Iphone 14 Is Almost Here: Every Rumor We’ve Heard So Far

By | 04/09/2022

Apple iPhone 14 latest news and rumours: everything we know so far

Apple iPhone fourteen latest news and rumours: everything we know and so far

We at present have a confirmed iPhone 14 launch date – the new flagship is coming very shortly! Here’s what to look

It’s that fourth dimension again… Apple tree will be holding a launch effect on seven September – that’s where we’re expecting the iPhone 14 to exist announced and, equally you’ll hear, information technology’s a piddling earlier than usual. Here’s everything we know well-nigh the iPhone 14 so far.

Last year brought us the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, a typically powerful flagship duo, while earlier this year we’ve already been treated to ane new Apple phone in the iPhone SE 3, which is the handset to consider if yous’re looking for the best cheap iPhone right at present.

Nonetheless, an even bigger update is now just around the corner in the iPhone 14 and iPhone xiv Pro. Apple is rumoured to be introducing an all-new design with this year’s line-up, which will showcase the best new iOS 16 features also as offering plenty of hardware upgrades. In fact, it may be that Apple gives united states four new iPhone 14 models, if one bit of speculation is to be believed, with more hardware separation between the regular and Pro versions and the removal of the Mini from the range. Read on as we reveal all the latest iPhone 14 rumoured specs, toll and release date.

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Additional reporting by James Laird and Tom Morgan-Freelander

iPhone 14: rumoured specs and design

According to rumours, Apple won’t be releasing an iPhone 14 mini. Instead, nosotros look to see an iPhone fourteen and 14 Pro (both with vi.1in screens), forth with a 6.7in iPhone 14 Max (which replaces the mini) and Pro Max. Arguably the unmarried biggest iPhone 14 rumour is that this yr’s line-up will also usher in a new design for the flagship models. We’ve heard noises about this since back in January, when the ‘nuance dot’ camera cutting out outset reared its caput, and nosotros’ve since seen some pretty convincing images of an iPhone 14 Pro Max with no notch.

Rumours suggest only the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be getting the new look cutout, with the iPhone 14 and iPhone xiv Max sticking with the now-familiar notch. We could also potentially see in-display fingerprint sensors brand an appearance, like to those found in about Android flagships.

New reports (two September) suggest that the ‘nuance dot’ not-notch coming to the iPhone fourteen Pro and Pro Max will come alongside some new software tweaks, as well, namely that the gap betwixt the two cut-out bits will be shown as black on screen and the gap will house the camera and microphone privacy indicators when they popular up, besides. 9to5Mac suggests that it will await similar the below:

Image credit: 9to5Mac | Mock-ups of the iPhone fourteen Pro’s new cutting-out blueprint

So the front snapper might look a lilliputian dissimilar. What might too happen is a major hardware change that gives the iPhone 14 a huge selfie cam upgrade. That’s according to supply chain whizz Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities, whose latest prediction points to a device featuring a 6P lens instead of a 5P one (aka, an extra lens layer to further reduce distortion), while enjoying a brighter f/1.9 discontinuity to kicking.

In terms of rumoured raw camera specs, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are both likely to have a triple rear camera array, made up of a primary wide sensor, ultra-wide sensor, and a telephoto sensor. At that place have also been whispers that the iPhone 14 Pro models would feature a broad-bending camera with an 1/i.3-inch 48MP CMOS image sensor with support for 8K video recording but it is still very early days.

Nether the hood, Apple typically unveils a new bit to ability its flagship each yr, which in 2022 would mean the appearance of the Apple tree A16. That processor volition come to pass this fall, though how many new iPhones it features in is up for debate. The latest gossip suggests that merely the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max volition get an Apple tree A16 scrap, with the more than entry-level iPhone 14 and xiv Max sticking with an upgraded version of the A15 from 2021.

Ming-Chi Kuo doubled downwards on this view in early on July, suggesting the move would meet Apple send significantly more Pro models than it did with the iPhone 13 line-up.

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Initial rumours suggested there could too exist room for upwards to 8GB of RAM in some iPhone 14 Pro models, but a subsequent study from Digitimes Asia says it’ll exist 6GB of RAM across the board. The difference will apparently be speed: while the iPhone 14 will get LPDDR4X retentiveness, the more than powerful Pro models volition get faster LPDDR5 instead. This would brand a change from the current two-tier line-up, with the iPhone thirteen and iPhone 13 Mini using 4GB of DDR4 RAM, and the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max getting 6GB of DDR4.

Connectivity-wise, Apple tree is expected to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X65 modem from 2021 – the commencement 10 Gigabit 5G modem and antenna system for smartphones, for improved performance. This clever bit of kit also unlocks the possibility of potential satellite-based emergency features that could let users ship texts in emergency situations where there’s no point. Wi-Fi 6E, the latest and greatest version of Wi-Fi, would besides be included.

Elsewhere, Android fans volition no doubt smirk at the thought that the side by side iPhone is being linked with an always-on display. This is a smartphone characteristic that’southward proved to be hugely popular on devices powered by the Google-designed mobile operating organization. The always-on display may include the recently-announced iOS 16 lock screen widgets.

In terms of storage space, anyone hoping for an stop to the minimum 128GB option might be disappointed. According to Haitong International annotator Jeff Pu, the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models volition continue to showtime with 128GB of storage.

Confirmed iPhone fourteen launch appointment

Apple has stuck to an early on September launch for its flagship each year pretty religiously. Information technology has settled on Wednesday 7 September for its reveal event, with devices going upward for pre-order before long afterward. So equally a result we think the iPhone 14 release date will exist 16 September. Once again, this follows the pattern from previous years of effectually 10 days after the initial announcement.

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That’southward a week earlier than usual on both counts. If nosotros take a await at the terminal handful of iPhone release dates, the only real outlier is 2020’south October launch during peak Covid. Depending on the device, Apple might not beginning shipping it until October or November, just the Cupertino-based tech giant has historically revealed its new iPhones on the beginning or second Tuesday of September.

Take a expect and see for yourself:

  • iPhone 13 release engagement:
    September 24, 2021 (launched September xiv)
  • iPhone 12 release date:
    Oct 23, 2020 (launched October 13)
  • iPhone 11 release date:
    September twenty, 2019 (launched September ten)
  • iPhone XR release date:
    Oct 26, 2018 (launched September 12)
  • iPhone XS release appointment:
    September 21, 2018 (launched September 12)
  • iPhone X release date:
    November 3, 2017 (launched September 12)
  • iPhone 8 release date:
    September 22, 2017 (launched September 12)
  • iPhone 7 release engagement:
    September xvi, 2016 (launched September seven)

Hither’southward how much we think the iPhone xiv volition toll

The price of the iPhone 14 will depend on which model you opt for, with the standard iPhone 14 model being considerably cheaper than a top-of-the-line iPhone xiv Pro Max. Pricing also invariably depends on how much storage you desire on your handset. To give an example of the discrepancy, the iPhone 13 tin cost as ‘footling’ as £779 for the cheapest 128GB model – or set you back an eye-watering £1549 if you become for a 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t look probable to change with the iPhone fourteen family. The adjacent Apple flagship could be its most expensive withal, if anything. Co-ordinate to ane annotator, Apple is because an iPhone price hike exterior of the United states of america equally it looks to balance the books in an uncertain economical climate.

This is farther bolstered by a more contempo accept past TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who believes that we could meet a price rise as high as 15 per cent.

Whatever the instance, the best indication nosotros accept of starting iPhone 14 price points is the last generation. An extra hundred bucks or so may get slapped on, merely it’due south likely to stay in the same ballpark, as Apple might say out in California.

  • iPhone xiii price:
    from $799/£779
  • iPhone 13 Pro price:
    from $999/£949
  • iPhone thirteen Pro Max cost:
    from $1099/£1049

If the iPhone 14 price does go north, it’s worth remembering that Apple hasn’t increased the price of the iPhone for a few years, and typically does so when information technology introduces a design overhaul or major new feature set – both of which could exist on the cards with the iPhone 14.

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