Iphone 13 Vs Google Pixel 6

As much as I wait forward to Apple’s large iPhone reveal every yr, I’k more excited this twelvemonth about thePixel six
Pixel half dozen Pro
Google’s new in-firm Tensor chip. I’ve been a happy iPhone owner for years, and so this feeling comes as a surprise.

In part this comes from Apple’s lacklusteriPhone xiii
upgrades. Don’t go me wrong: The iPhone 13 is impressive. Better screens? Yep. Better cameras? Yeah. Longer battery life? Information technology’s there.A “gratuitous” iPhone xiii for trade-in? Sign me upwards correct at present. (On 2nd idea, I’yard not large onupgrading my phone every couple of years and those carrier deals come with a lot of caveats.)

Merely by and large, it was a sleeper year for the company in terms of the
iPhone 13 lineup, at to the lowest degree. Sure, that smaller notch is swell, and holy smokes, take yous seen the dramatic videos you lot can take with
Cinematic way? I admire those features, and I can’t say I didn’t feel my skin tingle when I watched them in activity. But apart from the routine improvements to things like the processor and those features I mentioned earlier, there was a bevy of features that remained remarkably unchanged, similar the
overall blueprint
and dimensions for starters. CNET’s Patrick Kingdom of the netherlands said in hisiPhone thirteen review that the phone isn’t radically different from the iPhone 12.

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Pixel 6
Pixel 6 Pro

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, on the other hand, expect super impressive and seem to represent a massive jump forward for Google in terms of design, performance and features. Now that it has launched, the ane thing I can encounter belongings information technology dorsum for some people is 5G. As far as we can tell,
Pixel 6 wont get mmWave, which is the ultrafast flavor of 5G provided by select carriers — and that’s unfortunate for a flagship telephone. But if you’re not fussed about mmWave or if it’due south not available where you live, and so this might not exist an issue for you lot.

Either way, here’s why Google’southward Pixel 6 has me looking past the iPhone thirteen.

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An example of ane of the numerous memes mocking Apple’due south iPhone 13, which flooded the internet after the Apple event.


Pixel six design: Splashy and bold

Take a wait at the Pixel 6 and you’ll see it’s undergone a sweeping design transformation and glow-upwardly. Gone are the squircle camera bump and the modest color palette of the Pixel 5. That design makes mode for a photographic camera bar that runs the total width of the phone, with splashy colors and sleeky metallic highlights.

As a renowned mobile software developer, Google had previously designed its phones in a fashion that allow the Android mobile operating organisation take center stage. In the user’s middle, the hardware was meant to fade into the background, serving as a mere vehicle to Android. Simply for 2021, Google seems to be doing away with that design philosophy in favor of a bolder, eye-catching look. The hardware of Pixel 6 is visually distinctive, and it’south clear Google is playing to stand out in the competitive field of loftier-end phones this year.

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Google has typically used Qualcomm fries in its phones, but now information technology’ll use its own custom-fabricated Tensor processor.

Jon Prosser

Pixel vi processor: Tensor

Simply at that place may exist more than to the Pixel vi than meets the eye. Nether the hood, Google says, it’southward equipped the Pixel 6 serial with a custom-built system on a bit known as
Tensor, which CEO Sundar Pichai touts as Pixel’southward biggest innovation to appointment. It was designed in-business firm past Google engineers, meaning it’s been tailor-fabricated for Android — much similar Apple does with its own mobile processors.

Google’due south kept mum on operation, and whether Tensor tin proceed up with Apple’s chips remains to exist seen, but I call back it stands a good chance now that it has more control over the design and development of its processor. Hopefully, with that command, it could also
extend the number of years of software back up, allowing y’all to hold onto a Pixel 6 for more years with security updates. Previous Pixel phones accept been guaranteed three years of back up, which is essentially less than the six years of support the iPhone 6S has received or the four years of support Samsung is now providing its Galaxy phones.

Either way, this represents some other “seismic break from the past,” every bit CNET’s Brian Bennet put it. Don’t forget terminal twelvemonth’due south Pixel v ran on the midtier Snapdragon 765G processor, which is a notch below the Snapdragon 865 built into flagship phones such as Samsung’s Galaxy S20, to allow Google keep a hat on the price.


Google’due south Pixel five.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Pixel 6 software: Android 12

Some other thing I’m excited about is the software. The Pixel 6 ships with
Android 12, making it one of the first phones to deport the updated mobile Bone — and there’s lots to be excited well-nigh. You’ll be able to exercise absurd things like take scrollable screenshots (finally!), a minute-by-minute privacy dashboard and the customizability of the Bone looks lovely. But autonomously from that, Google has teased that the Pixel vi series will lean heavily into AI, and the Pixel 6 could be the nigh AI-centric telephone Google has ever fabricated. That could translate into things like better language translation and even better computational photography for Pixel’s already first-class cameras.

Specs aside, maybe I’thou more excited by Pixel this year considering Apple has crossed that threshold where greatness is expected, if not guaranteed. Google, meanwhile, still has a lot to prove in the smartphone arena. The Pixel’southward market place share is minuscule compared to that of Apple’s iPhones. Or possibly it’s the fact that the iPhone and iOS already had an overhaul in 2017 with the iPhone 10, while Pixel’s transformation is long overdue. But now Google is doing things many of united states of america have been waiting years for — and with this new direction, I’m hopeful that Google’due south Pixel has the potential to be a heavyweight lineup.

Source: https://www.cnet.com/tech/mobile/the-iphone-13-is-impressive-but-googles-pixel-6-is-surprisingly-more-exciting/

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