How To Turn Off Flashing Light On Iphone

By | 09/10/2022

Receiving alerts and notifications on your iPhone is a critical part of staying continued.

Whether those notifications involve sound or vibration, noticing them is a significant factor in their effectiveness.

If y’all had previously turned on the notification option that caused your camera flash to low-cal up, then y’all may take discovered that information technology wasn’t as helpful as y’all had hoped, or that information technology was distracting others.

Our tutorial below will show yous how to plough off wink notification on iPhone if you no longer wish to use this type of alert.

How to Turn Off the iPhone Wink Notification

  1. Open the
  2. Select
  3. Choose
  4. Tap the button to the right of
    LED Flash for Alerts.

Our article continues below with boosted information on how to turn off flash notification on iPhone, including pictures of these steps.

Your iPhone includes a number of different ways that y’all can receive notifications, some of which were intended for people with audio or visual impairments. Yous may be wondering how to plough off the wink notification on your iPhone if you had previously enabled it.

Having the camera flash on your iPhone 5 go off whenever you receive a notification can be actually helpful in sure situations. It provides an obvious, visual indication that something on the device requires your attention.

But at other times, such equally in a dark room or moving picture theater, it can exist incredibly distracting, fifty-fifty blinding. So it’s important to know how to turn off this wink notification setting if you find that you need to disable it.

Fortunately, information technology is simple to accommodate this setting, and it is like to the process that you initially took to enable the setting.

How to Stop Your iPhone Flash From Going Off When You Receive a Notification (Guide with Pictures)

This guide was performed on an iPhone using the iOS 14.3 operating system. In previous versions of iOS the Accessibility menu was found every bit a sub-carte du jour of the General card.

When you complete these steps on how to turn off the flash notification on iPhone eleven, it won’t impact other features that employ the LED light on the dorsum of the device, such as the flashlight app or the flash setting in the Camera app.

Note that this is never a permanent setting, and it is relatively easy to access. So information technology tin can certainly be something that you enable or disable situationally. The flash notifications can be very helpful, especially when you are used to them, so experience free to turn flash notifications on or off equally needed.

These steps volition prove you lot how to turn off the flash notification on an iPhone.

Step 1: Touch the

open Settings

If you don’t see the Settings app on your Domicile screen yous tin can search for it by swiping down on the Home screen and using the search field at the height of that card.

Step 2: Select the

choose Accessibility

In older versions of iOS the Accessibility carte is found in the General carte du jour.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap

select Audio Visual

Information technology is in the
department of this menu.

Footstep 4: Scroll downward and motility the
LED Wink for Alerts slider from the right to the left.

how to turn off iPhone LED flash alerts

When the setting is turned off in that location will not be any green shading around the slider push, and you will at present know how to turn off the calorie-free on my iPhone when it rings.

Using the LED flash for alerts on your iPhone or disabling information technology won’t affect the other features and functions on your device that use that flash.

This only has an outcome on whether or not the LED wink occurs when y’all receive an warning.

Then while the iPhone light won’t turn on anymore when you go a text or a telephone call, you tin can still employ the wink on the camera, or y’all can use the flashlight from the lock screen or the Command Center.

Our tutorial continues below with boosted give-and-take about how to turn off flashlight notification blinking on the back of your Apple mobile device.

Have you been trying to apply your iPhone’s flashlight? Our where is flashlight on iPhone SE tutorial can help y’all figure it out.

More than Information on How to Turn Off Lite Notification on iPhone

The steps to a higher place have provided data on how to turn off the flash when yous get a notification on your iPhone. This won’t withal, affect any of the other notification settings that you have configured for the Letters app or other apps that use alerts on your phone.

If you lot don’t want to know how to plow off flash text bulletin iPhone settings, simply would rather turn it on, then you simply need to return to the Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual menu > and so turn on the LED Flash for Alerts selection.

Note that this setting will just get off when you lot receive notifications that are classified as “alerts.” It won’t go off for every notification that yous receive.

This flash is also pretty bright. If information technology happens in a dark environment, other people are going to really find it. If you are concerned about this so you will want to be certain to keep the back of the phone facing down to attempt and mute that brightness a bit.

If y’all are wondering how to turn on flash notification on iPhone 12, or how to brand your telephone flash when you get a notification, then it’due south essentially the same steps that nosotros used in our tutorial above about how to take flash off iPhone. Y’all will just exist turning the “LED Flash for Alerts” option on instead of turning it off.

Often Asked Questions About How to Turn Off the Flashlight Notification on an iPhone

Where is the LED Flash Alerts setting that makes the notification light go off on an iPhone?

If yous are looking to either enable or disable the wink light notification on an iPhone then you can go to
Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual
then tap
LED Wink for Alerts.

When there is green shading around that push then you will see the camera light on the back of the device make a flashing light to bespeak that you lot have a new warning.

When in that location is no light-green shading around the iPhone setting and then you will simply get vibrations or sounds when y’all receive alerts on the device.

Where tin I find the flash notification Android setting?

If you take an Android device and y’all would similar to either enable or disable the aforementioned part on that Android phone, then you can detect information technology with these steps:

one. Swipe up on the Home screen to open the Apps menu.
2. Choose the
iii. Select
iv. Touch
5. Choose
Flash notification.
6. Plow it on or off.

If you don’t see that option on your phone so it may not be offered by the device manufacturer. You would need to download a third-party app to enable that feature in this case.

What is the lightning bolt icon on my Camera?

Several tools or utilities on the iPhone brand use of that wink on the back of the iPhone.

Its principal function, withal, is as a wink for the camera. Tapping the lightning bolt icon in the Camera app allows you to enable or disable the photographic camera flash.

Then if your wink is going off because you are in a dark environment, but you lot don’t want to apply information technology, then you could tap that flash button and choose the option that prevents it from going off.

How do I plow on the flash for alerts on my phone?

If you are using an iPhone then you lot would need to open up
Settings, cull
Accessibility, then select
and enable the
LED Flash for Alerts

On Android devices you can become to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing > then tap Flash notification and turn information technology on.

Will the warning wink still happen in silent mode on my iPhone?

Yep, if your phone is on silent or muted, the flash notification is withal going to go off.

This is a good affair to keep in mind if you’re in a dark theater, for example, as that light can be really vivid.

Where can I observe the flashlight icon on my iPhone?

If y’all open up the Control Eye (either by swiping downwardly from the elevation right corner of the screen or swiping up from the lesser of the screen, depending on your iPhone model) there is a flashlight icon at the bottom-left of the menu.

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