Iphone 8 Case With Card Holder

By | 01/10/2022

Wallet + iphone instance = An uncanny combination

Do you need to bring your iPhone and your wallet without the majority or maybe a bag? Well then, the wallet case is perfect for you lot, The tough question here however is which one should you get? Fear not as we’ve got you covered!

We have been reviewing wallet cases over the years and hither are our Acme 10 iPhone viii Wallet Cases we recommend for y’all. As a side bonus we also included five honorable mentions.

three types of iPhone wallet cases

As written above, we take reviewed a lot of wallet cases, In fact, there are so many of them that we were able to recognize three types of wallet cases and give them each their own moniker; full on wallet replacement, a wallet cover and on-the-go wallet.

full on replacement is a instance that hold your iPhone and most of your cards. Any

case that holds more than 3 cards and cash is a production we consider a total on
replacement instance.

wallet cover cases, they are basically cases that but shop ane-2 cards simply come

with a encompass for the iPhone.

On-the-become wallet cases
are cases that shop your cards on the back of the example

rather than in the cover

If you’re in a hurry or just passing through, here are our elevation picks for each of the blazon of wallet example

Q Card Wallet Case - iPhone 7 case reviews

Silk Innovation Q-Card Case

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top 10 iphone viii wallet cases

In this list, we will specifically tackle virtually the  specs of the cases like its wallet type, its storage chapters, its design and its extra features ,

Also equally an ease of access, we also provided yous our score for the case and the link for our in-depth review of the example (if nosotros take done a total review before).

#1 UOLO two in 1 Case

UOLO 2 in 1 Magnetic Folio iPhone 7 Case Review

Wallet Type:
Full-on Replacement Case

Score:4.6 Ehʼs out of five

Storage:two Cards

Actress Features:Touch case, protective cover, cards wonʼt touch on iPhone screen

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Amazon (CA/U.k./DE)

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Check our full review here!

UOLO ii-in-1 is an enormous example that rivals the storage chapters of the Moshi Overture, The case is designed to ensure that none of the cards make whatever contact to the iPhoneʼs screen.The instance itself has a lot of texture and would be usable on itʼs own. The case latches together magnetically though not every bit strong as nosotros hoped for, The detachable case for the iPhone does not also interfere with Qi-charging of the iPhone 8

The standout characteristic for the UOLO 2-in-1 case is the ability to easily remove
the iPhone from the example. The case attaches magnetically to the back of the wallet portion and has the perfect amount of magnetic allure to ensure your iPhone doesnʼt fall out every fourth dimension y’all open up the wallet instance upwards. This characteristic is similar to the BUDU setup just UOLO uses
only magnets.

Our just gripe for this product is the lack of protection for the iPhone equally the top and bottom of the device is completely exposed.

#2 Budu Modular Case

BUDU iPhone 7 Case Review

Wallet Type:
Full-on Replacement Case*

Score:4.4 Ehʼs out of 5

Storage:3 Cards + Bills

Actress Features:Modular case, kickstand

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Amazon (CA/Great britain/DE)
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Check our full review here!

The BUDU Modular Case isn’t a wallet case out of the box. Yous’ll need to get the wallet zipper.

The BUDU Modular Instance is well a modular example so it has a lot of large selection of
accessories that can connect magnetically and mechanically to the back of the BUDU
Instance. 1 of these accessories is the wallet example. The wallet extension feels quite dainty and has the aforementioned premium feel equally the Otterbox Strada. The example tin easily fit 3 cards and a couple of bills without whatever upshot into the wallet portion. The magnetic latch is quite big so you could get abroad with overfilling the wallet if you needed to.

As written above the BUDU does non come out of the box with a wallet merely this purchase is well worth information technology. 1 of our biggest gripe almost wallet cases in general is the disability to employ the iPhone well when you donʼt need to take a wallet with you. Just BUDU and Uolo ii-in-1 solves that problem. If you donʼt demand the wallet, you can hands take it off. This is a great setup for people on the go every bit  we can easily mount the BUDU instance when nosotros’re driving, remove it in one case weʼve reached ourdestination and slap my wallet example on.

#3 Tech 21 Evo Check Wallet

Wallet Type:
Wallet Embrace Case

4.4 Ehʼs out of v

Storage:2 Cards

Extra Features:
Affect case, protective cover, cards wonʼt impact iPhone screen

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The Tech 21 Evo Check wallet is the highest rated iPhone wallet embrace case on this l
ist considering of its toughness. Tech 21 Evo Check likewise included a microfibre-esque flap in the middle of the example that holds an extra bill of fare and acts equally a screen cleaner at the same time. The flap also attaches magnetically to the front of the case so information technology doesnʼt expose what youʼre carrying all the time. You lot could store a couple of bills in a pinch as well. The latch on the instance also  attaches securely on the edge of the case.

Tech 21 Evo Check removes our concern of the cards coming in contact with our iPhone with the assist of the flap. Nosotros also like that Tech 21 decided to stay away from a magnetic latch since the mechanical latch volition continue the example more together in the effect of a bad drop .

However, we don’t like the size of the Evo Check Wallet. Tech 21ʼs cases are relatively thin just are wide so this wallet case is going to make the iPhone viii Plus quite a scrap larger.

#4 Moshi Overture

Screen wipe - Moshi Overture iPhone 7 Review

Wallet Type:
Full-on Replacement Example

Score:4.two Ehʼs out of v

Storage:4 Cards + Receipts + Greenbacks

Extra Features:Built in screen cleaner, kickstand, massive capacity

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Check our full review here!

The Moshi Overture tin hold almost everything nosotros have in our existing wallet.
At a minimum the Moshi Overture can store 4 cards, receipts and cash. Based on our usage, weʼve been able to double upwardly on the cards, as well as use our RFID admission card and cash with the Moshi Overture without any outcome.

The Moshi Overture is the only case in this list that includes a built in screen cleaner. The screen cleaner is a pocket-size piece of microfibre textile thatʼs temporarily stuck to the front end of the case that yous tin can remove to scrub your screen gratuitous of grease and grime.

Our simply problem with the Moshi Overture is that it volition become quite bulky and in that location isnʼt a
latch to keep everything together. In the event of a bad driblet, the cover won’t protect the iPhone screen much. Also information technology kinda looks like clutch than an average iPhone wallet case.

#5 Otterbox Strada

Otterbox Strada - Premium iPhone 9 Wallet Case

Wallet Type:
On-the-get Wallet Case

4.ii Ehʼs out of 5

1 Menu

Extra Features:Existent leather, tough, peachy magnetic latch

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Amazon (CA/UK/DE)
or on eBay

The Otterbox Strada is quite beefy when information technology comes to iPhone cases. Itʼs actually
closer to the size of the Otterbox Commuter. However, with the actress majority comes extra protection and your iPhone is definitely going to be protected from any sort of accidental drop.

The standout features of the Otterbox Strada is the leather thatʼs used on the case and the
magnetic latch. The Otterbox Strada is actually 1 of the few cases on this list that we would say feels
“premium” in this list. There are lots of faux-leather cases just we recall the Otterbox Strada
might actually use existent leather since itʼs suppose to become amend with age.

The magnetic latch on the Otterbox Strada is quite strong which adds to the drop
protection of the iPhone. The shorter latch, coupled with a stronger magnet
results in a very satisfying click which satisfies our need to fidget with something.
The cover also attaches to the back of the example nicely because of the strong magnet.

The biggest kicker however is Otterbox Strada simply holds one card.
ONE CARD. All that bulk and you lot

get to carry ONE CARD. If the bulk size and it’south measly one card capacity is an upshot for you lot, we suggest Tech 21 Evo Check Wallet Example instead,

#half dozen Silk Innovation Q Menu Example

Q Card Wallet Case - iPhone 7 case reviews

Wallet Type:
On-the-go Wallet Case

Score:iv.ii Ehʼs out of 5

Storage:3 Cards

Extra Features:
Amazing texture, kickstand, comes with screen protector

Buy information technology on
Amazon (CA/Uk/DE)
or on eBay

The Silk Innovation (formerly the CM4) Q Card case is the best on-the-go wallet instance on this list. The Q Card example has a leather dorsum and a cutout to use 1 of the cards as a kickstand.
The grip on the case is one of the best on whatsoever case.

Silk Innovation actually doesnʼt beat around the bush when it comes to the texture equally the moment you have your fingers around the edges, your iPhone is going to stay in your manus.

Silk Innovation also included a plastic screen protector thatʼs going to forestall
the screen of your iPhone get scratched upwards. We’re quite impressed with Silk Innovation every bit they seem to be committed to producing decent products at decent prices. It’due south hard to beat the value that they bring to their iPhone cases.

#7 UAG City

We love the flap - Urban Armor Gear Metropolis iPHone 7 Review

Wallet Type:
Wallet Embrace Case


4.1 Ehʼs out of five

Storage:ane Card

Extra Features:Durable comprehend, bully texture

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Amazon (CA/UK/DE)
or on eBay

Cheque our total review here!

The UAG City has a nice soft texture but donʼt let that fool you, the UAG Metropolis can take a hit as well. The instance has a small-scale card carrying capacity but makes up for it with the embrace design of the case. The magnetic latch wraps around the iPhone rather than on the forepart which ways the cover will protect your screen better in the upshot of an accidental driblet.

If youʼre looking to get a example for somebody who needs a example to store their motorbus
pass, the UAG Metropolis is going to be a good choice.

Our merely problem with the UAG Metropolis is one-manus usage of the iPhone is a picayune
more clumsy than other cases. The latch is left hanging when you flip the cover over.

#8 Olixar X-Tome Volume Case

Olixar X-Tome iPhone 8 Wallet Case

Wallet Type:
Wallet Encompass Case

Score:4.1 Ehʼs out of 5

Storage:two Cards

Extra Features:
Seamless magnetic cover, kickstand

Buy information technology on
Amazon (CA/Great britain/DE)
or on eBay

Check our full review here!

The Olixar X-Tome Volume Case is a fancier looking wallet cover case. The case reminds us of 12 S Book Book case. Despite itʼs larger size, the Olixar X-Tome Book Case can only hold two cards.

The standout feature of the Olixar 10-Tome Volume Case is the magnetic embrace of the case. Most cases accept a latch that is used to keep the cover on the case but Olixar Ten-Tome Book Instance has
managed to integrate the magnets straight into the comprehend and into the dorsum of the
case. This results in a cleaner design. However the magnetic cover isnʼt as strong every bit
the one from Otterbox. Itʼs non going to stay together in the event of an accidental drop.

The Olixar X-Tome Book Case also doubles as a kickstand which is handy as well.

#ix Silk Innovation Vault

Silk Innovation Vault Armor iPhone 8 Wallet Case

Wallet Type:
On-the-go Wallet Case

Score:4 Ehʼs out of v

Storage:3 Cards

Extra Features:
Cards will never get stuck, comes with screen protector

Buy it on
Amazon (CA/United kingdom/DE)
or on eBay

Innovation Vault is an on-the-go wallet that is a bit thicker than the average wallet instance.
The wallet portion of the instance actually has a piece that pushes the cards to the top of the carte du jour area. This nifty feature ensures that every bill of fare is easily accessible. Even if there is only ane.

The treatment of the case is nice as the edges take a decent corporeality of texture but
the example will slide around a bit more than than the average wallet case. The bonus for
the Silk Innovation Vault is the fact that it comes with a screen protector!

We here at MobileReviewsEh! are big fans of Silk Innovation products. They produce decent products at decent prices. The Silk Innovation BaseGrip is ane of our favourite cases and itʼs great for people on a upkeep. Check out our list of Top iPhone cases $15 dollars, if you are curious what other cases are great for people with a budget.

#10 Spigen Wallet S

Moshi Overture vs Uolo 2 in 1 vs Spigen Wallet S

Wallet Type:
Total-on Wallet Replacement

four Ehʼs out of 5

Storage:iii Cards + Greenbacks

Extra Features:Kickstand, Potential for magnetic mount

Buy it on
Amazon (CA/UK/DE)
or on eBay

Spigen Wallet Due south is a standard full wallet replacement instance. It will hold at least 3 cards and cash though weʼve been able to stuff more into the case. The faux-leather on the case has a nice texture and the iPhone really sits in a Thin-Fit instance which has a soft-rubber coating to information technology. The cover as well attaches magnetically to the back of the case so one-handed usage isnʼt terrible.

Your only constraint is going to exist the magnetic latch every bit information technology wonʼt keep the cover together if you put in too many cards.

Honorable Mentions

Now allow’s move to the honourable mentions. These cases we will nowadays didnʼt have as much functionality but these are some notable products that might be interesting to you as well.

Bellroy 1-Card
example comes with a section to hold a spare sim menu also as

the sim carte du jour removal tool. This might exist handy for people who run multiple phone

Danny P Wallet
is more of a wallet than an actual case. Access to your iPhone is quite express merely it is piece of cake to pull out and use. The quality of the leather on the example is the all-time of any leather case weʼve used so far.

Danny P Leather Wallet Review - Italian Leather - iPhone 6s

Olixar Thin Leather Case - iPhone 8 Wallet Cases

If youʼre looking for something sparse and sleek, check out the slim
Olixar WalletC

ase. Sure it only holds a couple of cards but it will minimize the bulk which is a

problem we have with most of these wallet cases. your iPhone is a scrap more exposed though.

CaseMat Tough ID
is probably the toughest case on this list. It was multiple layers, a leather back and is backwards compatible with the iPhone six so it makes it easier to give this case away if you donʼt want it

CaseMate Tough ID Wallet case for the iPhone 8

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