How To Take A Picture Of The Moon With Iphone

Taking pictures at night
can exist challenging. And, if you try to take iPhone photos of the nighttime sky, y’all’ll oftentimes exist disappointed by the results. The sky might look grainy, or the moon and stars may non show up in your photo. However, with a few simple solutions, you’d be surprised at what yous can capture when you lot shoot the nighttime sky with your iPhone! In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to better your night sky photography with iPhone. And you lot’ll even learn how to create wonderful star trail photos.

1. Employ iPhone eleven Night Way

Do you accept the
iPhone eleven, iPhone xi Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max?

If and so, you can utilize the new
iPhone Night way
camera characteristic for
stunning nighttime photography.

iPhone Camera no scriptiPhone 11 Camera app
allows you to accept better
low light photos
than ever earlier.

In the case below, look at the color and detail that Dark style has captured in the sky.

iPhone Camera no script1x Broad lens or the 2x Telephoto lens. (Dark mode doesn’t work with the 0.5x Ultra Wide lens.)

iPhone Photographic camera no scriptlong exposure photo
of the sky, the stars will appear to make light trails or circles.

iPhone Night Sky Photography 6 no scriptNightCap

app considering of its ability to accept continuous back-to-back shots at timer-regulated intervals.

iPhone Dark Sky Photography 4 no scriptiPhone tripod

iPhone tripod mount
to keep your camera steady. In fact, a tripod is 1 of our
6 Essential iPhone Camera Accessories.

I usually go on my iPhone plugged in then it doesn’t drain the battery too apace (which tin happen in about 10 minutes in the winter). Take dorsum-to-back photos for at least 20 minutes to see some decent trails – the longer the better!

Now that yous have a ton of grainy green and black photos filling upwardly your iPhone,
transfer them to your figurer
and stack them using the free software

iPhone Night Sky Photography 5 no script
iPhone Nighttime Sky Photography vi no scriptimage exposure
. Because the moon is so pocket-sized in the field of view, the camera won’t adjust the exposure settings to appropriately betrayal for the moon.

Most of the frame will exist taken upwardly past the dark sky surrounding the moon, and the result of this is that your photographic camera will expose the scene for the dark heaven. Because the moon is so bright relative to the nighttime sky, the moon will be over-exposed.

Even if you tap on the moon to try to re-adjust the exposure point, information technology’s probable that the camera still won’t expose properly for the moon as it’s too small in the frame and at that place’s still also much black space around it.

To work around this, you lot need to set up the exposure manually. Luckily for united states of america, this is very easy to exercise in the iPhone’s native camera app.

Offset of all, if your iPhone has the
Telephoto lens, switch to this lens to zoom in so that the moon appears as big as possible in the viewfinder. Yous can switch to the Telephoto lens by borer
in the Camera app.

iPhone Camera no scriptlock focus
on the moon. You’ll see
AE/AF Lock
in yellow at the top of the screen when focus is locked.

iPhone Camera no script
iPhone Night Heaven Photography 2 no scriptSource:,lock%20focus%20on%20the%20moon.

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