How To View Old Call History On Iphone

By | 07/10/2022


Call History is one of the about of import features on an iPhone, and information technology’s ofttimes overlooked. This simple characteristic can provide important information almost calls that were fabricated or received on an iPhone. This could be invaluable if you need the records for work, or to evidence in a legal thing.

In this guide, you lot’ll acquire everything you lot demand to know most iPhone Call History.

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What are iPhone Call Logs?

Call Logs: An entry created on your iPhone whenever y’all make or receive a telephone call on your iPhone.

Phone call logs are incredibly useful equally they contain important information like the contact’s proper noun (or number if they are not saved as a contact in your device), as well every bit fourth dimension, engagement, duration and whether a call was made, missed, or unanswered.

Call History: The collection of Telephone call Log entries stored on your iPhone.

How exercise I run across my iPhone Telephone call History?

To access your call history on iPhone, unlock your device and open up the Telephone app. Tap “Recents” at the bottom of your screen to run across a listing of your phone call logs.

How to Check Call History on iPhone
How to Check Call History on iPhone

For more than data about a particular entry, tap the (i) icon. This will testify further details well-nigh the contact such equally alternative contact methods, also as quick buttons to contact this person once again (Messages, Call, Video chat, etc).

How to View Old Telephone call History on iPhone

Please note that iPhones but evidence you the
most recent 100 calls, however,
up to k call logs are actually stored on the iPhone.

In social club to view your older iPhone call logs, you’ll need the assistance of a tool like
TouchCopy can testify all your historical call history
that is stored on your device all the way up to thousand. You lot tin fifty-fifty save your telephone call history so you don’t lose any logs, or print them off!

If you are unable to find your older call history using TouchCopy, those phone call logs will exist no longer stored on your device. However, all is not lost! Y’all may yet have your older call logs stored in a backup of your device. Skip to
how to recover deleted iPhone call history >

Call Logs from other apps will show in iPhone Recents, but you may be able to access more app-specific telephone call history in the apps themselves. For example, in
y’all can access around 200 call logs.

How to Export iPhone Telephone call History to calculator

Bankroll up your call history ensures that it is safe if anything should happen to your iPhone. It as well means that y’all can keep runway of your call logs in the form of a list or a spreadsheet. Nosotros take constitute that this is very handy for professionals, and equally for people who only want to proceed their call history safe.

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What tin I do with my iPhone Call History using TouchCopy?

  • See all Call Logs stored on your iPhone – fifty-fifty old ones which are no longer shown on the device.
  • Access standard Call Logs also as from apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, FaceTime, Skype and Microsoft Teams.
  • Consign Telephone call Logs as HTML, PDF or CSV.
  • Print out Call History.

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Free TouchCopy Download

TouchCopy can consign your iPhone call logs as detailed below…

  1. Download TouchCopy and connect your iPhone.
  2. Open the “Call Logs” feature section.
  3. Select a contact from the list to view the call history.
  4. Click “Copy Call Logs“, “Save PDF“, or “Salve CSV“.

Call History export formats explained:

  • Re-create Call Logs (PC) / Copy to Mac:
    relieve your selected telephone call logs as HTML files. HTML files can be opened in web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Salvage PDF:
    saves your phone call logs in the pop format “PDF” (Portable Document Format).
  • Save CSV:
    exports your telephone call logs as Comma Separated Values. You can open such files in spreadsheet management programs like Microsoft Excel.

If you lot wish to combine all your call history from multiple contacts into a single file, TouchCopy has y’all covered. Simply enable this selection in TouchCopy’s Options, then in Call Logs, select multiple contacts (or use ctrl+A (Windows) or cmd+A (Mac) to select all), and cull your export format.

See TouchCopy in action…