How To Turn Off Flash Notification On Iphone

By | 02/10/2022

How To Turn Off Flash Notification On iPhone

Do you lot desire to know how to plow off flash notifications on your iPhone? No worries, dig down this article until the end to find how to turn off the flash notifications.

Desire to turn off the flash notification on iPhone only don’t know how to? How can we plough off the flash notification of the iPhone?

Usually, android and iPhone come up up with flash notifications whenever you receive whatever message and call. Still, this feature is for deafened people every bit they can’t hear the ring bong. That’southward why the flash notification is for people to see the popping notifications easily. Mostly, the sound beep and vibrations are the only sources of notification that appear upwards whenever you get any message or call.

But, in a coming together or cinema, the notification with Wink might be distracting, and that’s why yous want to turn it off, just how? No worries, read this article until the terminate to find the simply respond.

Hither’southward How To Plow Off Flash Notification On iPhone.

How to turn off wink notifications on an iPhone?

Having flash notifications is sometimes benign as if people with hearing impairment can apace notice the popping notification of any app or incoming call. But if this flash notification is bothering you and you lot want to turn information technology off, then here nosotros are mentioning the method past which you can turn off the flash notification;

  • First of all, with the grey gear logo, get into the setting app.
  • In iPhone iOS 13, yous will run across an selection, ‘Accessibility,’ with a person’s logo standing in the circle.
  • But in iOS 12, drag down, and you will encounter an option ‘General.’ Beneath this, you volition have an selection mentioning ‘Accessibility.’ Click on information technology.
  • Now, read downward, and you volition see a tab of ‘Hearing,’ and from the bottom down, yous will run into a tab ‘Sound/Visual.’
  • In iOS 12, in that location’s a tab “LED flash for alerts.” At present plough off the option only by tapping on it as it will move to the left, the green colour icon will turn off.
  • However, in iOS 13, you will have an option “LED flash for Alerts’ and then you tin plow information technology off, and information technology also has an option mentioning ‘Flash on silent’ you tin can plow it off to plow off the flash notification.

By following the in a higher place steps, you can chop-chop turn on the Flash notifications of the iPhone.

Oft Asked Questions

  • How do you plow off the Wink for notifications?

You can quickly plough off the Flash notification by tapping the setting app, and afterwards clicking on this, y’all will see a tab Accessibility’. Afterward selecting this, you lot will see a ‘Hearing’ tab, and drib down; you will see an option ‘Sound/Visual. Y’all tin easily turn on the flash notification past turning off the “LED wink for Alerts” pick past clicking on this.

  • How practice I turn off flash notifications on iOS xiv?

Turning off the Wink notification on iOS 14 is not a challenging task at all; all you have to do is to get into your mobile setting, here y’all will see an option of “Accessibility.” After clicking on this tab, you volition run across the ‘Hearing’ label, so from here, you will see the tab of “audio /Visual” from in that location, you can chop-chop plough off the notification of “LED flash for alerts.”

  • Why does my iPhone flash when I get a notification?

There is a feature in the iPhone that there will be LED flash alerts for wherever the user gets whatever telephone call or bulletin. This characteristic is helpful for people with hearing impairments equally they will notice the Wink and get an incoming call or message. LED flash alerts are usually the best as y’all will not miss out on any notification or important call even though you didn’t hear the bell ringing.


Flash notifications sometimes seem helpful for people with hearing impairments; notwithstanding, getting flash notifications in grade or meetings might bother you. So, that’due south why we have mentioned the precise steps of how to turn off wink notifications on the iPhone if you don’t want LED flash for alerts.

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