Iphone 12 Mini Vs Iphone 8

By | 03/10/2022
Iphone 12 Mini

Iphone 12 Mini
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When it comes to the iPhone 12 mini vs. iPhone 12, you’ll detect that the ii models are identical when information technology comes to features. 5G, the new photographic camera setup, the ceramic shield glass on the front, and the new MagSafe are all on both the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12. So which 1 should yous purchase? It comes downwardly to size.

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12: The specs you need to know

Before we dive into some of the advantages and disadvantages of a smaller device, permit’s look at the of import specs — which are most the same on both models — so you know what you can expect from the iPhone 12, regardless of which model you lot selection upwards.

iPhone 12 mini iPhone 12
5G Yes Yes
Chip A14 Bionic A14 Bionic
Screen 5.four-inch OLED 6.one-inch OLED
Resolution 2340-by-1080-pixel resolution at 476 ppi 2532-by-1170-pixel resolution at 460 ppi
Rear Cameras 12MP Ultra Broad: ƒ/2.4 discontinuity + 12MP Wide: ƒ/ane.6 aperture 12MP Ultra Broad: ƒ/2.4 aperture + 12MP Wide: ƒ/one.vi aperture
Video recording 4K up 60 fps 4K up sixty fps
Water-resistance IP68 IP68
Scrap A14 Bionic A14 Bionic
Night Mode Yes Yes

The listing of the exact aforementioned features betwixt the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 goes on and on. However, if you looked closely, you’ll notice that the size difference does make a bit of a difference in resolution — specifically the PPI.

The iPhone 12 mini has a slightly higher PPI, meaning the pixel density is greater, which makes sense with the smaller display. You’ll notice the iPhone 12 has a 460 PPI, which is only very slightly worse than the 476 PPI on the iPhone 12 mini. Fortunately, in real-globe utilise, I doubtfulness you’ll be able to detect the departure. The difference in PPI is likely non going to be a cistron for anyone, merely it’s worth knowing about in case it’s important to you.

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12: What’due south in a size?

iPhone 12 Mini

Iphone 12 Mini

(Paradigm credit: Apple)

The biggest difference when request comparing the iPhone 12 mini vs. iPhone 12 is the literal size difference. Yes, the iPhone 12 OLED screen is 6.i inches, while the screen on the iPhone 12 mini is a mere 5.4 inches, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

iPhone 12 mini iPhone 12
Height 5.xviii inches 5.78 inches
Width 2.53 inches 2.82 inches
Depth 0.29 inch 0.29 inch
Weight iv.76 ounces v.78 ounces

Equally you tin can tell past the table above, the iPhone 12 mini comes in a significantly smaller chassis, which stands over half an inch shorter than the regular-size iPhone 12. The width is a less dramatic change but still noticeable, and the weight is surprising over a whole ounce lighter. What does it all mean?

The iPhone 12 mini starts $100 cheaper than the iPhone 12 and offers all the same features.

Well, it means if you’ve been waiting for a small iPhone that is every bit powerful as its bigger siblings, the wait is over. The iPhone 12 mini will be significantly easier to carry effectually, curlicue through larger menus quickly, and, nigh importantly, affect every part of the screen only using 1 hand. This is a huge boon for people with smaller hands or people who like to relieve space. Since most flagship phones seem to get bigger and bigger each year, it’south nice to encounter Apple offering something slightly different.

The other affair to keep in mind is the regular iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have the aforementioned size and dimensions, meaning you tin share the all-time iPhone 12 cases between those ii models. Plain, with the iPhone 12 mini beingness so small, it needs its own cases.

Of course, in that location are some things that a bigger screen does better. Watching movies or YouTube videos on a larger screen always feel nicer, and typing texts or emails will likely feel much less cramped. Nevertheless, it’due south good to know that whether you are okay with the standard 6.1-inch screen or desire something smaller, the only affair you’re sacrificing is size.

The iPhone 12 mini starts $100 cheaper than the iPhone 12 and offers all the same features, then the conclusion is up to you. Whether yous go big or get pocket-size — you lot’re getting a stellar telephone either mode.

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