How To Take A Headshot On Iphone

A professional person photo for your social media and spider web presence is key. It is an of import part of your personal brand. Just a professional person photo does not mean it needs to be taken by a pro. It simply has to be professional looking – that means no selfies, vacation snaps, or wedding pics.

While it’s overnice to have a headshot taken by a pro, it tin be expensive and price prohibitive – specially if you are a recent graduate or just starting your career.

But at your fingertips (literally) is the tool you need to go y’all on your style: a camera phone! With a few elementary tricks of the trade, you can accept a decent, professional looking headshot with your iPhone, Droid, Samsung, or digital camera if you lot accept one.

What you will need:

  • A smartphone or digital photographic camera
  • A willing friend to have the photos (mayhap inquire a pal who wants a new photo too and you tin can help each other)


Adjust your camera phone settings

If yous are using a photographic camera phone, set up the photographic camera to shoot in high resolution mode. This volition make for a meliorate quality picture.
Here are Droid and iPhone instructions.

Take advantage of natural light

Unless yous are in a professional studio with special lighting, it tin be tough to get the right calorie-free. Overhead lights, fluorescent bulbs, night corners are a camera’s worst enemy and unflattering in the all-time of circumstances. Avoid them. Instead, use natural light when you lot can. Go exterior or look for a spot that is naturally lit.

Watch out for too much sunday.

Also sunny of a 24-hour interval can launder you out, make you squint, and create shadows – all things that can get in the fashion of a proficient photo. Early morning or belatedly afternoon are good times to go outside to take photos.

Look for a simple groundwork

Remember, the focus of the shot needs to be on you lot. Make sure there are no people or objects in the groundwork. Look for a concrete or brick wall, metal, or something with a simple texture works best. Sentinel out for things like trees, lampposts, parking signs, phone poles, or whatever other structure that could hands expect like it could exist growing out of ear!

Warm up

If yous are not used to getting your picture taken or are camera shy, the first few shots volition be awkward. You might feel embarrassed most getting your photo  taken. This will testify in your shots. Let time to warm upwards, move around, and become used to someone taking your picture. It will experience more natural after a few shots.

Accept lots of pictures

Brand certain you lot take lots of pictures – even if though information technology’s just ane image you demand. Attempt dissimilar backgrounds, experiment with different poses. You never know which one is going to plow out best.

This is just a small screenshot from my iPhone photographic camera coil when I experimented taking my colleague Rachel’s flick:

Allow enough time

When you have your headshots with your buddy, don’t rush it. Plan on at to the lowest degree half hour to an hr to experiment with poses and test different backdrops.

Effort dissimilar smile and expressions

Teeth? No teeth? Try a few different smiles and expressions to get a variety of shots to select from.

Here is Rachel smiling with and without teeth. This prototype was taken with my iPhone:

Create an angle with your trunk

When I used to work in fashion, I assisted on a few photo shoots. One model told me one of the best tricks always: you need to create angles with your torso! Fifty-fifty if information technology’southward simply the head you are going for. A hand on the waist, crossed arms, make a difference. Don’t just stand with your arms hanging, practise something!

Hither is a photo I took of Eric. Note how his torso is angled slightly away from the photographic camera and has his arms folded.

Wearable something simple

Nighttime solids work best. Avert wearing anything with stripes or patterns – even a basic gingham and checky print tin look distracting. Iron your shirt, and make certain it’s clean. This may sound obvious just you’d be surprised!

Too, consider the industry you are in. Business concern casual might work for someone in sales, but a finance executive might need be suited and booted. Similarly, a suit might look besides formal for a field similar graphic blueprint or architecture. Research what your industry peers habiliment in their photos to get an idea.

Edit your image

In that location are free spider web-based services similar
that mirror many of Photoshop functions where you can crop, brighten, acuminate, and straighten the photo. Doing these simple things volition make your photograph pop. There are even apps for your phone – I am a fan of Afterlight to edit images on the go.

This is a photo I took of Rachel on my iPhone and edited with PicMonkey. I straightened the bookshelf backside her, brightened the epitome, and cropped it:

Create dissimilar photo sizes

When you edit your image, create a few different ingather sizes, a standard portrait and a foursquare as many social media sites (such as LinkedIn and Twitter) use a foursquare thumbnail as your profile prototype – and then this is important to consider when you adjust the photo.

What are your photo tips? Comment beneath.

Thanks to my colleague Rachel for modeling specifically for this post. The photos of Rachel were taken with my iPhone 5c. Many thanks to Eric for letting me use one of the photos I took of him for his website. Notation that the photo of Eric was taken with a Nikon D3200. The reason I included the shot was to simply testify how Eric positioned his body – a key consideration for a skillful headshot.


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