How To Tell If Your Blocked On Iphone Without Calling

Are y’all facing some kind of trouble reaching out to your phone contact through text message or a call again and again? If your answer is yes, then in that location is a possibility that you have been blocked. Peradventure, it is an old friend who no longer wants to stay in bear upon or an ex who’s simply not interested in getting dorsum with you lot.

Of course, one shouldn’t conclude as well quickly. There tin exist many reasons why an individual hasn’t responded to your right away.

If you are getting a bulletin saying “deplorable, the number you are calling is decorated” or “message not delivered”, that means the person is either decorated on some other call or they accept blocked yous.

If you keep getting the same message every time y’all punch their number, chances are they have
blocked you from you sending text messages
and calls. In such cases, all your calls volition get to their voicemails and messages can’t be delivered.

This is something that has happened to all of u.s..

Nosotros know that we have the right telephone number, but for some reason, the call isn’t ever answered and the texts are being ignored.

There is also a possibility that their phone battery is dead, they are on vacation or a place with no bespeak. Merely as you are not able to accomplish somebody, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are blocked.

Merely is there some way to get to know that?

The about straightforward and authentic way of knowing that you have been blocked is by asking that person directly, merely that may non be the most appropriate approach. At the same time, calling someone is not the best option since they may still accept your number saved on their mobile and they volition know yous were calling them.

Too, there is no direct way that will let yous know if you have been blocked. However, with a little detective piece of work, it’south possible to know if someone might take blocked your phone number.

In this mail service, iStaunch will show you the steps to know if you are blocked by someone without having to call them.

Keep reading to learn more than.

Is it Possible to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number without Calling?

There is no direct manner to know if someone blocked your number without calling. As well, yous can’t receive whatever notification or a bulletin when your number gets blocked. But a few hints such as the “ane-tick” for delivered messages and “the number is busy” message when y’all call them are the indicators that you are blocked.

If someone has blocked your number by mistake, you lot can inquire them to unblock your number through Whatsapp texting. Transport them a message on Whatsapp asking the user to unblock your number or connect with them through social media.

How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number without Calling

Method ane: Wait at the Phone’south Contact App

For Android:

Nosotros have a special trick that works for most everyone trying to notice out if they are blocked or not.

Here’south how you can:

  • Open the Contacts app on your phone.
  • Tap on the number that you suspect has blocked you lot.
  • Click on three vertical dots at the tiptop and select “Delete” to remove the number.
  • Open the Contacts app i more time.
  • Tap on your phone’s search bar and type the name of that person.
  • In example you tin see the name of the deleted contact being suggested, there’s a loftier probability that you haven’t been blocked.
  • If you lot can’t see that name being suggested, there is a possibility that you are blocked.

Go along in listen that if you know at present that you are not blocked, y’all re-enter your friend’due south contact information and save it.

For iPhone:

Some interesting methods can help you to know if you accept been blocked. These steps have been discussed hither and can exist tried if you are an iPhone user.

Discover the texting app that is likely iMessage. It’s most likely that when you transport a text, it will show a ‘delivered’ confirmation. Therefore when you see the sent message to the person you lot believe might have blocked you, search for the confirmation. There should exist a delivered status of the message that you lot final sent.

In case you encounter that the ‘delivered’ notification isn’t visible, this tin mean that yous are blocked past that contact.

Method 2: Text The User

If you are using the iPhone, you lot must have the iMessage app for sending texts. Even though the primary texting apps are rarely used these days, they are a great way to know if someone has your number saved or not.

When you ship a message to a user on your iPhone, you become a small “delivered” mark. This marker appears when the message is delivered to the person.

At present, if the user has blocked you on their mobile, you don’t go the “delivered” message. This conspicuously means that the person you are trying to connect with has put y’all on their cake list.

Method 3: Mask Your Number

The whole betoken of blocking someone is that they don’t telephone call or bother you ever over again. So, of grade, you will non receive anything from them as long as your number is on their block list. Neither can you send them anything. The worst office is that you lot will not always know if you are blocked from their contact listing.

‘What if we told you it’s possible to call the user to know if you are blocked without getting your number disclosed? In simple words, you can call the person without revealing your number. So, they will never know you called them, but yous will get an idea of whether your number is blocked or not.

Bottom Line:

We need to say hither, that in that location isn’t a definitive way through which you can surely say that yous take been blocked. Of course, the methods that we suggested in a higher place volition requite you an answer equally close as possible. These are clues and hints that you take to keep a key heart on in case y’all want to see if someone has blocked your number when y’all don’t want to call them!

We live in a technologically sound world that has made advice and then like shooting fish in a barrel. But there is besides a possibility where you are blocked for some personal or professional reason, and these are the only means by which you can find that out.

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