Iphone 12 Pro Vs 13 Pro Size

By | 10/10/2022

The year 2021 literally phased in new and great things, and Apple has released its newest and greatest phone, iPhone xiii. With the new phone has too come the iPhone thirteen cases, which have replaced the slightly old
iPhone 12 cases.
Every bit a strategic method to salve a few pence, you lot might want to buy the iPhone xiii but retain your old iPhone 12 case or shop for a new case for an iPhone phone 12 but comes at a low price. Of course, this is a wise move with no harm since its intentions are pure; saving some pennies. Withal, before doing that, yous may be wondering if the new iPhone 13 cases will fit the iPhone 12 cases and if you lot can indeed use the latest telephone with the slightly erstwhile phone case. Well, read this article carefully to become your questions answered.

Volition The New iPhone thirteen Cases Fit iPhone 12?

The simplest style to know whether the seemingly similar phones (iPhone 12 and thirteen) can utilize the same case is by keenly looking at their dimensions. Of course, both phones are thin and slim and experience deceivingly the same. However, a shut look at the dimensions helps one realize that some dimensional changes have been featured in the latest iPhone. Here are the measurements for iPhone 12 and thirteen cases and their Pro versions;

  • iPhone 12: 146.7mm x 71.5mm x 7.4mm –
    iPhone 12 Pro:
    146.7mm x 71.5mm x 7.4mm
  • iPhone 13: 146.7mm ten 71.5mm x vii.65mm –
    iPhone thirteen Pro:
    146.7mm x 71.5mm x vii.65mm

Using the dimensions above, information technology’southward clear that iPhone 12 and 13 and their Pro versions are slightly dissimilar. Although their widths and lengths are the same, iPhone 13 and iPhone thirteen Pro phones are 0.25mm thicker.

Of course, the divergence seems meager and is, in fact, hard to tell when comparing the 2 sets of phones. However, when it comes to buying an anti-slip, full-grip shockproof phone case, the variation becomes critical. iPhone telephone cases are designed to tightly agree the phones and then that in case of a drib, maximum protection and stupor absorption are offered. Hence, iPhone 12 case is non the same as iPhone xiii, and ane cannot be used for the other telephone, just each must have its own.

iPhone 12 cases vs iPhone 13

Why Else is The iPhone xiii Example Different From iPhone 12?

If you lot are keen enough while compare the new iPhone 13 or its Pro version with its predecessors. You will likely notice that there is yet another attribute that sets the difference between the two phones, hence the unlike cases. That has to do with the camera layout, which is different for iPhone 13 and 12 covers, and their Pro versions.

The new phone has a larger camera than the older ones. Although this is not outrightly listed on the Apple folio. 1 can see the divergence by comparing the position of the Apple logo, especially on the Pro versions of iPhone 12 and 13. Of grade, the logo is positioned in a perfect central point for both. However, in iPhone xiii, the logo (same size as that in iPhone 12) is closer to the camera. Meaning that the camera layout is larger.

Consequently, using the old phone’s case on the new phone would mean that y’all will slightly block the camera or not allow it to operate freely. Maybe rubbing the surfaces with the lens and compromising the quality of the pictures you might take.

The Varied Positions of The Set of Buttons In iPhone 12 And xiii phones

The reasons why iPhone 13 case is non the same equally iPhone 12 are not over yet. The other variation is seen in the positions of the sets of buttons for each of the models. In the new phones, the buttons are slightly lower than they were in the older phones.

The volume and switch silence buttons are placed in a relatively lower position. Something you would only notice when yous try fixing an iPhone 13 phone into an iPhone 12 example. The power button in the new phone is equally placed in a lower position than information technology was on the iPhone 12. Therefore, the cases of iPhone 12 and 13 phones would never exist the same.

What about iPhone 13 Pro Case for 13?

Clearly, we accept seen that the new iPhone xiii phones cases cannot fit in the older iPhone 12 covers. However, you may notwithstanding wonder whether an iPhone 13 Pro phone volition fit in the iPhone thirteen case.

They should, correct? Wrong! iPhone 13 phones have bigger cameras than the iPhone 12 phones, but much smaller than iPhone 13 Pro. This means that if yous attempt squashing an iPhone 13 Pro in the iPhone xiii case, you might block the camera or rub information technology on the lens, compromising paradigm quality.

In addition, since the instance is smaller than the Pro version, it will not offer the needed protection, and in case the telephone drops, its photographic camera, edge, and screen may be damaged, notwithstanding this is quite undesirable. All the same, Waw Case always recommends protecting your camera lens from damage, scratch, and other impairment.

How Did The Previous Phones Work?

Although iPhone phones are expensive. They have a practical manner of saving money, especially for those who beloved trends and proceed buying the new versions. Apple tree visitor would make the phones in such a way that a new one would fit in the cases of the predecessors.

For instance, if you had an iPhone 8 phone and upgraded by buying iPhone 9, the latter would fit into the instance of the erstwhile. That way, people would practically salvage some money, although they would still spend a fortune ownership the phones.

Is iPhone 13 Compatible With xiii Pro Case?

As previously discussed, an iPhone 13 Pro phone would non be uniform with an iPhone 13 example. Of course, the set of buttons for the iPhone thirteen and iPhone 13 Pro are placed in the same position. Although lower than their predecessors.

The photographic camera position for iPhone 13 is different from its Pro version. The photographic camera layout for the Pro model is larger than the normal model; hence an iPhone thirteen Pro phone would non fit inside the iPhone 13 example.

The converse can happen. If you accept an iPhone 13 Pro example and would love to utilize it with an iPhone 13, that’s really possible. Of course, the camera position will seem bizarre since the large cutting-out in the iPhone 13 Pro case will non completely cover the small camera of the normal iPhone 13 phone. However, the case will still accord the telephone the protection it needs.

Tin I Utilize My New iPhone thirteen Phone With The Older Version Cases?

If you accept a case older than iPhone 12 and would like to utilise it for your new iPhone 13 phone, it’south every bit adept as forgotten. If the new phones are non interchangeable with their immediate predecessors (iPhone 12), there is no way it will work with other older version cases. Yet, there is a catch that has to practise with the pouch-fashion cases. Since such cases are not designed for a particular photographic camera, they might still work for the new iPhones. Notwithstanding, if you want something, you merely need to buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max cases and xiii in their respective covers.


You might want to salvage a few pence by using the iPhone 12 case on a new iPhone thirteen phone. However, because of the blueprint of the new phones, they are not uniform with the older versions and their cases. Therefore, y’all cannot use the iPhone 13 and thirteen Pro with iPhone 12 and 12 Pro cases, respectively. While 13 case is not compatible with iPhone 13 Pro. You can use an iPhone 13 Pro example with a 13 phone. But information technology’south always all-time to get each telephone its designed cover.

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