How To Turn Flash On Iphone 13

It’southward tremendously useful having a flashlight on your telephone. It takes away the need to take a separate flashlight, and you never know when 1 will exist useful. Therefore it is helpful to know how to plough the flashlight on and off quickly. Here’s how to do it on the iPhone 13.

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At that place are three means to turn the flashlight on and off on an iPhone xiii. The first is via the Control Center, the 2d is from the lock screen, and the 3rd is by request Siri to practise information technology for you. Y’all can as well use iOS Shortcuts to add a flashlight to your home screen.


  • From the Control Center
  • From the lock screen
  • By asking Siri
  • How to add the flashlight to the iPhone 13 abode screen

From the Control Centre

The offset method of activating the flashlight is past accessing Command Heart and tapping the flashlight icon. Still, if you utilize a PIN lawmaking to lock your phone, you may discover this method rather awkward and annoying. Only swipe down from the battery icon in the peak-right corner to open Control Center. Tap the flashlight icon once to turn it on and once again to turn it off.

ios control center flashlight

If the flashlight icon is non there, become to
Settings–>Control Centre
and enable the flashlight.

You can tap the icon to switch the flashlight on and off. But if you lot agree the icon down with your finger, then movement information technology upward or downward, you can increase or decrease the brightness.

ios flashlight brightness

From the lock screen

If your screen is protected past a Pin, you may find it more than user-friendly to access the flashlight from the lock screen. At the bottom of the lock screen is a flashlight icon, and you just need to long-press information technology to switch it on. Long-pressing it again turns information technology off.

ios flashlight lock screen

Past asking Siri

ios siri flashlight

The tertiary option is to ask your always-helpful pal, Siri. She’ll do anything if you ask her nicely. For some reason, I observe myself saying delight to her. Obviously, she will plough the flashlight off once again for you if y’all ask her.

In case you’re wondering, my phone is set to British English, and we say “torch,” non flashlight.

How to add the flashlight to the iPhone 13 home screen

ios shortcuts app

Some other possibility, and non really one you lot take to do because your other options, is to put a flashlight icon on your iPhone dwelling house screen. For this, you’ll need the Shortcuts app. It should come pre-installed on all new iOS devices, but if non, you can download Shortcuts from the App Store.

To get started, tap the
icon in the height right-hand corner.

start new ios shortcut

In the search box, start typing
and it will appear under
Scripting. If your phone is in another language, obviously type the right discussion for a flashlight in that language. My British English telephone has it listed equally “torch.”

ios shortcuts scripting

Tap the
word and a bill of fare volition pop up. Select
from that bill of fare.

ios shortcuts flashlight toggle

An optional pace is to tap the blue arrow next to
Toggle torch. This displays the brightness slider.

ios shortcuts flashlight brghtness

Now tap the Settings which is the blue circular icon at the top-correct.

ios shortcuts flashlight settings

Add to Dwelling Screen.

ios shortcuts add to homescreen

If you want (just it’s not necessary), you can employ an image from your phone or accept a photo as your flashlight icon. Also, tap where it says
New Shortcut
and give information technology another name. Plainly,
would be a adept proper name, merely information technology’s upwardly to you lot. When information technology all looks proficient, tap

ios shortcuts flashlight name

The flashlight icon will now be on your home screen. Tap it once to turn it on and tap information technology again to plow it off.

ios iphone 13 flashlight icon


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