Apple has a huge defended customer base of operations considering of the unique and avant-garde features it offers. Among these advanced features,
Discover My iPhone
is probably the greatest feature it has always developed. Found in iOS 5 and higher up, Find My iPhone is designed to help users trace and discover their lost mobile using GPS technology.

However, there are cases when y’all have to turn it off, and that’s where the issue arises if you don’t know the password. Don’t worry, we’re here to help yous learn
how to turn off discover my iPhone without password.

When Should I Turn Off Observe My iPhone Without Password?

Discover My iPhone feature is a testament to the security issue which helps you to find your stolen or lost mobile, even when it’s offline. At that place seems no reason to disable it.

Notwithstanding, you may face situations when turning off this feature is highly recommended.

When You Want to Sell It

If you’re planning to sell, trade in, or requite your telephone to some other party, then you lot have to plough off Find My iPhone. Leaving it open volition bar buyers from logging in with their ain iCloud ID, and cause troubles for both the buyer and you.

When You lot Doubtable That You’re Being Tracked

Similarly, we know that Find my iPhone feature uses GPS to track your iOS device, and someone may hack your Apple tree ID credentials and track your existent-time location and alienation your privacy. Bearing this in mind, if yous doubtable that you’re existence tracked, then you have no option but to disable Observe My iPhone and cease them from monitoring you.

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone Without Password?


Employ Third-Party Software – The Easiest Way

The best way to unlock Discover My iPhone is by using third-political party software and that’due south where
Wootechy iSalvor
comes at your service. This multi-featured, powerful tool helps users to bypass Find My iPhone without a countersign in just a few minutes. Its super-fast speed, high reliability, and versatility brand it the best Notice My iPhone bypassing tool bachelor online. You lot don’t have to go through tech-savvy or complicated steps to become rid of Discover My iPhone as its user-friendly interface allows even the novice to utilise information technology efficiently without exterior assist.

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Peak Features of WooTechy iSalvor

  • Bypass activation lock without any countersign.

  • Support well-nigh iOS devices from iOS 13.0 to iOS fourteen.half dozen.

  • Use another Apple ID to access to your device after bypass

  • Easy to follow the guide, fifty-fifty for non-tech users.

  • Provide 30-day refund service and 24/7 back up service.


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To plough off find my iPhone without password:

Step 1:
Download and install iSalvor. After then, launch the software and select the “Trun Off FMI” part.

turn off fmi function01

Footstep 2:
Afterwards that, connect your device to the computer and jailbreak with the instruction provided in the plan.  Jailbreak for iPhone 6 to iPhone X tin can be done by post-obit the in-app guide. Jailbreak for iPhone XR to iPhone 11 Pro Max tin be done according to the jailbreak tutorial offered past the software.

connect device to isalvor01

Footstep 3:
And then y’all need to verify your FMI status co-ordinate to the on-screen didactics and select “ON” or “OFF” in the “Find My [Device] is” dropdown listing. After that, click

confirm fmi status01

Finally, iSalvor will remove the Apple tree ID from the device completely. Await for the procedure to finish and then yous can use the device as a make new 1.

If your device is locked/disabled, or it’south in lost style, you lot can also use the
“Remove Screen Lock and Bypass Activation”
office to turn off Find My iPhone without password.


Subsequently unlocking, your device will exist jailbroken. Some certain functions like making calls, using cellular data or accessing iCloud whatsoever your device will be limited, while yous tin utilize the device for other daily purposes.


Reset Apple ID Countersign – The Safest Manner

One alternative to to turn off Find My iPhone without countersign is to reset your Apple tree ID password and use the new countersign to achieve your goal. If y’all have fix the security questions or left a e-mail for account recovery, and in that location’s no ii-factor authentation on your device, you can give this method a attempt. Follow the steps beneath

Pace 1:
Become to
and type in your Apple ID and hit

iforgot apple01

Pace 2:
So, select
“I demand to reset my password”
and click on
Keep. Here, y’all tin can choose either
“Respond security questions”
“Get an email”. Choose an option and click

get back password email

Stride iii:
If you choose the latter selection, Apple administration will send yous a confirmation electronic mail titled
“How to reset your Apple ID password”. Hit on
Reset now.

reset password01

Step 4:
Now, enter a new password and confirm it by retyping it and and then click on
Reset Password.

create new password01

And there y’all go! Y’all can use this new password to plow off Notice My iPhone feature.


Plough to the Original Owner – The Nearly Direct Way

Information technology may happen if you’ve bought an iPhone with Find My iPhone feature all the same enabled. In such a scenario, you tin’t reset your iPhone or log in with your own Apple ID until you enter the Apple ID login credentials of the previous possessor. Surely, no i volition send you lot his Apple ID and countersign – for obvious security reasons.

owner remove device from find my iphone

Thankfully, Apple allows users to turn off Find My iPhone feature remotely in iCloud. So, if y’all’re not the original owner of the device, contact the original owner and asking him/her to disable this feature. He or she has to visit
iCloud, log in with the aforementioned Apple ID linked to your device, and follow the on-screen instructions to remove your iPhone from the list of iDevices synched to that Apple ID.

What Happens After I Turn Off Find My iPhone

In one case yous turn off Find My iPhone, you will miss out on a lot of Apple features, similar:

Put Information technology in Lost Mode

Yous are no longer able to put your device in the Lost Mode to discover the person who picked up your iPhone, which means yous couldn’t locate your iPhone in case if it gets lost or stolen – making it difficult to recover information technology.

Data Privacy and Security

What is more disconcerting, however, is the fact that someone can get access to your private information stored on the device and use information technology for nefarious purposes – even if yous’ve set a screen passcode. Nosotros all know a difficult reset tin bypass screen passcode on any mobile. Contrarily, when you plough information technology on, you lot’re a lot more satisfied when information technology comes to safety of your information. Simply put, your device is vulnerable to security threats when Find My iPhone is disabled.

That’s why information technology’south advisable to never disable this feature unless necessary. Now that you know how to turn information technology off even when yous forgot the Apple ID password, you lot need to make use of this ingenious characteristic of the iPhone to have an added layer of your phone’south security.

Final Remarks

No one can condone the pregnant role of Find My iPhone in tracking your lost device and barring others from using your phone if they get their easily on it. Yet, if you desire to disable it without password, then utilise the above mentioned three
to become the job done.

Nosotros concluded that the best and easiest way to disable Detect My iPhone is using
Wootechy iSalvor. It does non only help you easily turn off Notice My iPhone without countersign, just also help you to bypass the iCloud activation screen.
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