Iphone 12 Pro Max Camera Protector

By | 02/10/2022
Iphone 12 Pro Max Screen Protector Hero

Iphone 12 Pro Max Screen Protector Hero
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The iPhone 12 Pro Max needs a screen protector to protect that big gorgeous screen, even with the Ceramic Shield screen. Yes, information technology is supposed to be stronger than glass, merely that refers to shatter resistance. The Ceramic Shield screen tin can still go scratched upwardly. If you lot don’t like scratched screens and desire extra drib protection, a screen protector is a must. Nosotros’ve rounded up some of the all-time screen protectors for the iPhone 12 Pro Max for you.

Which iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protector should you cull?

If you aren’t 100% comfortable installing your own screen protector, like most of my customers at the Apple Store, I’d recommend the Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector. The included installation kit makes it pretty much goof-proof to install your screen protector correctly. Simply follow the instructions, clean your screen thoroughly before installation, and apply information technology in a dust-complimentary environment. You get two screen protectors merely in case information technology goes incorrect, or you lot want a spare to share.

Gadget Guard puts its money where its mouth is. The Gadget Guard iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protector’s hefty price tag includes insurance for your iPhone 12 Pro Max screen. You’ll have to register your screen protector online, and you’ll demand to file a claim if your screen breaks. Simply, it’southward worth information technology to get up to $250 toward a screen repair in case your iPhone 12 Pro Max experiences a major mishap while the screen protector is in place.

While y’all’re at it, don’t forget to pick up an iPhone 12 Pro Max case! You’ll desire all-over protection, and a case plus a screen protector is the best way to get it.

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