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By | 07/10/2022

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iphone wallpaper size

Many iPhone users, which may include you, face issues when setting up a wallpaper for their mobile screen. Sometimes the prototype stretches, whereas in some cases, it gets pixelated. In either of the said conditions, the epitome looks awkward on your mobile screen, and you may want to go rid of it as soon as possible.

This section explains the reason behind such behavior of the images and how to ready information technology without whatsoever trouble or complexities. What’s more, we would guide you on how to transfer downloaded wallpapers on PC to iPhone wallpapers.

  • Wallpaper Sizes of iPhones
  • Why the Wallpapers Get Messed Up on Your iPhone
  • Gratis Download iPhone Wallpapers
  • How to Transfer Downloaded Costless iPhone Wallpapers from PC to iPhone?

Wallpaper Sizes of iPhones

The all-time way to avoid such hassles is to use the verbal sized wallpaper equally per your iPhone’s model. For your convenience, below is a list of the image sizes for each model of the iPhone available in the market at the time of this writing:

iPhone Model & Image Size

  • iPhone seven Plus:
    1080 x 1920 (2208 ten 2208 for Landscape)
  • iPhone 7:
  • iPhone 6S Plus/iPhone half dozen Plus:
    1242 x 2208 (2208 x 2208 for Landscape)
  • iPhone 6S/iPhone 6:
    750 x 1334
  • iPhone 5/iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C:
    640 10 1136
  • iPhone 5S parallax wallpapers:
  • iPhone 4S/iPhone four:
    640 x 960
  • iPhone 4S parallax wallpapers:

Please Annotation:

  1. All iPhone 7 Plus wallpapers are compatible with iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone 6s.
  2. All iPhone 5s wallpapers are compatible with iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 & iPod Touch 5.
  3. All iPhone 4s wallpapers are compatible with sometime iPhone and iPod Touch.
  4. All iPad Air wallpapers/Retina iPad mini wallpapers are compatible with iPad Air 2, iPad mini ii, iPad mini 4, and all old iPad.
  5. All iPad mini wallpapers/iPad wallpapers are compatible with iPad mini, iPad ane, and iPad 2.
  6. iOS seven, iOS viii, iOS 9, and iOS ten supports Parallax Wallpaper.

Why the Wallpapers Get Messed Up on Your iPhone

Depending on the screen size and the adequate image resolution, the iOS installed on your iPhone automatically tries to fit the groundwork’s selected photograph best. In this attempt, it stretches the width and elevation of the image as needed.

If the image you have selected is not of the verbal resolution specified for your iPhone’s screen, iOS stretches information technology to put information technology on the full screen, thus making it pixelated/blurry.

As mentioned above, the best way to avoid such issues is to employ images that match your iPhone’s exact size.

However, since it is non possible with every paradigm you lot prefer to employ equally your iPhone’southward wallpaper, you must rely on a third-party tool to do the task for yous. A few such apps are listed below, along with their details:

resize iphone wallpaper 01

01 wallpapers Complimentary (Free)

An app past Ki Tat Chung allows you to scale, rotate, and position the selected image every bit per your iPhone’s screen size and uniform resolution. The app tin can be downloaded on your iPhone from the iTunes Store for gratuitous.

Download wallpapers Free (Complimentary)

resize iphone wallpaper 02

02 Wallax ($i.99)

Developed by Brijit Sheelia and available on the iTunes Store, Wallax is an app that comes along with some congenital-in textured images. In improver to resizing and adjusting your preferred images as per your iPhone’s screen size, Wallax also allows you to add some effects like blur, focus, etc. to them.

Download Wallax

resize iphone wallpaper 03

03 Wallpaper Fix ($0.99)

Another app that has been recently optimized (precisely on November 17, 2015) by the developer Bernhard Obereder for iPhone six and iPhone 6 Plus mobile phones. The app makes the selected wallpaper images remain immune to the modifications that iOS makes to them and enforces its own changes that y’all brand using it.

Download Wallpaper Fix ($0.99)

resize iphone wallpaper 04

04 Wa-Fi(Wallpaper-Fitter) (Free)

Adult for both iPhones and iPads, Wa-Fi(Wallpaper-Fitter) can exist used to resize and rearrange the wallpapers to fit your iDevice’s screen all-time. Since iPhones can at present change their Home screen orientation when rotated, Wa-Fi(Wallpaper-Fitter) enables you to customize your preferred wallpaper images accordingly.

Download Wa-Fi(Wallpaper-Fitter) (Gratuitous)

resize iphone wallpaper 05

05 Wallpaper Fit ($0.99)

Another powerful iPhone wallpaper resizing app developed by i-App Creation Co., Ltd. helps yous resize your selected wallpaper images equally per your iPhone’s screen resolution. With Wallpaper Fit, you can resize your wallpaper images for both portrait and landscape orientations for any iPhone model that you have.

Download Wallpaper Fit ($0.99)

Complimentary Download iPhone Wallpapers

Here nosotros list some meridian downloaded sites for complimentary iPhone wallpapers.

  • 61 of the all-time iPhone seven and iPhone seven Plus wallpapers
  • Free Cool iPhone 6 Wallpapers
  • 100 Top iPhone Wallpapers for iPhone 5/iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C
  • Gratis wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

How to Transfer Downloaded Free iPhone Wallpapers from PC to iPhone?

TunesGo iPhone Transfer could aid you transfer downloaded wallpapers on PC to iPhone hands.

Wondershare TunesGo
– iPhone Transfer

iPhone Transfer

  • Straight transfer wallpapers, photos, music, videos, and contacts between iPhone and PC.
    No iTunes needed.
  • Transfer photos, audio, and video from iDevice to iTunes and PC.
  • Make whatsoever photos or videos from Apple devices or PC to GIF images.
  • Delete photos/videos by batch with a single click.
  • Exist compatible with all iOS devices, including iPhone vii Plus, iPhone vii, iPad Air, iPad mini, etc.

Steps to transfer wallpapers downloaded from PC to iPhone wallpaper

Step 1
Download and install TunesGo iPhone Transfer and connect your iPhone to PC or Mac via USB cable.

Step two
Transfer wallpapers downloaded from PC to iPhone.

Find and click the
tab, then select the specific option Photo Library. Create a new anthology for the wallpaper. Afterwards, click
then select
Add together File or Add Folder
to add wallpapers downloaded from your figurer to the iPhone.

transfer wallpapers downloaded from PC to iPhone

Pace 3
Alter your iPhone wallpaper.

In Settings, tap
Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper. Select the wallpaper you lot downloaded from PC to iPhone. You tin can set the wallpaper every bit your Home screen, Lock screen, or both. The Domicile screen appears when your iPhone is unlocked. The Lock screen appears when you lot lift your iPhone or press the Sleep/Wake push.

Change your iPhone wallpaper


Wallpapers play an important office for you as a mobile lover. Not only do they beautify your mobile screen, but they also portray your personality. An improperly aligned wallpaper may reverberate a poor paradigm and careless personality.

Therefore, it becomes important to set a decent wallpaper with the proper size for your expensive iPhone. The tools given above are smart, efficient, and powerful enough to help you pick an paradigm of your choice, resize it, position information technology properly, and and then set it as a wallpaper for your telephone.

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