Iphone 11 Pro Max Back Glass Replacement

As we all know, Apple’s official repair price for out-of-warranty iPhones is particularly high, with the iPhone 11 Pro Max Back glass replacement costing up to $599. The iPhone’due south back drinking glass is actually hard to repair this fourth dimension. The 3-camera areas are even more helpless to many people.

The traditional repair method is to buy a new Mid-frame and reinstall all the parts onto it. This method tin can complete the dorsum drinking glass replacement, but the whole process takes a long time and tin can cause secondary damage when both removing and installing parts.

And so, is there a quick and safe repair method? Yes, there is. If you happen to own a laser car, then you will complete the iPhone xi Pro Max back glass replacement without disassembly.

Permit’south go right to the tutorial.

Scanning the iPhone with a laser separating machine

Using the laser separating car to scan the back glass, the glue betwixt the back glass and Mid-frame can be quickly removed. Afterwards the glue is removed, the rear glass can be easily disassembled.

First of all, place the iPhone into the light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation scanning area. Then use the focus bar to adjust the focus of the laser.

First of all, place the iPhone into the laser scanning area. So use the focus bar to adjust the laser’s focus. Find the right drawing in the drawing library, here nosotros cull iPhone 11 Pro Max back cover. Finally, click on figures to commencement the laser browse.

Remove the broken back glass

When the laser machine has finished its work, we can see that the original colour is no longer on the back comprehend glass, which means that the laser has helped u.s. to remove most of the glue.

There is besides a part of the drawing to avoid the surface area, nosotros have to be conscientious when removing, these are more than sophisticated parts, such as wireless charging. Just this role of the area are not much glue.

We started by using a focal stick and gently cracking the large piece of drinking glass into multiple smaller pieces. This will get in easier when separating, removing a whole large slice is more difficult.

Then we pry the drinking glass away from the edge with the help of a razor bract. Once a gap is opened, the separation becomes faster and faster. When separating the wireless charging surface area, nosotros can apply the carte du jour to scratch the whole area. This way the removal volition not damage the wireless charging because there is broken drinking glass.

Remove the broken back glass

Remove the drinking glass in the camera area

The thicker glass in the iPhone photographic camera area was the virtually challenging part of the iPhone xi Pro Max Back Drinking glass Replacement. We need to use a glass cutter to cut this area into multiple pocket-size pieces. This will help usa to remove all the glass safely.

Remove the glass in the camera area

Then we use a sharp knife to remove the broken drinking glass. The glass is very easy to remove afterwards cut.

use a sharp knife to remove the broken glass

Cleaning the Mid-frame of iPhone 11 Pro Max

Before we outset installing the new drinking glass, nosotros need to clean the Mid-frame. Using alcohol or detergent, wipe off the black dust fiddling by little.

Cleaning the Mid-frame of iPhone 11 Pro Max

Complete the iPhone 11 Pro Max Dorsum Glass Replacement

After the cleaning is done, we need to install the new back cover glass on the phone. Get-go, utilize the glue to the mid-frame. Then put the glass on it. Finally, employ four clips to hold information technology in place and look for the mucilage to dry out.

Complete the iPhone 11 Pro Max Back Glass Replacement

When the glue is completely dry out, we have the phone out. Yous can see that the repair is perfect. Thus we finished the
iPhone xi Pro Max
back drinking glass replacement. The whole process is not disassembled like the traditional method, which is a very convenient and safe fashion for us to repair the customer’s phone quickly.

finished the iPhone 11 Pro Max back glass replacement

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