 8 owners might be considering the newer iPhone 12 mini as their next smartphone. While many users of older generation iPhone models may exist eager to get an upgrade, they will want to exist sure that the change is actually a true upgrade, rather than downgrading to a smaller and more-limited “mini” phone. With the mini beingness the smallest and
nearly affordable smartphone
in Apple’s newest serial, does information technology make sense for electric current iPhone viii users to brand the switch?

The iPhone eight series launched in the fall of 2017. While the basic iPhone 8 was priced at $599, the iPhone 8 Plus came in at $699 and offered a more consummate iPhone experience. Production for the iPhone eight serial concluded in April 2020, with Apple focusing on developing and producing newer models. Following the
iPhone 8 series, Apple released the iPhone Ten line in 2018, the iPhone xi models in 2019, and the iPhone 12 series this year. The iPhone 12 mini costs the same every bit the iPhone viii Plus did at launch, so in spite of the “mini” moniker, information technology is not a budget priced phone at all.

When the iPhone viii
was first released, everything in it was considered the newest, fastest, and best for the time. Fifty-fifty features like
Retina display
still sounded loftier-tech to many consumers, but those revolutionary features in past phones are no longer selling points today. Either they take become standardized or replaced with an even better version. Information technology tin be hard to believe that Apple’s own masterpieces can exist topped three years afterwards, simply this has always been the case with valuable product lines that are updated on an almanac footing. The question is, does that likewise concord true with the company’s kickoff mini iPhone?

Breaking Down the iPhone 12 mini & iPhone 8

small iphone

The iPhone 12 mini
is indeed smaller
and lighter than the iPhone 8, but the iPhone 8 is actually the one with the “mini” screen. The iPhone 12 mini sports a 5.4-inch Super Retina XDR display, compared to the iPhone 8’southward 4.7-inch Retina Hard disk drive display. The iPhone 8 Plus screen is slightly larger at five.5 inches, but users will still experience a better resolution with the 12 mini’s 2340 ten 1080, compared to a 1920 x 1080 resolution. In terms of battery life, the iPhone 12 mini can play video for upward to 15 hours on a full charge, besting the iPhone viii and eight Plus with 13 and 14 hours, respectively. The mini also can play 50 hours of audio, and while this is x hours more the iPhone 8, information technology’s as well ten hours less than the 8 Plus. Both versions of iPhone 8 came with the selection of either 64 or 128GB storage. Not only does the iPhone 12 mini come with both storage options, but there is also a 256GB version as well. Like other phones in the iPhone 12 series, the mini also comes with an OLED screen,
5G support, an IP68 water resistance rating, and can exist used with MagSafe wireless chargers and accessories.

Overall, the iPhone 12 mini boasts many improvements over both the iPhone eight and 8 Plus models, and should exist considered “mini” in proper name only. For electric current iPhone viii owners, at that place are many expert reasons to upgrade to a new iPhone this year, including the iPhone 12 mini. With support for the new fifth-generation mobile network, every bit well equally five colors to cull from, the iPhone 12 mini should final a number of years earlier another upgrade is needed.

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