How To Turn Off Location On Iphone Without Notifying

By | 09/10/2022

This guide explains how to hibernate your iPhone location from Detect My Friends and iMessage location tracking. It is piece of cake to disable Find My Friends without others knowing you’re trying to hibernate your location from them.

With Find My and iMessage location sharing it’s piece of cake to feel like you’re constantly existence watched by friends or family members who can see your location whenever they want to. They can even set alerts to allow them know when you arrive at or exit specific locations.

While nosotros are all spending more time at home, maybe you are heading to the park, running to the store, or simply driving into the land to scream-sing a favorite song until the world makes sense again. When yous do this, yous may not want anyone to know that you’ve left habitation. You lot might fifty-fifty just need a 10-minute break in a parking lot earlier you head home. No judgment. Here’due south how you can work that in without friends or family seeing where you are.

You can merely just terminate sharing your location with friends or family in the Find My app, but in some cases, you may not want them to know you’re looking for privacy. Y’all may just want to go off the filigree for a bit, or y’all may need to hide your location for some other reason without stopping your iPhone location sharing completely.

When you stop sharing your iPhone location with someone, they will meet this change every bit a message in the iMessage app, and some other bulletin when you re-share with them — so turning off and on sharing isn’t a cracking way to hide your location, or at least non to hide that y’all are hiding the location.

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Remember, most methods of turning off location sharing practise not hibernate your location from your jail cell phone service provider, from a government agency with a warrant. It simply hides the iPhone location from people you are usually sharing information technology with.

Instead, y’all volition want to rely on a different method, such as turning your iPhone off, enabling Aeroplane mode, or sharing from some other iPhone or iPad. This guide is updated to work with iOS xiv, which about iPhones are running now in 2021.  Apple tree is currently testing means to let you know if apps are tracking your location in iOS fourteen.5 beta, which hopefully ways it volition be easier to hide your location in the coming months.

Fastest Mode to Hide Your iPhone Location

The fastest way to hide your location is to turn Aeroplane mode on by opening Control Center and borer the Airplane logo.

Swipe down on the top-right of the iPhone, and so tap the Plane logo to hibernate location fast

This will disable cellular connections and WiFi, which will cease someone from seeing your location. The iPhone may show the last known location, so practise this before you head off to your next destination.

Unfortunately, this method means yous cannot make calls. If you plough WiFi on to browse the Internet or use any apps, Observe My Friends will show others your location, though information technology may not be as precise every bit when y’all take your iPhone’s cellular connection turned on.

This method is best used if you lot but need to unplug for a little while without someone tracking you down Simply remember that you won’t exist able to send or receive calls or messages with Airplane mode enabled. Once y’all’re prepare to share your location again, simply disable Airplane way by swiping down at the meridian of your iPhone’s screen and tapping on the Airplane mode icon once more.

The best way to hide your location from the Notice My app and iMessage tracking is to simply share from some other iOS device that is in a stationary location. With this method, it tin can likewise brand information technology await like you are in some other place.

If you have an iPad that is at dwelling house or at piece of work, you tin share it from that location. When someone checks, they will nevertheless see the location of your second device, but information technology volition not be where you actually are. Instead, it will show where your iPad is. Even if information technology’due south a WiFi-merely iPad that doesn’t have GPS it can still share a location using WiFi. It’s not as precise, but information technology’southward close enough for these purposes.

How to Cease Sharing Your iPhone Location

If you want to hibernate your location from Find My Friends and iMessage without using some other device or turning off location sharing with a item person you can turn Share My Location off completely.

With this option, you go invisible to friends and family, and they do not go any kind of alarm that you stopped sharing your iPhone’south location.

Hide Precise Location & Bear witness Gauge Location  (no notifications!)

You can hibernate your location from anyone by turning off
Precise Location in the Observe My and Letters apps. This is perfect if you don’t have access to an extra iPhone or iPad to share your location from. Turning off  Precise Location means that others will be able to see which city you’re in, but non the specific address.

In iOS 14, Apple added the Precise and Guess location feature for privacy. This allows apps to serve you personalized content without knowing exactly where you are. For example, news apps probably only need to know which metropolis or town you’re in to serve you relevant manufactures. They don’t need to know exactly where y’all are.

If y’all’re ok with your friends and family knowing which city or neighborhood you’re in, but want to obscure exactly where you are, follow these steps:

  1. Open up
  2. Select Privacy
  3. Select
    Location Services
  4. Tap on
    Observe My.
  5. Tap on the icon next to
    “Precise Location”
    so information technology’south no longer green
  6. Repeat the above procedure for the
    app and other apps

Once you lot deselect Precise Location, your friends and family volition only be able to get a general sense of where you lot are. This will obscure your location somewhere between 0.five and 12 miles. This method of hiding your location won’t exercise you any good if you’re trying to hide a trip out of town, just if you desire to hide the fact that yous’ve left home to become to a friend’s firm in the same city.


For case, the iPhone’s location on this map covers about one-half of San Francisco instead of an exact address. The location bubble doesn’t re-center around your exact location when y’all move within the bubble. This tin can make information technology look similar y’all haven’t left your location if anyone has alerts set up for when you exit or go far at certain locations.

Hide Your Location from iMessage Contacts

If you share your location via the Messages app, you can hide your location with a couple of taps from within Messages. Just call back that the Letters app will transport your contact an iMessage letting them know you stopped sharing your location.

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