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By | 10/10/2022

Features like Notification Summary and Focus brand our life easy. Withal, for i reason or another, not anybody is getting the full benefits of these settings. And if you lot are amongst them and notifications are not working on your iPhone, let me aid you gear up that with some tweaks, hacks, and more.

  1. Plough off Focus on iPhone
  2. Add exceptions to Focus
  3. Disable Focus mode automation
  4. Turn off Shared Beyond Devices on iPhone
  5. Plough off Notification Summary
  6. Check notification settings for individual apps
  7. Update or reinstall the iOS app
  8. Restart the iPhone
  9. Reset All Settings on iPhone

1. Turn off Focus on iPhone

A remarkable characteristic to help y’all concentrate better on the job at paw, whether Netflix, work, chill, or sleep. If you lot are non getting notifications subsequently the iOS 16 update, Focus might be the culprit. And before we do some damage control, let’s disable Focus and see if the notifications start pouring in or not.

  1. From your lock screen, tap the
    Focus icon
  2. Tap the currently active Focus to turn it off.
Turn off Focus

You lot can besides invoke Control Middle or become to
Settings → Focus
and disable the Focus Manner from there. Once the Focus is turned off, ask your friends or family to message or mail y’all to bank check whether you received the notification or not.

If notifications are still not working, skip to no. 5. And if they are arriving, you lot tin either

  • Go out Focus off
    – If y’all want to receive all notifications, always.
  • Tweak the Focus mode setting
    – Permit certain apps and contacts to ping you (bank check out the next solution).

two. Add together exceptions to Focus

When yous set a Focus, you have to create exceptions for contacts and apps that can disturb you lot during that Focus. And may, that setting isn’t 100% perfect, then allow’south become it sorted.

  1. Go to

    → select the
  2. Under the
    Allowed Notifications
    department, tap

    • People
      – Add people you desire to receive a phone call from or tap on Calls From and select Everyone.
    • Apps
      – Add apps that are allowed and Toggle on Time Sensitive notifications.
Add exceptions to Focus

three. Disable Focus style automation

And so yous are chilling in the cognition that the Focus mode is turned off, and you shall receive all notifications. Just, surprise, surprise, your device was silent for some hours because the Focus is auto-enabled and not due to your popularity quotient.

Hmm! And so, let’s get that sorted as well.

  1. Go to


    → select the
  2. Under
    Turn On Automatically, tap
    Smart Automation,
    fourth dimension, location,

    (depending upon automation previously set).
  3. Toggle off
    the automation.
Disable Focus mode automation

: You tin as well admission Focus settings from Lock Screen or Command Panel; tap on the Focus icon → iii-dot icon adjacent to the Focus → Settings.

One of the many great features of Focus is that you can enable information technology across all Apple ecosystems. But what if you desire the Focus on your Mac/iPad only not on your iPhone?

  1. Become to

  2. Toggle off
    the switch next to
    Share Across Devices.
Turn off Focus Shared Across Devices

And simply like that, all our Focus-related escapades are done. At present, information technology is time to hop on to the Notifications section.

five. Turn off Notification Summary

To avoid disturbance, Notification Summary only allows fourth dimension-sensitive alerts to filter through. Non-urgent alerts are machine-silenced and presented at a specified time. And while not designed for that, it is somehow stopping all notifications. Let’south turn it off and and so come across.

  1. Go to

  2. Tap
    Scheduled Summary.
  3. Toggle off
    the switch next to
    Scheduled Summary
Turn off Notification Summary

If the trouble still persists, move on to the next hack.

vi. Check notification settings for individual apps

When the problem is app-specific, i.e., you are not receiving notifications from that app, we’ll have to look at them one past i.

  1. Go to

    → scroll down to the app.
  2. Tap
  3. Ensure that
    Permit Notifications
    toggle is turned on.
  4. And then select
    Immediate Commitment
    Scheduled Summary

    Note: If y’all tin can’t run into this choice, the Scheduled Summary is disabled. So you can skip to the adjacent step.
Check notification settings for Individual apps

Depending on whether you want a chime on receiving notifications from the app or not, toggle on/off the Sound.

To view the notification setting for all apps at once, you tin can go to Settings → Notifications → scroll to the Notification Style section. Tap whatsoever app to change the setting.

Change notification settings for Individual apps

7. Update or reinstall the iOS app

Since we are on the topic, it’s wiser to tick this one of the lists. The issue might not be from your device’s end just the app’s. Anyway, a trip to the App Store to update the app won’t take that long and might resolve the upshot.

8. Restart the iPhone

The penultimate solution. Restarting the iPhone, hoping that any problems or glitch will reset itself and notifications will start working as they should. If you need further assistance with this i, check out our footstep-by-footstep guide.

9. Reset All Settings on iPhone

There’s a reason I take kept this for the terminal. While it should resolve the upshot thoroughly, it too removes other data similar Wi-Fi passwords, VPN configuration, etc. So, re-create, paste these details somewhere earlier going through the process.

  1. Go to

  2. Curlicue down and select
    Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  3. Tap
    and then
    Reset All Settings.
  4. Enter your
    and tap
    Reset All Settings
    to proceed.

    Steps to reset all settings on iPhone

Signing off!

Hopefully, your notifications are upwardly and running without hiccups. And while we are on the topic, it’south time for a shameless plug. Install the iGeeksBlog app and go on the notifications on, to receive news, hacks, and more than related to everything Apple tree.

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