How To Unlock Iphone With Broken Screen

“Bummer! My iPhone screen is broken and can’t unlock because of suddenly cruel down on the flooring! Oh god, how to unlock my iPhone 6 passcode?”

The iPhone screen is the nigh fragile role. A little wear on the screen does not affair, but what if the screen is croaky then severely that it’south no way to enter the password to unlock iPhone with broken screen?

Stay calm. Fortunately, I’ve found 4 effective solutions for the issue of iPhone screen broken can’t unlock. Go on reading and check information technology out now.

Part 1. Enter Password with VoiceOver

Function 2. Remotely Reset to Unlock iPhone with Cleaved Screen

Role iii. iPhone Screen Cracked, Unlock Using iTunes

Role 4. Best Fashion to Unlock iPhone If Screen is Broken

Office i. Enter Password with VoiceOver

If you go nowhere by your finger for iPhone touch screen not working can’t unlock, how near past using your vocalization? Nigh smartphones take equipped with speech recognition. And on iPhone, VoiceOver plays the role for speech recognition, with which you tin enter the password to unlock iPhone with a cracked screen by vocalisation.

Notation: Before starting this method, y’all should brand sure that Siri has been turned on, and the Wi-Fi (or Cellular Data) condition is as well well. Otherwise, this method will not piece of work.

Pace 1. Hold the Dwelling house push (or hold side button) and Siri will exist triggered.

Step 2. Say “Turn on VoiceOver”.

Step 3. Then double press on the Home push button to enter your countersign.

Notation: here part of the screen is also needed to utilize because you have to move the cursor to the countersign push. If your countersign is made up of more than 1 characters, double press on the Home button to choose them all.

Office 2. Remotely Reset to Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen

Resetting is another available option to unlock the iPhone when the screen is broken. Simply, y’all can apply iCloud Notice My iPhone to wipe your locked iPhone, although this feature is originally set upwardly to ensure the security of user account.

This office can remotely delete everything on your iPhone alongside with the screen password. Therefore, this method can exist used in case of iPhone screen croaky and can’t unlock.

Annotation: this method is Just available for those who take turned on Find My iPhone characteristic on iCloud. Else, delight skip to the next solution.

Pace 1. Turn on your computer and sign in your iCloud account with your Apple ID and passwords.

Step two. And then cull the “Observe iPhone” icon.

Pace three. Click to draw downwards “All Devices” and choose the name of your iPhone.

select the screen broken iphone from all devices

Pace 4. Find the “Erase iPhone” option and confirm it.

click on erase iphone

Now you have solved “iPhone screen cracked can’t unlock” issue, but information technology’s a pity that the data and information on your iPhone have been erased.

Function 3. iPhone Screen Cracked, Unlock Using iTunes

What’s more, we can too restore and unlock iPhone from estimator broken screen via iTunes without a password. Since iTunes is an effective fashion to dorsum up your data, probably yous’ve used information technology on this reckoner. Why do I mention this? considering The prerequisite to unlock screen cleaved iPhone is having “Trust this computer” when you synced information to iTunes on PC.

Note: the recently added data on the iPhone volition be cleaned up afterward backup.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your previously synced PC.

Step 2. Launch iTunes on the PC.

Pace 3. Find the “Summary” option on the superlative.

Pace 4.
For the “Cheque for Update” option, you can click on it to check if any updates are available. (Update iTunes to the latest version if needed)

Step v. Then click on the “Restore” option to restore your iPhone.

restore the screen broken iphone with itunes

Step 6. Finally, choose “Restore from iTunes Fill-in” as the prompt requests.

Part 4. Best Way to Unlock iPhone If Screen is Broken

But the almost convenient and fast style is to employ special unlocking software,
iOS Unlock. In add-on to unlocking an iPhone with a broken screen without password, information technology besides provides other incredible features like:

  1. Unlock iOS devices which are locked or disabled, like unlocking a disabled iPhone without iTunes

  2. Remove four or vi digits passcodes, Touch ID and Face ID locked

  3. Remove Apple ID from iPad/iPhone and related data without a password

download on Windownload on Mac

Notation: Yous should have the price of losing all data on your iPhone if you utilize this tool to unlock iPhone with an unresponsive screen.

At present permit’s see how to unlock the iPhone with a broken screen.

Stride ane. Launch FoneCope iOS Unlock on your PC. If you don’t have one, download and install it on your computer.

Stride 2. Commencement, click “Unlock Screen Passcode” style on the interface.

choose a mode to unlock ios device

Stride three. Click on the “Starting time” button and and so connect your iPhone to your PC. (Read the Warnings before starting your operations.)

connect locked iphone ipad to computer

Footstep iv. The software will notice your device and list a version of firmware that matches your device. If the version is incorrect, y’all should select manually. Next, click to “Download” the firmware.

download the right firmware for locked iphone ipad

Step five. Click on “Start to Excerpt” when the download finishes.

Step six. Click on “Starting time Unlock” once the Extraction completes.

start unlock screen password

Step 7. Enter “000000” into the box to ostend to unlock your iPhone.

enter number and confirm unlock option

Stride 8. After confirmation, just look for the loading of the Unlocking progress.

unlocking ipad or iphone passcode with unlock tool

download on Windownload on Mac

The Bottom Line

Hope that the above methods have taught you lot what to do if the iPhone screen broken tin’t unlock. But in either way, we must be conscientious, patient and not exist impatient in the procedure of operation. Otherwise, just like the proverb goes “1 careless move may lose the whole game.”


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