How To Unlink Iphone From Macbook

By | 09/10/2022

How to Unlink iPhones to End Syncing and Sharing 2022

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Apple offers a uncomplicated way to connect all associated iOS devices together and sync various data amidst them, with one same Apple ID. When you sign into an iPhone or iPad with your Apple business relationship, you tin annals it under your ownership and link it to your previous login details. Apple ID also allows iCloud to share and sync files including calls, messages, reminders, contacts, app purchases, and more between devices.

Even so, when you switch to a new device, or for other reasons, you don’t desire to go the data syncing anymore. In that case, you demand to unlink iPhones. The question is,
how to unlink iPhones from the same Apple ID?

This post shares 3 effective ways to help you
unlink two iPhones that have been linked through one Apple ID and iCloud. Whether y’all want to stop data sharing, disconnect iPhone from iPad, or forbid getting someone else’s calls and iMessages, you tin can rely on them to unlink your iOS devices with ease.

How to Unlink iPhones to Stop Syncing and Sharing 2021


Guide Listing

  • Function 1: Unlink iPhones with Aforementioned Apple tree ID
  • Part 2: Unlink 2 iPhones Through iTunes
  • Office 3: Unlink iPhones from Same Apple ID Without Password
  • Part 4: FAQs of How to Unlink iPhones

Part 1. Unlink iPhones with Same Apple tree ID

When you want to remove your associated iOS device similar iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from Apple ID, you can directly practise it in
Settings app. This part shows how to unlink iPhones using the same Apple account.

Pace iUnlock your iPhone and open
Settings app. Tap your
Apple/iCloud account on the top to enter the
Apple ID interface.

Step iiScroll down to locate the iPhone you don’t want to sync data to information technology any longer. Tap on information technology to enter the
Device Info. Here you lot can select
Remove from account to unlink this iPhone with same Apple ID.

unlink 2 iphones through settings

Step iiiTap
Remove button so follow the instructions to unlink iPhones. You may need to enter password to confirm the removal.

Function two. Unlink Two iPhones Through iTunes

To cease the data sharing and syncing between 2 iPhones, you can rely on the
Apple Music app on Mac or
iTunes for Windows to unlink iPhones.

Unlink iPhones on Mac

On a Mac, yous can open Apple Music app. Click
Account on the top menu bar and so select
View My Account from the drop-downwardly list. After that, you may demand to sign in your Apple tree account with countersign.

view apple account on mac

Under the iTunesin theCloud section, click
Manage Devices. Now you can see all associates iOS devices. Locate the iPhone you lot want to disassociate it so click
Remove to confirm your operation.

Unlink iPhones on Windows PC

If you are using a Windows PC and want to unlink iPhones to terminate syncing, y’all can use iTunes. Open iTunes and so sign in with your Apple ID and passcode. Click
Account and then choose the
View My Account selection.

view my account in itunes

Manage Devices under the
iTunes in the Deject. Now you can run into a list of all your connected iOS devices. Cull the iPhone you want to unlink and and so click on the
Remove button. When the iPhone is removed from your Apple account, you can click
Done button to complete it.

unlink iphones in itunes

Function 3. Unlink iPhones from Same Apple ID Without Password

With the methods above, you can handily unlink iPhones from aforementioned Apple ID. While for security purposes, yous demand to sign in the Apple account with password. What if you forget the password and even so desire to unlink iPhones?

Hither we strongly recommend the professional
iOS Unlocker for you to bypass Apple tree ID passcode and remove iPhone from an one-time Apple tree account. Information technology is able to Remove Apple ID password, screen lock countersign like 4-digit passcode, half-dozen-digit passcode, Face ID, or Bear on ID, and more.

FoneLab iOS Unlocker

FoneLab iOS Unlocker

FoneLab Helps you unlock iPhone screen, Removes Apple ID or its password, Remove screen fourth dimension or restriction passcode in seconds.

  • Helps you unlock iPhone screen.
  • Removes Apple ID or its password.
  • Remove screen time or restriction passcode in seconds.

Pace 1Complimentary install and run iOS Unlocker on your computer. Choose the
Remove Apple ID feature to unlink iPhones.

unlocker interface

Step 2Connect iPhone to computer through a USB cable. Tap
Trust on iPhone screen to make a connexion between estimator and this iOS device.

remove apple id interface

Step 3When iOS Unlocker recognizes your iPhone, you can meet the
Remove Apple ID interface. To remove Apple tree ID password, yous need to plough off
Discover My iPhone feature while the removal process. After that, click
Start button to start removing the Apple account and related password.

start to remove apple id

When the removal is finished, y’all can admission this iPhone without Apple account and passcode. You tin can directly create a new Apple ID, or sign in with another account.

Notation: You can also employ the similar ways to disconnect iPhone from iPad.

Part 4. FAQs of How to Unlink iPhones

Question 1. How to stop sharing photos between iOS devices using the same Apple ID?

If you want to prevent newly captured photos from being synced to all iOS devices using the same Apple tree account, you can go to
app, gyre downward to locate
option. Tap on it to enter
interface, and then turn the
My Photograph Stream
characteristic off.

Question two. How to remove my iCloud account from iPhone?

When y’all desire to delete the current iCloud account from your iPhone, you tin can open
app, tap your
iCloud account, and and so cull
Sign Out
option on the bottom office.

Question 3. Can I unlink iPhones from Discover My iPhone?

Yes. Notice My iPhone offers a simple way to remove iPhone from your Apple ID. You tin get to iCloud Detect site, click All Devices and choose the iPhone y’all want to unlink. When yous enter the device window, you tin simply click on Remove from Business relationship to unlink it.

FoneLab iOS Unlocker

FoneLab iOS Unlocker

FoneLab Helps you unlock iPhone screen, Removes Apple ID or its countersign, Remove screen fourth dimension or restriction passcode in seconds.

  • Helps you unlock iPhone screen.
  • Removes Apple ID or its password.
  • Remove screen fourth dimension or restriction passcode in seconds.


When you switch to a new iPhone, you may like to remove all associated data from old device. So in some cases, you want to
unlink iPhones from same Apple tree ID. This mail service shares 3 piece of cake means to remove iPhone from an quondam Apple account. Yous can choose your preferred method when you desire to unlink iPhones.