How To Turn Off Heic On Iphone

Apple has introduced the HEIC/HEIF prototype format in iOS 11. Since then, iPhone use the High Efficiency Image Format to save photos captured by its camera past default. Compared to the mutual JPEG format, HEIC can compress the epitome file size upwards to fifty% without compromising quality. Even so, this format is not yet universally supported.

This mail volition testify you lot
how to stop an iPhone from saving photos every bit HEIC. Moreover, nosotros will tell you a costless way to convert your captured iPhone HEIC photos to JPEG.

How to Turn Off HEIC on iPhone

  • Function 1. Plow Off HEIC on iPhone
  • Part 2. Automatically Convert iPhone HEIC Photos to JPEG
  • Office three. How to Free Convert iPhone HEIC Photos to JPEG
  • Function 4. FAQs of iPhone HEIC Photos

Part i
Acquire How to Turn Off HEIC on iPhone

One large disadvantage of HEIC is that this new prototype format is not widely compatible. HEIC pictures can’t be opened by many photo viewer tools. And so even HEIC is relatively amend than JPEG and JPG in all respects, y’all however need to stop iPhone from saving photos as HEIC. This role will guide y’all to turn off HEIC on an iPhone.

Step i
It’southward very elementary to disable the HEIC format on an iPhone. You can go to
app, scroll down to detect the
choice, tap on information technology, and so cull the first

Pace 2
When you enter the Format interface, you should tap on the
Most Compatible
to turn off HEIC on iPhone.

Heic iPhone Settings

After you cull the
Most Compatible, your iPhone volition have photos in JPEG format, and tape videos in H.264 format. The showtime
High Efficiency
choice will set your iPhone to capture photos in the HEIF format and videos in HEVC format. If you desire to record loftier efficiency videos, like 4K at 60 fps or 1080p at 240 fps, you demand to use the High Efficiency.

Part two.
How to Automatically Convert iPhone HEIC Photos to JPEG When Transferring to Mac or Windows PC

You lot may easily notice the unsupported format issue afterward transferring these HEIC photos to a estimator. Now iOS allows you to automatically convert HEIC to JPEG when transferring pictures to a Mac or a Windows PC. This part volition bear witness you how to enable the auto-convert characteristic.

Step 1
Launch the
app on your iPhone, roll downward to select the

Stride 2
In the Photos interface, whorl down to the bottom screen. Tap on the
Automatic. This feature enables you to automatically transfer photos and videos in a uniform format. By doing then, your HEIC photos will be automatically converted to the JPEG format while transferring to Mac or PC.

Auto Convert Heic To Jpeg

Part 3. How to Free Catechumen iPhone HEIC Photos to JPEG or PNG Format

For these transferred HEIC pictures on your computer, you lot can rely on some costless HEIC converters to turn HEIC into JPEG or PNG. You lot tin can utilise the pop Gratuitous HEIC Converter Online to convert your iPhone HEIC files.

Apeaksoft Free HEIC Converter

5,120,000+ Downloads

Convert iPhone HEIC photos to JPG or PNG without image quality loss.

Make the HEIC conversion and keep the original Exif data of HEIC photos.

Support batch HEIC images conversion and offer fast converting speed.

Compatible with both Windows 11/ten/eight/vii PC and Mac.

Stride 1
On your spider web browser, search for and go to the
Gratuitous HEIC Converter Online

Step 2
Click the
Add HEIC/HEIF File(s)
button to browse and upload your HEIC photos. Y’all are allowed to catechumen 10 HEIC photos at a time.

Heic To Jpg

Later on uploading, this gratis HEIC converter volition automatically make the HEIC epitome conversion. Y’all tin simply click on the Download button to save the converted motion-picture show(s) on your estimator. Hither you can besides use its desktop version to convert iPhone HEIC photos.

Add Heic Files
People Besides Ask:

Part 4. FAQs of iPhone HEIC Photos

Question ane. Can I convert HEIC to JPEG on my Mac with Preview?

Yes, Preview on your Mac can easily open your iPhone HEIC photos. When you open a HEIC image file in Preview, y’all can click on the top File menu, cull Export, and so select JPG or PNG as the output format from the Format drop-downward card. Afterwards that, you can click Salvage to make a copy of this HEIC photo in a more than compatible format.

Question two. How to convert HEIC to PNG using Photos?

Open the Photos app on your Mac and open your HEIC photo in information technology. Click the File menu on the top, select Export, and and so Export Photo from the dropdown. Now yous can catechumen HEIC to PNG with ease.

Question 3. Tin I directly open up HEIC photos with the Windows image viewer?

No. The default paradigm viewer doesn’t back up the HEIC format. You need to rely on a third-party photo viewer, an extension or plugin, or a HEIC converter to view your HEIC photos.


Compared with JPEG and PNG, HEIC/HEIF is more than efficient. It offers an effective way to manage prototype storage. Notwithstanding, for different reasons, specially for the unsupported image format effect, you need to end your iPhone from saving photos as HEIC. You can use the method above to
turn off HEIC on an iPhone.


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