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How To Unpin A Text Message On Iphone

By | 10/10/2022

Pinning conversations in the Messages app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac makes it easy to get to them quickly. Nosotros’ll show you lot how to pin and unpin messages on your Apple devices.

Are you tired of constantly having to dig up important conversations under an ever-increasing pour of new messages? Avert that past pinning them to the top of the Messages app. Read on to acquire how to pin and unpin messages on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How Pinned Conversations in the Messages App Work

When you pivot a chat in Messages for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, information technology appears every bit a large circle at the acme of the screen or sidebar. If information technology’s a one-on-one chat, you will meet the portrait or initials of the contact within the circumvolve. In grouping chats, you will see the grouping image or a collage of all participants.

You can have nine conversations pinned at the same time in a iii×3 grid. You can rearrange the circles by dragging them around if you desire, only you tin can’t make them bigger or smaller.

Whenever you receive a new message or tapback, you volition see it on top of the conversation circle as a text chimera. You will also meet a blue indicator to denote unread letters.

Tapping on a pinned conversation will open up information technology similar a regular messaging thread. Similarly, you tin long-press or
Control-click to perform deportment such as muting alerts or opening messages in new windows.

If yous have Messages for iCloud active on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, your pinned conversations volition sync across your Apple devices. To bank check the condition of Letters for iCloud, go to
Apple ID

in iOS or iPadOS or the Message app’s
pane in macOS.

How to Pin Message Conversations on iPhone & iPad

Suppose your iPhone runs iOS fourteen, iOS 15, or a newer version of Apple’s mobile operating organization. In that case, you can pin nine iMessage or regular SMS (light-green bubble) conversations to the superlative of the Messages app. It’south also possible to pivot letters on an iPad, so long every bit it’south on iPadOS xiv or later.

Pin Message Conversations on iPhone & iPad

To pin a conversation in Messages for iPhone and iPad:

1. Open Messages and locate the chat you want to pin within the text messages list or sidebar.

2. Swipe the chat to the correct.

three. Tap the yellow

Alternatively, you can utilize the post-obit methods to pin messages on your iPhone and iPad.

  • Long-press a chat and tap
    on the contextual menu.
  • Tap the
    More than icon
    (three dots) at the height of your messages list. So, select
    Edit Pins
    and tap the yellow
    symbol next to each messaging thread y’all want to pin.
  • Tap and drag a chat to the height of the Messages screen. Release when you run into the
    Drag here to pivot

Unpin Message Conversations on iPhone & iPad

If y’all want to remove a pinned conversation from the Letters app on iPhone and iPad, but long-press the circumvolve and tap
on the pop-upward menu. The chat will show up in its usual position within the master messages list.

Or, use whatsoever of the following methods to unpin letters on iPhone and iPad:

  • Tap the
    More icon
    (three dots) at the acme of the messages list, tap
    Edit Pins, and tap the
    symbol on each pinned conversation you desire to remove.
  • Tap the drag a pinned circle out of the top of the screen and release.

How to Pin Messages Conversations on Mac

If you use a Mac running macOS Large Sur, Monterey, or later, yous can pin up to ix conversations similar on the iPhone and iPad.

Pivot Message Conversations on Mac

To pin a message on the Mac, but
Command-click or right-click the conversation thread on the Messages sidebar and select

Or, use any of the following methods to pin letters on Mac:

  • Swipe a conversation to the right with a Magic Mouse or trackpad and select the
  • Elevate and drop the conversation to the meridian of the Letters sidebar.

Unpin Bulletin Conversations on Mac

To unpin a message on Mac, simply
Command-click or right-click a pinned message and select

You can also click and elevate pinned conversations out of the height area of the sidebar to unpin them.

Can You Likewise Pin Letters on WhatsApp?

Pinning letters on iPhone is non limited to the Messages app. If y’all use WhatsApp to communicate with iOS
Android users, yous can pin your chats on the iPhone and Mac just as easily. However, different Letters, you can only pin up to three chats at any i time.

Pivot Chats in WhatsApp on iPhone

Swipe a WhatsApp conversation to the right and tap the
icon. If you lot want to unpin the bulletin, swipe to the right again and tap

Pin Chats in WhatsApp on Mac

Control-click or right-click a WhatsApp chat and select the
Pivot chat
icon. Or, swipe the chat to the correct on the Magic Mouse or trackpad and select

If y’all desire to unpin a Whatsapp chat,
Control-click or right-click and select
Unpin conversation
or swipe the pinned conversation to the right and tap the

Do More With the Messages App

Pinning conversations bated, you can practise much more to meliorate your feel with the Messages app on Mac. Also, don’t forget to try out these awesome hacks to upwardly your iMessage game.

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