How to use live captions on Windows 11

By | 26/10/2022

Alive Captions is an accessibility characteristic in Windows 11 that provides automatic transcription for any video or audio on your PC. Although the feature is mainly designed for people with hearing disabilities, anyone can generate captions for podcasts, videos, or songs.

The alive captions feature is but available on Windows xi 22H2 or later. So, make sure you’re running the most contempo
Windows build
. Once you’ve done that, yous tin utilize the following guide to enable and employ alive captions in Windows 11.

How to Enable Alive Captions on Windows 11

By default, Windows offers y’all an option to enable Live Captions at a organisation level on your computer. Let’s check how you can enable live captions on your Windows 11 PC.

Step 1:
Right-click on the Start icon and select Settings from the listing.

Step 2:
Employ the left pane to navigate to the Accessibility tab.

Footstep 3:
Under the Hearing section, click on Captions.

Step 4:
Plough on the Live captions toggle. Then, select I agree when the popular-up appears at the top of the screen.

If you’re using this characteristic for the start time, you’ll see a prompt to download alive captions language files. Click the Download push to continue. Post-obit that, you will not require an internet connection to use live captions in Windows xi.

Later on the ‘Ready to caption’ message appears, you tin can start using live captions on Windows 11.

How to Employ Live Captions on Windows 11

After enabling alive captions, play whatsoever video on your PC, and the captions appear on your screen. Live captions volition as well work with audio files, allowing you to mind to your favorite songs while reading the lyrics. It’south worth noting that live captions currently but support one language—English (Usa).

Aside from audio and video files, alive captions also work when you’re on a video call with someone. By default, it will only brandish captions when other people are speaking. To view captions for your voice, simply click the gear-shaped icon in the captions window, navigate to the Caption options, and select ‘Include microphone sound’ from the sub-carte.

Following that, you’ll see captions for your speech. Since live captions are generated on your device, you won’t take to worry about Microsoft sending your voice information to the cloud.

You can position the captions box as you see fit. To exercise so, click the gear icon in the captions window, go to Position, and select from the available options.

Later on using live captions, click the cantankerous icon on the captions window to close it. You can use the Windows key + Ctrl + L keyboard shortcut to enable live captions on Windows quickly.

How to Customize Alive Captions on Windows xi

Windows 11 allows you to customize the caption text, size, fonts, and other aspects so that y’all can read the captions easily.

To customize live captions on Windows 11, use the steps below.

Step one:
Press the Windows central + I to launch the Settings app. Switch to the Accessibility tab and click on Captions.

Alternatively, you can also click the cog-shaped icon in the captions window and select Caption Fashion.

Footstep 2:
Apply the drop-down menu side by side to the Explanation fashion to select from the bachelor options.

If you want to personalize a particular caption style, click the Edit button.

Y’all tin can modify the text color, font, size, opacity, and outcome from this menu.

You can modify the alive caption groundwork and window color besides. All your changes are saved automatically, and you can preview them in the Theme preview section.

Lastly, you tin hands alter the name of your caption fashion to identify it.

How to Add Live Captions to Quick Settings Panel

Y’all can also enable or disable live captions from the Quick Settings menu. You’ll accept to add the Accessibility tile to the Quick Settings panel. Here’s how to go well-nigh it.

Stride i:
Press the Windows key + A to access the Quick Settings panel.

Step 2:
Click the pencil icon to edit the console.

Stride 3:
Click on Add and select Accessibility from the resulting menu.

Step 4:
Click on Done to save changes.

Later yous complete the to a higher place steps, click the Accessibility tile in Quick Settings and enable or disable Live captions on Windows 11.

Caption It

Live Captions is certainly a useful addition to Windows 11, particularly for those who have hearing issues. While it currently only supports English (United States), you tin can look Microsoft to add more languages sometime in the future.

Do you find this feature useful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.