How To Turn Off Silent Mode On Iphone Without Switch

By | 05/10/2022

Apple has offered a concrete Ring/Silent switch on iPhones ever since the start iPhone. Information technology’s located on the peak-left border of your iPhone and facilitates quick switching between the ring and the silent modes.


However, since this switch is a physical component, it can sometimes malfunction and forbid you from toggling sound profiles on your iPhone. Virtually of the time, this is probably due to some dirt/gunk getting trapped in the push button, in which case, cleaning information technology up tin restore the button’s functionality.

Other times, it’southward due to a hardware failure, and a visit to Apple’s authorized service partner is mandated. Just while you reserve an engagement and caput to your nearest service partner, here are a couple of means to turn on/off silent mode on the iPhone without the silent button, which can assistance you in the meantime.

Method 1. Plough On/Off Silent Style Using AssistiveTouch

AssistiveTouch is an iPhone accessibility feature that lets y’all use your iPhone if you’re facing trouble using its touchscreen or buttons. Here nosotros’ll use information technology to toggle silent and ring modes on the iPhone.

  1. Open
  2. Get to
    Accessibility > Affect > AssistiveTouch, and plough on
    turning on assistive touch on iPhone
  3. Click on
    Customize Top Level Menu
    customize top level menu option in iPhone settings
  4. Tap on whatsoever activeness you lot want to supercede with
    Mute, and select
    on the following screen.
    customizing top level menu

While you lot’re at information technology, head to
Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut
, and select
TRIPLE CLICK THE SIDE BUTTON FOR. This style, you can triple-press the power/side push button to enable/disable AssistiveTouch on your iPhone.

One time y’all ready an activeness for Mute in AssistiveTouch, you can now toggle between ring and silent modes using this button.

To do this, make sure
is enabled. Click on it and select
from the menu. Depending on your iPhone’s electric current sound profile, y’all’ll either come across
Silent Mode
Ringer—with a bell icon—on your iPhone. Tap on the
option once more, and your iPhone will switch to the other profile.

silent and ring profile alert

Alternatively, if y’all want to save yourself a few steps in this process, you lot tin can assign the Mute action direct to the AssistiveTouch button. For this, inside the
settings, click on
Double-Tap, or
Long Press
and select
on the adjacent screen. While you’re on the same page, click on
Double-Tap Timeout
to set the timeout for clicks.

adding mute option to an asstivetouch action

Now, whenever you lot desire to switch profiles on your iPhone, bring upwards the AssistiveTouch floating push button and perform a single-tap, double-tap, or long-press action—depending on which gesture you assigned the Mute functioning to—on this button.

Method ii. Turn On/Off Silent Style Using Back Tap

Dorsum Tap
is one of the best iPhone features released in a while. Every bit the name suggests, this feature allows y’all to tap the back of your iPhone to perform an action.

Apple currently supports two Back Tap gestures:
Triple-Tap, and it has a wide range of actions that you can employ with either of them. Switching betwixt the band and silent contour modes is 1 of many such actions, and here’due south how to use it.

  1. Open iPhone
  2. Become to
    Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap.
    enabling back tap on iPhone
  3. Select either
    Double Tap
    Triple Tap
    based on your preference and cull
    on the following screen.
    adding mute to a back tap action

With the Back Tap action set, when y’all want to toggle betwixt the band and silent modes, merely perform double-tap or triple-tap the back of your iPhone—depending on how you lot set it—and information technology volition switch the sound contour. To switch to the other profile, perform the aforementioned gesture once more.

Switch iPhone Sound Profiles Easily Without the Ring/Silent Switch Button

Hardware buttons on the iPhone simplify many niggling operations similar switching audio profiles or locking the screen. However, if these buttons terminate working for whatever reason, there are accessibility options in iOS to help you perform their equivalent actions via software.

Hopefully, the methods listed higher up help yous set upwardly an culling manner to toggle silent and ring modes on your iPhone so you lot don’t accept to rush to a service provider immediately and can go on using your device in the concurrently.

FAQs About Toggling Sound Profiles on iPhone Without the Physical Switch

Yes. It’s possible to put your iPhone on silent without using the physical switch. Depending on how your preference, you tin practice this using AssistiveTouch or Back Tap, every bit we’ve demonstrated in the guide above.

1 of the easiest ways to unmute your iPhone is to push button the Silent/Ring switch upwardly. Alternatively, if this switch iPhone is broken on your iPhone, you can employ AssistiveTouch or Back Tap to unmute and mute your iPhone.

At that place are various reasons your iPhone might go stuck on silent. Here are some ways to troubleshoot this:

  • Make sure the Band/Silent switch is not in the ON position (i.due east. the orange indicator isn’t showing).
  • If you lot’re using AssistiveTouch or Back Tap to toggle sound profiles, brand sure the silent mode isn’t turned on.
  • Go to
    Settings > Telephone
    and ensure that the
    Silence Unknown Callers
    option is disabled.
  • If cipher works, try restarting your iPhone. Or if this doesn’t aid either, effort force restarting the device.

When your iPhone’s silent switch doesn’t function, tap the
Assistive Touch
option (under
Accessibility) and select
Device features. By borer on the “Mute” button, you will be able to put your device in silent style. Later, you can follow the same process to unmute your device (to
turn off silent mode).

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