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Iphone 13 Pro Case With Card Holder

By | 01/10/2022

ShiftCam’s MultiLens Camera Cases for iPhone 11 and iPhone eleven Pro Now Available

After a successful oversupply-funding entrada, ShiftCam has started taking orders for its new multi-lens cases for iPhone 11 and ‌iPhone‌ xi Pro that broaden and enhance the cameras on Apple’s latest smartphones using a slide-to-shift frame organization on the dorsum of the case.

With the new cases, ‌iPhone‌ eleven series users can make utilise of several new shooting options on the wing by pushing the square of integrated lenses on the back of the case into different positions.

ShiftCam iphone 11 camera lens

The nearly options come with the 5-in-1 MultiLens Example for ‌iPhone‌ eleven Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max that turns the existing 2x Telephoto lens into 4x Telephoto and adds a 180-degree fish-centre lens to the principal camera.

Besides included on the five-in-1 instance is a Circular Polarizer Lens for the Ultra-Wide, besides as 10x Macro and 20x Macro lenses for the main and Telephoto cameras.

shiftcam multilens case iphone 11

A three-in-1 case is available for the ‌iPhone‌ 11 that comes with a 10x Macro and 180-degree fish-center lens, while likewise bringing the same Circular Polarizer to the Ultra-Wide photographic camera.

Owners tin slide in boosted lenses from the ShiftCam ProLens series onto the back, and the cases also come with a ProLens Series Adapter for the front-facing camera.

shiftcam multilens cases iphone 11 pro

The 3-in-1 MulitLens Instance for ‌iPhone‌ xi costs $64.99, while the v-in-1 MultiLens Cases for ‌iPhone‌ 11 Pro and ‌iPhone eleven Pro Max‌ both cost $74.99. All of the cases are bachelor in either a matte blackness or a clear, matte transparent color.

Additional optional lenses range from $29.99 for the CPL Filter to $129.99 for the 12mm Ultra Wide Angle Aspherical Pro Lens. Prices are taken from the ShiftCam website and correct every bit of writing, while all of the in a higher place kit is also expected to be listed on Amazon soon.

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