How To Unread A Message On Iphone

By | 10/10/2022

How to Mark a Text Message as Unread on iPhone

Messaging or texting has become rather more customary than calling. The reason behind it is that it is convenient, less time-consuming, and a handy mode to reply. There may be times when you might have read a certain message by mistake and at present desire to revert it back to unread. And it has led many of united states to wonder how to marking text equally unread iPhone. As well, to marking a message equally unread on the iOS device can be tricky. So, let us provide you the ways to practise the aforementioned without any hassle.

How to Mark a Text Message as Unread on iPhone

How to Marking a Text Message as Unread on iPhone

You cannot unread a message on your iPhone afterward reading it, but
you lot can read the messages without marking it as seen or read. And it can be done in your Messages app as well. Then, continue reading the article to learn the steps to marking a bulletin as unread.

Can You Unread a Text Bulletin on iPhone?

No, there is no such manner to unread a text message for iPhone users. In the latest updated version of iOS, the option to marking text as unread iPhone has not been enabled. Although, iPhone users can opt for another way out to mark a message as unread. Keep reading to detect it out.

Is There a Way to Mark iMessages as Unread?

No. The simply mode is to read the message without marker it every bit read. Users will non find a straight mode to marker text as unread iPhone on iMessage. Read the answer to the post-obit question to acquire the method to read the bulletin without marking it equally seen.

How Can I Read a Message Without Information technology Being Seen?

If you want to read a message from the chat but do not want it to be labeled as seen, follow the steps below to marker text every bit unread iPhone:

1. Open the Messages app.

Open the Messages app from the Home screen | How to Mark a Text Message as Unread on iPhone

2. Locate the
desired unread message. Tap and agree it from the chat list.

The chat screen will expand. This will help you to read the message without opening it

The conversation screen will expand, which will help you lot read the message without opening it.

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How Can I Read an iMessage Without Opening It?

If you are in a dilemma about whether to open the chat to read the bulletin or non, we accept a way out for you lot. You can read an iMessage without even having to open it.

1. Launch the
app on your iPhone and find the
desired unread chat.

2. Tap and hold the
desired chat
that y’all want to read.

The chat screen will expand. This will help you to read the message without opening it

The chat screen will aggrandize,
providing a proper view of the chat. You can read the message from here without opening the chat.

Can You Marker an iMessage as Unread on iPhone?

Yes, you can mark an iMessage as unread on your iPhone by
turning off the Send Read Receipts

How to Unread a Message on iPhone iOS 14/fifteen?

To mark text as unread iPhone, you take to follow some bones instructions as iOS devices don’t take a direct fashion to mark a bulletin equally unread. Read and follow the upcoming steps to
turn off Send Read Receipts
to unread messages.

Note: This method is but applicative on
iOS 13 and above
to unread a bulletin. The following steps are performed on
iPhone thirteen.

1. Open the
app on your iPhone.

Open Settings on your iPhone

2. Swipe downwardly and tap on

Swipe down and tap on Messages | How to Mark a Text Message as Unread on iPhone

3. Plough off the toggle for the option
Send Read Receipts.

Turn off the toggle for the option Send Read Receipts

Turning off the read receipts will not notify people that you accept read their messages.

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Is There a Way to Flag Letters?

No, there is no style to flag letters. Just email messages can be flagged in the Gmail application.

How Do You Flag a Text Bulletin on iPhone?

The selection for flagging a text message on iPhone is
not available
on recent iOS updates 14/15.

How Exercise You Unsee a Message on Messenger?

You can unsee/unread a message on Messenger with the help of the following steps:

1. Open the Messenger application.

two. Swipe left the
desired chat.

3. Now, tap on
Mark as unread

Tap on Mark as unread

The bulletin will appear as unread after tapping this option.

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How Do You Delete Unread Text Messages on iPhone?

If you take unread messages on your iPhone and desire to delete them, perform the below-mentioned steps on your iPhone:

ane. Open the

2. Swipe left the
desired unread message
which is highlighted with a blue dot, as shown below.

3. Tap on the
Delete icon.

Tap on the delete icon

x iMessage Tips and Tricks

These were the ways to marker text as unread iPhone. Now, let us see some cool tips and tricks for the iMessage. These tips and tricks can exist performed on the
applications on your iPhone.

1. Text Tone

Setting custom ringtones is something everyone might take done. But did you know that you can now
add custom tones to text messages
with iMessage? To do then, choose a text tone in settings every bit per your option.

Choose text tone as per your choice for iMessages | How to Mark a Text Message as Unread on iPhone

2. Shake to Undo

There is not just one way to undo your typed text in a chat. You virtually probably do it by backspacing the whole written text. Just at that place is even an easier way to exercise information technology.  You can do it by
shaking your iPhone, which volition automatically requite you lot an option to
Undo Typing. Absurd, isn’t it?

Shake to Undo

three. Text Recognition

If you are too busy with your piece of work or driving, yous can turn on text recognition in settings that help
heed to the description of the received text.

Text recognition provides speak description of text found in images.

4. iCloud Backup

If your data gets deleted from your iPhone, you can hands
restore information technology from iCloud. The aforementioned is the case with iMessages. You can always get hold of your iMessages from your phone’s iCloud backup.

Restore deleted iMessages from iCloud backup.

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v. Dictation

The dictation option in iMessages allows you to
dictate the message
you desire to process, making it extremely like shooting fish in a barrel during drives or when you are running late.

Dictation helps in processing your requests in iMessages | How to Mark a Text Message as Unread on iPhone

6. 1-Handed Keyboard

Multitasking is what everyone does. If you too like to text using either of the hands, then a one-handed keyboard can be of great utilise to you. This option lets you
quickly admission the keyboard
on either of the sides of your selection to assist you text comfortably.

One handed keyboard allows its easy access using one of the hands.

7. Add together New Keyboard

Multilingual people tin do good from this flim-flam a lot. If you lot happen to speak many languages, then the new keyboard selection lets yous
add the language
of your preference to its listing, making information technology comfortable for you to
switch between languages
while texting easily.

Add new keyboard allows you to add language of your preference in iMessages.

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viii. Unread Messages

With iMessage, you can control who tin can come across your read receipts. Yous can turn off the toggle for the pick
Send Read Receipts
and marking text equally unread iPhone.

Turn off send read receipts.

9. Text Replacement

Text replacement is another tip that you can use to
create text shortcuts. Customize shortcuts on your ain to
replace long words, making it easier for yous to text faster and better.

Text replacement helps you to create your own shortcuts.

10. Stickers, Emojis, and Much More than

To spice things upward and bring on the entertainment, iMessages has a special feature that allows you to
use different stickers and confront recognition emojis
to keep the fun going.

Different stickers and face recognition emojis can be used in iMessages | How to Mark a Text Message as Unread on iPhone


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Then, these are the answers to the questions regarding
marking text every bit unread iPhone
many of you had. We hope y’all got the answers to your questions from this article. Mention whatever queries or suggestions regarding this or any other topic in the comments section below.