Iphone 12 Not Charging When Plugged In

Yous’ve tried plugging your iPhone in to charge, but information technology merely doesn’t seem to desire to power upwards. Until today, your phone was charging fine — or mayhap it’s been getting worse over the last few weeks. Either mode, don’t panic! Here’s
every fix you can effort if your iPhone 12 won’t charge.

A Common Misconception

When their cell phone stops charging, a lot of people presume it’south the device’due south battery that’s causing the problem. Most of the time, an iPhone 12 won’t charge considering of asoftware
trouble, non a hardware problem. Before rushing to become the battery replaced, follow the troubleshooting steps below!

Difficult Reset Your iPhone 12

And so many problems that occur on an iPhone tin can exist temporarily fixed by a hard reset. A variety of minor software glitches can cause the display of an iPhone 12 to plow black or become frozen.

A difficult reset will force your iPhone 12 to turn off and back on abruptly. It’s possible that your iPhone 12is
charging, only a software problem has fabricated the screen blackness.

To perform a hard reset on the iPhone 12, press and release the Book Upwardly button, and so press and release the Volume Downwards, then press and hold the side push button until your screen displays the Apple logo. After yous tin encounter the Apple logo, let go of the side button. Your iPhone 12 will turn back on shortly later on.

It’s of import to keep in listen that nosotros haven’t really resolved the problem that prevented your iPhone 12 from charging. If a hard reset fixed the problem, support your iPhone immediately, so go along following the steps below.

Look Over Your Lightning Cablevision

If your Lightning cable is damaged, this could very well exist the reason why your iPhone 12 won’t charge. Take a close expect along the length of your Lightning cable, paying special attending to either finish. If yous see whatever fraying, exposed wires, or other visible impairment, this might be the problem.

It might also aid to switch up the USB charging port that yous typically charge with. If you unremarkably charge from a specific port on your computer, try a unlike USB port instead. If you normally use a wall charger, try plugging into your computer and see if that has a dissimilar result.

Grab another Lightning cable or infringe one from a friend. If your iPhone 12 charges with one Lightning cablevision and not another, information technology was probably the cable keeping your phone from charging the whole time.

Replacement Lightning Cable Options

Apple will usually supervene upon your Lightning cable if your iPhone is yet nether warranty. You tin likewise purchase a smashing MFi-certified cable on Amazon for less than $ten!

Effort A Different Charger

Just like with Lightning cables, it’due south a skilful idea to examination multiple chargers. Try charging your iPhone 12 in your automobile, using a wall charging, and using the USB port on your computer. If your iPhone 12 charges with some chargers but not others, the consequence is with the charger.

Make clean Out Your Charging Port

Information technology’southward pretty piece of cake for minor materials like dirt and lint to get stuck in the charging port of your iPhone 12. When this happens, it tin interfere with your phone’southward ability to connect to a Lightning cable. Cleaning out your port might articulate up any obstructive matter causing this interference.

Inspect Your Lightning Port

Grab a flashlight and shine information technology into the charging port. If y’all see annihilation in there that shouldn’t exist, take a modest, non-conductive brush and advisedly clean out your port. A great tool to employ for this step is a brand new toothbrush.

Use toothbrush to brush out iPhone lightning port

DFU Restore Your iPhone 12

The last at-home ready nosotros recommend is the Device Firmware Update (DFU) restore. A DFU restore is a complete factory reset of your iPhone 12. Every line of lawmaking go erased and rewritten, and your iPhone gets updated to the latest version of iOS.

It’s very important to support your iPhone 12 before putting it in DFU mode! If you don’t, y’all’ll lose all your photos, contacts, and the other important data you care about.

When you’re ready, check out our other article to learn how to put your iPhone in DFU style. This is the last step y’all can take to rule out a software trouble as the reason why your iPhone 12 won’t charge. If a DFU restore doesn’t fix the trouble, come back here to learn about repair options.

Repair Options For iPhone 12

It’due south time to get your iPhone 12 if it notwithstanding won’t charge. At that place might be a trouble with the battery or charging port. If your iPhone is still covered under warranty or past AppleCare+, it’s probable that Apple will exist willing to repair your device free of charge. However, if your phone’s not covered or damaged, repair fees might add together upward pretty quickly.

Apple has a lot of great support options. You tin can assistance over the phone, through live chat, or by mailing in your device. If you plan to go into your local Apple Store, brand sure to schedule an appointment get-go.

iPhone 12: Charging Again!

You’ve stock-still the trouble and your iPhone 12 is charging again. Brand to share this commodity with your friends and family if their iPhone 12 is not charging. Take any other questions? Leave them in the comments section downwards below!

Source: https://www.upphone.com/fix/iphone/power/iphone-12-wont-charge-heres-the-fix/

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