How To Turn Off Message Blocking On Iphone

By | 05/10/2022

Message blocking is 1 of the best features to avert spam messages. Are you lot writing a bulletin for a friend? On occasion or to your girlfriend on her altogether or peradventure sending a message to your employee. Nonetheless, you found an error with the notification “Unable to Send Letters pr Blocking is Active.” Information technology may exist unpleasant and exhausting, and many users face the same problem chosen “message blocking active.”. It gets failed when you lot transport an urgent message to someone. don’t worry; in this commodity, nosotros volition run into “how to turn off bulletin blocking.”

You tin turn off message blocking in these simple steps; all you accept to do is find the contact blocking in the phone section and disable information technology. Subsequently that, y’all will exist able to ship messages to your favorite one. Blocked contacts may be the usual reason for this error bulletin.

How To Turn off Message Blocking

It occurs when either the sender or the receiver is on the blocked lists of each other. Blocked contacts may be the typical reason for this fault message, but millions of different reasons be. We have listed all the diverse reasons why you may receive the “message blocking active” trouble on your telephone;

What is “Bulletin Blocking”?

You are trying to ship a message to someone and getting a notification with “message block is active,” which means your carrier/sim operator failed to send a message to your receipt. Information technology simply means bulletin blocking is active. A default text bulletin“Free Msg: Unable to send a message- Message Blocking is agile”will be displayed on your phone screen.

It occurs when one or both the sender and receiver are on their blocked list. Diverse factors, including blocked contacts, tin can cause this mistake bulletin.

We’ve compiled a listing of all the probable causes for your phone’s “bulletin blocking is active” problem.

i. Block List

the main and more than significant reason for the bulletin blocking is Block Listing. The sender will get a notification of Free Msg: Unable to send a message- Message Blocking is active if the sender is in the block list of receipt. You must confirm this past contacting each other and confirming whether or not the phone call was successful.

2. Short Lawmaking issue

According to the report, T-Mobile subscribers are the ones who are most likely to experience message blocking, and the problem is primarily with shortcodes. Shortcodes are phone numbers that you lot may use for two-way, high-speed communication.

If the shortcodes are non-functional or inactive, T-Mobile subscribers may experience message blocking. In one case you’ve recognized that information technology is the shortcode fault and you do not cause it, you lot should contact your service provider or become proficient assist.

3. Service Effect

Service outages sometimes worsen message blocking concerns. Of grade, it’south never your error if your service goes down. As a result, yous should permit it some time before retrying considering your network provider may be performing maintenance and has suspended the messaging service. Yous may also telephone call your service provider to allow them know about the problem and have it resolved for you.

4. Premium message access

Double-check that your telephone or the service to which you’re sending the message supports premium text messaging before y’all send the bulletin. Because you lot volition not ever send messages, the selected carrier may not be able to keep premium texting. Information technology is critical to ensure that the problem is not the event of the recipient’s actions or inattention.

5. No Message Plan

Y’all’ll get this error notice well-nigh of the time if your membership plan does not include support for messaging services. Choosing a package that delivers data, for case, will mean that y’all will not be able to send text letters while using the service.
If you are unclear, have picked the right package, or want to double-bank check that you lot have selected the right program for sending text messages, contact client care.

6. Non-working SIM Bill of fare

Sometimes the problem is caused by your SIM bill of fare, which might be a source of confusion. For example, your SIM carte may exist deactivated or banned. Y’all may be unable to send whatever messages to everyone if this occurs. Y’all have two options: either contact your service provider to see if they tin can resolve the trouble or get a new SIM card with the appropriate data plans.

And so these are the problems of Bulletin blocking issues, I am not sure which one is the valid reason for you, merely definitely, it is one of them. Moreover, the main trouble could be the blocking from which you face up the upshot.

How to Check if someone blocks your phone

First, make sure that the person is non receiving your text messages. If this is the case regularly, you may have been blocked. You lot might check from the following way without asking the person if y’all’ve been blocked or not to bank check if they display as a suggested contact on your phone, which would indicate that you lot haven’t been blocked.

  1. Open Contacts from the app drawer
  2. Select the name of the person you lot believe has blocked y’all.
  3. In the upper-right corner of your screen, tap the three vertical dots.
  4. To delete their contact information, tap “Delete.”
  5. Re-open the Contacts app.
  6. Type the person’s proper name into the search bar at the elevation of your screen.

If your friend’s name appears as a suggested contact, it’s pretty unlikely that they blocked you. You may have been stopped if their proper name doesn’t seem like a suggested contact.

How to Unblock Someone From Phone?

After you’ve blocked a number on your Android, follow these steps to unblock information technology:

  1. Open the Phone App on your smartphone.
  2. Select the ‘More’ option.
  3. Choose ‘Settings’ from the drib-down menu.
  4. Tap ‘Set rules’ under Incoming Calls.
  5. Cull ‘Blocklist.’

Afterward that, you should encounter a list of blocked phone numbers on your screen. Cull the one you want to remove and select Remove or Unblock from the menu.

Now You have Successfully checked who blocked you lot or blocked someone at present; the master matter is after checking how you tin can fix the issue of message blocking.

How to turn off message blocking on android

if you face up message blocking on your android device, this method will assist you get rid of the problem; follow the steps carefully, and yous are adept to become.

To use Android’s congenital-in block/unblock capability, follow these steps.

Step ane: On your Android device, open the Phone app.

Step 2: Tap the vertical three dots icon in the upper right area.

Step 3: If you’re using the about recent version of Android, go to Settings and scroll down under Blocked numbers. All of the numbers you lot’ve blocked will exist listed here. You tin can try banning unfamiliar contacts if you oasis’t done and so already.

Step 4: All yous accept to do now is select “Add a Phone Number” and enter the phone number you wish to ban.

Step 5: Next to the contact’south name or phone number, yous’ll run into an pick to unblock the contact.

Step six: To remove someone from your block list, click on it.

This method will assist you unlock a person on android and after that, enquire the receipt to do the same, and the problem volition become stock-still. But if you have an iPhone, the beneath method will help you gear up the problem.

How to turn off bulletin blocking on iPhone xi?

Ok, now information technology is a turn off the iOS device if yous are an iOS device user; this method will help y’all unlock the receipt to whom you are trying to ship a bulletin and get failed. follow the steps advisedly:

Follow these steps to utilize the iPhone’s built-in cake/unblock feature.

Step 1: Open up your Phone app and select Advanced Options from the drop-down carte.

Footstep ii: Go to Settings and cull Blocked Numbers from the drop-downward carte du jour. Unblocking contacts is done by selecting the choice to clear the contact next to their name or phone number.

Pace 3: To remove someone from your block listing, click on information technology.

Afterwards these steps, you volition unblock the person to whom you desire to send the message, and you lot will be able to send a message to him.

how to turn off message blocking t-mobile

T-Mobile subscribers, as previously stated, have the highest charge per unit of message blocking bug of whatever texting provider. This might be related to T-carrier Mobile’s network. T-Mobile customers tin try a few things to solve the problem, whatsoever information technology is.

if you are a t-mobile user, so you can turn on/off message blocking quickly; all yous have to do is follow these steps

  1. Unlock Device
  2. open browser
  3. go to
  4. find bulletin blocking in lesser
  5. Click on it
  6. Turn off bulletin blocking
  7. yous can practice the same with the android app

with these steps, message blocking volition be off on T-mobile users; these steps are straightforward; one can follow these. If you have any issues regarding unlocking message blocking, you can comment downwardly.

Clear your enshroud and data on your phone.

After trying all the higher up steps and doing all the stuff, yous still accept faced the issue; this can be a problem with your firmware. Also, you can reflash the device. Formatting the telephone will too help you lot out.

  1. Remove google account
  2. remove Samsung account ( if Samsung device )
  3. plough off phone
  4. kicking to recovery
  5. clear data
  6. articulate cache
  7. reboot

now after resetting the device, you tin can use the message application and send a bulletin to your loving one


Text messaging is an ancient form of communicating, simply it is still popular and has a significant user base today. It remains an essential priority for users, and the “message blocking is agile” outcome can make things hard for them, but that is no longer the example.

The strategies given in this post tin readily resolve the problems. You must select 1 that is compatible with your device’s bone. The methods provided in this article have been tried and true, so they should part without a problem.