IOGEAR UpStream 4k Game Capture Card review

By | 16/09/2022

Laptop Mag Verdict

The UpStream 4k Game Capture Carte is a depression-cost option in the massive capture carte market place that performs well, simply it could exist overlooked due to the lack of marketing and availability.


  • +

    Small footprint

  • +

    4K@60Hz passthrough support

  • +

    Competitively priced


  • Lacks VRR (Variable refresh charge per unit) back up

  • No book control on device

  • Weird power cablevision placement

IOGEAR Upstream 4K Game Capture Menu specs

Passthrough Support:
4K@60 FPS, 2560x1440p@threescore FPS, 1920x1080p@ 120 FPS, 1280x720p@60 FPS, 1280x720p@60 FPS

Record & Streaming Support:

4K@30 FPS, 2560x1440p@60 FPS, 1920x1080p@ 120 FPS, 1280x720p@60 FPS, 1280x720p@60 FPS

USB-C, HDMI-in, HDMI out, iii.5mm audio x2 Size: 1.7 x 0.nine x 0.66 inches

three.ii ounces

In a market dominated by Elgato and AverMedia products, there are notwithstanding a few companies that, once in a while, put something out in that location that’s worth checking out. This time, IOGEAR released its latest capture card aimed at gamers and streamers:  the UpStream 4K Game Capture Card with Party Conversation Mixer. IOGEAR reached out to me and asked if I wanted to check out the device, and I agreed. Whenever a company that isn’t widely known for something steps out of its condolement zone, it’s worth seeing what they’re attempting to practise.

IOGEAR UpStream 4k Game Capture Card cost and availability

The IOGEAR UpStream 4K Game Capture Carte is $129.95 and includes a USB-A to USB-C cablevision, an HDMI cable, and a 3.5mm cable.

(Epitome credit: IOGEAR)

That’s a solid value compared to 4K capture cards from competitors that typically starting time at around $200.

IOGEAR UpStream 4K Game Capture Carte system requirements

To use the UpStream 4K Game Capture Card, you’ll need a PC or laptop that meets the post-obit requirements:

  • Windows ten or 11 due west/ UVC support
  • Mac Os 10 (10.2.x or later) w/ UVC back up
  • 1 bachelor USB-A port, USB 3.ane, is required for 4K Capture.
  • Desktop: Intel Core i5-6xxx CPU and above (or AMD equivalent) + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU and above(or AMD equivalent)
    Laptop: Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU and to a higher place (or AMD equivalent) + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU and above (or AMD equivalent)
  • RAM: 8GB or more than

IOGEAR Upstream 4K Game Capture Card ports

At the front of the device are dedicated three.5mm ports for separating the game audio and party chat, a USB-C port, and an LED showing when the device is powered on,  recording, or streaming. To the rear are the HDMI input and output ports.

(Prototype credit: Laptop Mag)

I had no issues using the capture card on either my desktop PC or my laptop. I didn’t have access to a Mac-based device, so I couldn’t test its claimed macOS compatibility, only Mac owners aren’t likely the primary audience for this gaming capture carte du jour anyway. I could record and stream from my
PlayStation five
to my PC and laptop with no issues. Everything worked every bit intended.

(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

It’southward also portable enough that y’all can slide it into a backpack or jeans pocket for ease of transport. The UpStream 4K Game Capture Card with Party Chat Mixer features upward to 2160p@60Hz HDR passthrough back up, with recording/capturing support upwards to 4K@30 FPS. It also supports 1440p@144hz and 1080p@240Hz, which is fantabulous news for anyone planning on using this on either the
Xbox Series X|South or PS5, as those consoles also back up 1440p@120Hz.

Omitted is the ability to record at 4K@threescore FPS, which would take been nice to accept. However, given the price point, information technology is expected. To put things in perspective, the cheapest external capture menu on the market that does back up 4K@60 FPS starts at $350, almost twice the cost of the UpStream 4K Game Capture Card. Adding to that, for most gamers and content creators, 4K@30 FPS is however viable. While websites such every bit YouTube back up the resolution, the corporeality of bandwidth required to watch 4K, permit solitary 4K@60 FPS, leaves yous with a relatively limited audition

In terms of commuter support, since this supports UVC on Windows x or 11 devices, it’s plug and plug. Getting a signal was as unproblematic as connecting the USB-C cable to my PC, and the device was recognized. However, the proper name is confusing as information technology’s shown every bit “GUV302G UVC”. I practise wish IOGEAR gave the device a more recognizable name, and I’m sure this will cause befuddlement for some.

This capture carte du jour is also platonic for those who want to record footage and talk to friends via party chat, as it solves the annoying console party chat dilemma. During my testing, I but had to connect my controller to the dual 3.5mm ports, and I was chatting.

IOGEAR UpStream 4K Game Capture Card performance

Of form, what good is a capture device if the performance lets y’all downward? I’m happy to report that the IOGEAR UpStream 4K doesn’t disappoint. I’ve used this in place of higher-end capture devices, and I found the operation to be on par both in recording footage and alive-streaming.

(Epitome credit: Laptop Mag)

There is a slight delay, around 50ms, which didn’t affect my gameplay, every bit I played through several games, including
Elden Ring, Cult of the Lamb, and Curiosity’s Spider-Human being. When comparison the footage I captured, I was difficult-pressed to observe any differences betwixt those recorded from the IOGEAR device and those from my AverMedia and Elgato devices.

Missed opportunities

While Elgato and AverMedia have developed and supported their own capture software for their devices, IOGEAR does not. Which I feel is a missed opportunity. At the same time, the UpStream 4k Game Capture Carte does work with most bachelor capture software on the market. I was able to utilise multiple variants of OBS Studio, XSplit Broadcaster, and a few other lesser-known applications. They all worked fine, though I encountered some issues when assigning the audio input via HDMI.

There’due south no volume control adjustment on the device, leaving you to apply the software on the PC/laptop or if you accept i on your controller. This is a serious omission, specially if you’re marketing a device with political party chat back up. Having a built-in volume control is a must.

(Image credit: IOGEAR)

The USB-C port that powers the device located in the forepart would be ameliorate served at the rear. Where information technology is currently, adds one more cable than needed at the front. It besides means the cable has to curve slightly.

Possibly the nearly significant missed opportunity is the lack of VRR or Variable Rate Refresh support. Virtually people who purchase external capture devices are doing so for their ease of usability with gaming consoles. With the Xbox Series X|Due south supporting this engineering since its release and the PlayStation 5 now supporting the screen tearing technology, it may cause IOGEAR’s offering to be overlooked.

Bottom line

IOGEAR definitely has something worthwhile with the UpStream 4K Game Capture Card with Party Chat Mixer. The quality is on par with anything that AverMedia and Elgato offer at the $129.95 price point.

The lack of marketing, retail availability and VRR support are all factors that will agree the UpStream 4K back. At that place’s barely whatsoever advertising for the UpStream 4k Game Capture Card with Party Chat Mixer. You can’t find them in any local electronics or gaming stores like All-time Buy, GameStop, or even Microcenter. I know; I checked. Instead, everywhere you plough your head, it’s all Elgato and AverMedia, which makes this a hard sell.

The lack of VRR support may sour those who want to play either on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Serial X|S, and take access to the screen tearing technology.

However, the UpStream 4k Game Capture Card with Party Chat Mixer shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re looking for a low-cost yet constructive capture device.

IOGEAR UpStream 4k Game Capture Card Specs

Passthrough Support 4K@sixty FPS, 2560x1440p@threescore FPS, 1920x1080p@ 120 FPS, 1280x720p@60 FPS, 1280x720p@60 FPS
Tape & Streaming Support 4K@30 FPS, 2560x1440p@lx FPS, 1920x1080p@ 120 FPS, 1280x720p@60 FPS, 1280x720p@60 FPS
Ports USB-C, HDMI-in, HDMI out, 3.5mm sound x2
Size ane.7 x 0.9 x 0.66 inches
Weight iii.ii ounces