Iphone 13 Pro Tips And Tricks

If y’all’re looking to get the most out of your iPhone 13 Pro, yous’ve come up to the right identify. In this article, nosotros’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone 13 Pro tips and tricks that you’ll probably wish you knew nearly sooner.

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If you’ve got a snazzy new iPhone, there are numerous tricks to take advantage off that’ll aid brand using your device that chip more convenient.

Then, whether y’all have iPhone xiii Pro, or an iPhone 13 Pro Max, at that place’southward enough to sink your teeth into. In this slice we’ll run yous through some of the best iPhone xiii Pro tips and tricks we’ve discovered since using the new device.

The best iPhone 13 Pro tips and tricks

Here are all the hidden tips and tricks for iPhone 13 Pro:

Have a screenshot past tapping on the back of your iPhone xiii Pro

This is an awesome iPhone 13 Pro play tricks that went viral on social media a few months back. Put simply, at that place’s a style to take a screenshot merely past borer the back of your iPhone. Information technology’s called Back Tap and it’s been around since iOS 14.

You can turn this on by opening upward the Settings app. Next, open upwardly the Accessibility preferences. Post-obit that, scroll downwardly to “Physical and Motor” and select “Touch.” You tin can now scroll down further and select the “Back Tap” option.

Once yous practise that, y’all can selection which blazon of activeness you’d like a Back Tap to trigger. Some options include taking a screenshot, adjusting the volume, and muting your device.

Locate a misplaced iPhone 13 Pro in the dark

If you misplaced your iPhone 13 Pro but know that information technology’southward in your house, there’due south a clever way to locate it. Simply turn off all the lights and use the Hey Siri command to turn on the iPhone flashlight. It may not be as useful during the afternoon, but it’s a nifty iPhone 13 Pro trick to continue in mind if it’s afterwards in the mean solar day.

Use your iPhone 13 Pro as a level

This is another iPhone xiii Pro tip that novice users might be surprised to learn about. You tin actually use your iPhone as a level. It can be used on both horizontal and upright surfaces. Y’all tin access it by opening the Measure app and then selecting Level.

Brand sure your headphone volume is at a safety level

This iPhone 13 Pro fob first came about with the iOS 14. In short, at that place’s a way to approximate the decibel level of your headphones. This is a specially handy feature if you’re prone to blasting your music and want to avoid causing any type of ear damage in the process.

To use this feature, open upwardly the Settings app and select Control Center. Side by side, hitting the green “plus” icon located adjacent to the Hearing setting. One time you do this, yous’ll come across the Hearing icon in the Control Middle every time y’all open information technology upward. If audio is playing when y’all open up the Control Center, yous’ll see a color-coded audio level. If it’southward green, the decibel level is at an appropriate level and if information technology’s yellowish, y’all’ll be encouraged to lower the volume.

For more information, you tin actually tap the icon and y’all’ll see the exact decibel level of your headphones.

Measure someone’south height with this awesome iPhone 13 Pro fob

This is a fun iPhone 13 Pro play tricks that leverages Apple’s AR technologies. Basically, you can utilise your iPhone to chop-chop and accurately measure someone’s peak. All you have to practise is open up the Measure app and make sure that the person you’re trying to measure out is fully within the screen. If done correctly, you’ll run across a line appear above the person’southward head. This will reveal how tall they are.

If you demand to save the photo for reference, you tin conveniently tap the white shutter button to the right.

Scheduling trips with Apple Maps

This characteristic is new to iOS 15. Essentially, the latest iteration of Apple Maps lets users bring upwardly travel directions while too specifying exact arrival or difference times. This iPhone 13 Pro play a trick on won’t seem bully to seasoned Google Maps users, but information technology’southward prissy to see Apple tree Maps finally add together it.

Use snazzy furnishings when texting

Apple a few years ago added several visual effects to the Messages app. To access them, but type your message and long press on the upward arrow. One time you lot practice that, you’ll be able to select from a handful of text effects that volition add more pizzaz to your messages.

Button notifications for rain and snow

There are few things worse than stepping outside and getting defenseless in a torrential downpour or snowstorm. To prevent this from happening, iOS xv includes a feature that lets users turn on button notifications for rain and snow. This can be turned on by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Weather. Once in that location, allow the Weather app to e’er access your location.

Following that, simply open up up the Weather app, tap the hamburger menu icon in the bottom right-hand corner and select the “Turn On Notifications” setting.

Set up a Legacy Contact

With all of the sensitive and personal information people store on their devices, information technology merely makes sense to set upwardly a Legacy Contact so that someone can admission your device if you lot pass away. It’s a morbid feature, to be certain, but information technology’s nonetheless helpful to be aware of.

By setting up a Legacy Contact, Apple notes that this chosen person can “access your account and personal information in the event of your death.”

To do this, open up upwardly the Settings app and then tap on your Apple ID profile. Side by side, select Password and Security > Legacy Contact.

Keep unused apps out of sight

This iPhone 13 Pro trick is all well-nigh keeping rarely used apps out of sight. After all, sometimes in that location’s an app that you don’t want to delete because you practice use it on very rare occasions.

To hide an unused app, long press on the app in question. Upon doing so, you lot’ll see a “Remove App” option at the bottom. In one case you select that, you lot’ll see an option to “Motility to App Library.” Select that. Following that, the app volition exist removed from its location. You lot can all the same access information technology by swiping to your last page of apps and then swiping to the left once more.

iPhone 13 Pro tricks 101: Accept a screenshot of the brandish

This iPhone 13 Pro play a trick on is basically iPhone 101. Notwithstanding, yous’d be surprised at how many iPhone users aren’t aware of it. You can take a screenshot of your display at any time simply by pressing the power button and the volume-up button at the same time. These screenshots volition automatically populate your Photos app.

Quickly activate video way

When you fire up the Photographic camera app, it defaults to the Photograph setting. Switching to the Video setting is easy and quick, but there’due south an iPhone xiii Pro trick that speeds up the process ever then slightly. If you’re looking to kickoff recording immediately — say your toddler is about to walk for the first time — there’s a solution worth mentioning. Simply open up upwards the Photographic camera app whereupon you’ll see the Photos view. Now, elevate the shutter button to the right and information technology volition automatically start recording in Video way.

Stop apps from tracking you

At that place are several apps which ask for the permission to track yous. This is mainly for the purpose of advertising, however, keeping you safety and privacy in concern you lot can disable apps from requesting you tracking permission. In order to do so you demand to become to the Settings of your iPhone and so tap privacy and and so tracking. Hither you volition run across all apps that have requested to track you and whether you have allowed them or not. You will find an selection at the top proverb let apps to request to track. The option is enabled by default. You need to but disable information technology and the apps will finish asking to runway you.

Quick way to silence your iPhone

Have you noticed a switch at the top left corner of your iPhone 13 Pro? Practise you know what it is? If not, and so yous tin know that Apple calls it Ring/Silent switch. You can use this switch to brand your telephone silent or band. If you are in a meeting or doing some important work where you do non want to get disturbed with the calls and notifications then you lot can simply turn your iPhone silent. Y’all will have to turn that switch on the left to silent your phone. After which you volition encounter a popular upward message on your screen saying silent mode on. Similarly, you lot tin turn it to the right to plough off the silent mode.

Information technology can be noted that by default iPhone xiii Pro will not even vibrate when it is in silent mode. Yet, you can change it past going into Settings, so click on Sound and Haptics and enabling the vibrate on silent option.

Access camera within seconds

You tin see something interesting at whatsoever bespeak of time. And grabbing the same immediately on your phone without missing it is a task. You volition accept to rapidly access your camera for the same. Merely unlocking your telephone and going to the camera can accept fourth dimension. But if yous’re an iPhone 13 Pro user, you tin do information technology within seconds! Yes, you simply need to lift your iPhone so that it wakes up and and so immediately swipe left from the eye and you will enter the camera. Y’all will not have to unlock your iPhone for the same.

Get notified for calls even on silent mode

If you practice not want to miss calls and messages even when your iPhone is on silent, so here is what you tin do. In that location is a feature called LED Flash Alerts provided by Apple on iPhone 13. You can enable the feature to make the LED next to your photographic camera wink when someone calls you. To enable the LED Wink Alerts y’all will accept to go to settings then click on Accessibility and and so tap audio visual. At that place you volition notice the option LED Flash for Alerts. Tap it to enable.

Access flashlight

You lot can also use LED Flashlights when you are in dark or in case of demand. But how to access it quickly without unlocking your iPhone? The LED flash for camera can exist accessed by simply lifting your iPhone so information technology wakes upwardly. The lock screen will announced, from there you need to press and hold the flashlight push button on the lesser left corner until you hear a click audio. And your handy flashlight is ready to use! You can disable it by borer and releasing the aforementioned lock screen flashlight push button when you are done.

Your Favorite iPhone xiii Pro Tips and Tricks

So these were some of the all-time iPhone xiii Pro tips and tricks you lot would beloved to endeavour today. My favorite iPhone 13 Pro tips and tricks include setting upwards legacy contact, button notifications for pelting and snow and hiding unused apps. There’s surely plenty more hidden iPhone 13 Pro tips and tricks to notice, so I’ll keep tapping, swiping and noting anything I notice. Did we miss out on something important that needs to be added to the list? Which are your favorite iPhone 13 Pro tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments department below.

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