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How to fix iphone 13 Pro Max Screen Dimming Randomly. I have a iPhone xiii Pro Max and I accept noticed that the screen dims and brightens at random. This is really abrasive because I tin can’t encounter anything on the phone, it’s very distracting. How do I stop this from happening?

How to prepare iphone thirteen Pro Max Screen Dimming Randomly

Bank check your effulgence settings

The showtime matter you lot should practice is check your brightness settings.

To do this, get to Settings > Display & Brightness. If the automatic brightness setting is turned on and set to Low, your screen will dim as needed. If not, plow it on by borer Car-Effulgence under Free energy Saving (or if that’s grayed out, tap off so on once more). You tin also manually accommodate the effulgence slider at the summit of this list depending on how much light is coming in through your window or phone screen.

The 2d affair you should practise is check your brightness settings in Command Center. It’s easy to forget about this one! In fact, it might exist a good idea just to add a shortcut so that accessing these options becomes second nature when they aren’t quite working right: but add Command Center every bit an option under Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut (then tap “Add New Shortcut”). So swipe up from any domicile screen or lock screen on your iPhone thirteen Pro Max until you see it appear now printing down one time more for access.

Examination in different light

Adjacent, you should test your phone in different lighting conditions. You can do this by using your phone in diverse lighting conditions to make sure that the screen dimming trouble isn’t caused by a faulty display or battery.

Here are some things yous can try:

  • Test in bright light. If you’re having problems with the screen dimming while using the device outdoors during daylight hours, then there’southward a good chance it’southward related to low battery life and/or poor visibility due to glare on the screen rather than an bodily hardware malfunction.
  • Examination at nighttime time or inside rooms with very little natural light available (such as when curtains are drawn). When testing at night fourth dimension, make sure there aren’t any bright lights nearby that could be shining directly onto your device’southward display these volition bear on how well its camera sensor sees objects nearby so it won’t be able to register changes in effulgence properly

Turn adaptive brightness off

If this doesn’t fix the problem, move on to the next step. Go to settings and select Display & Brightness. Then under the “Display Accommodations” department, toggle off Adaptive Effulgence. Restart your device and examination in unlike calorie-free once more to run across if that fixed it!

If this nevertheless doesn’t work, you may take a hardware issue with your phone and will need to contact Apple Support or have it into an Apple Store for repair/replacement

Make clean your screen

If your screen is dimming randomly, information technology’due south probably the result of a buildup of fingerprints and dust that needs to be cleaned off. Yous should never use paper towels or other rough materials for cleaning your screen; you want to utilise only microfiber cloths. If yous don’t have any of these on paw, go out and purchase some. They’re very cheap and will last you years if used correctly!

Reset your device

If you’re having trouble with your iPhone and the screen is dimming randomly, resetting it may be a solution for yous.

  • Concord downwards the power button and keep it held until your phone powers down.
  • Now agree down the home push button and power button at the same fourth dimension until you see the Apple logo appear on your screen.
  • Your phone will now reboot itself as if it has been turned off, but this time all of its settings will be restored to factory settings so that they can exist reconfigured again by iTunes or iCloud services once they have been downloaded dorsum onto your device later on this procedure is complete.
    • This means that any data stored on your phone prior to this process such as photos or apps won’t be bachelor anymore after completing this pace because they’ve been deleted during restoration processes which occur automatically when using iTunes software applications similar iMazing or other similar ones designed specifically for restoring lost data from iPhones

Turn Off Attention aware features

The first thing y’all need to exercise is turn off the attention enlightened features by going into your settings.

Go to Settings > Accessibility, and then under the “Turn Off Attention aware features” department

Next, become back to Settings > Display & Brightness and click on Auto-Brightness (you can as well use Siri) and accommodate your effulgence manually from in that location.

How exercise I terminate my iPhone thirteen Pro Max from dimming?

To fix this issue, you need to plow off auto-dimming on your iPhone thirteen Pro Max. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Display & Effulgence and turn Auto-Brightness off.
  • Next, go back and check if the screen is no longer dimming later on using an app.

Why is my iPhone dimming for no reason?

If your iPhone is dimming for no reason, information technology’s probably a software issue. Here are some steps to endeavour:

  • Restart your phone. Printing and concur the power button and select “restart” or “reboot” on your iPhone. If that doesn’t work, effort force restarting your iPhone by pressing and property both buttons at the same time (power and volume upwardly). If this still doesn’t work, it’s likely a hardware event that requires service from Apple.
  • Turn off Airplane Style and turn off Low Power Mode (if y’all’ve enabled those features). To do so, go to Settings > Plane Manner or Settings > Battery > Depression Ability Mode under Device Options. You can also follow these steps if they don’t resolve the problem:

How do I terminate my screen from dimming randomly?

The first matter you should do is check whether your screen brightness is set to the minimum. If it is, open Settings and become to Brandish & Effulgence. Tap Auto-Effulgence and so slide the bar all the way up so that information technology’south at maximum effulgence.

If y’all’re still having issues with your iPhone dimming randomly, try testing in unlike lighting weather or environments. If this fixes your problem, then there may be something wrong with the ambient light sensor on your device (which measures ambient lite). You can test this by turning off Adaptive Lighting in Settings > Display & Effulgence > Toggle Adaptive Lighting On/Off.

If turning off adaptive lighting doesn’t work for yous either, then we recommend cleaning both sides of your brandish with a microfiber cloth—just brand sure y’all use one specifically designed for smartphones! This volition become rid of any smudges or fingerprints that might be obstructing sensors from detecting changes in calorie-free levels accurately.

If none of these steps help convalesce your issue completely yet once again though (or if they made things worse), try resetting your device likewise as turning off attention aware features like auto-dimming and dark shift mode on iOS 13 devices similar iPad Pro 13″ Retina Display models running iOS 13 software version 16GB RAM 2GB storage capacity 4G LTE cellular network capability NFC wireless technology Bluetooth v wireless connectivity

How exercise I turn off machine dimming on my iPhone 13?

To turn off the auto-brightness feature on your iPhone, yous’ll need to go into Settings > Display > Auto-Brightness. From hither, but toggle off “Auto-Brightness” and you’re washed!


If yous are still experiencing this effect, endeavour restarting your iPhone. Besides, be sure to check your brightness settings and make sure they are non at the everyman level. If that doesn’t work out for you, and then there may be something wrong with your device after all (which is why nosotros recommend trying these tips commencement).

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