How To Stop Sharing Location Without Them Knowing On Iphone

By | 07/10/2022

No i can deny that location-sharing apps brand life considerably easier for people who have trouble following directions. It allows you lot to visit a new location without wasting gas past circling the surface area in search of the correct person to inquire for directions.

Some people, especially toxic spouses and parents, may take advantage of this situation past continually watching you. If you’re concerned well-nigh this, inquire near ways on
how to stop sharing location without them knowing.

Is Information technology Possible to Stop Sharing Location without Notifying the Person?

Yes, you can disable location sharing in the Observe My app, but yous probably don’t want people to know in most circumstances. You may simply desire to become offline for a curt menses, or yous may need to disguise your position location without turning off your device’s location sharing.

When you lot stop sharing your location with someone on an iPhone, they’ll receive a message in the iMessage app, and when you lot re-share with them, they’ll receive another message. As a result, turning on and off your location sharing isn’t an excellent strategy. So, in this article, we’ve shown you
how to hibernate location on iPhone and tips to
stop sharing location without notifying imessage.

Part1: How to Stop Sharing Locations without them Knowing?

You have more options on
how to stop sharing locations without them knowing and hither nosotros have given you the best methods.

Option 1: Open The “Hide from Friends” Option in Find My Friends

Detect My Friends is an Apple tool that allows y’all to monitor any iOS device in the world as long every bit they have added you to their friend’due south list. It allows the users of iPhones, Macs, and iPads to track down misplaced devices. If you wish to stop your iPhone from sharing your location, follow the procedures outlined here.

Steps to stop Detect My Friend from publishing your location with everyone:

  • Open the app Detect My Friend.
  • Become to the ‘Me’ section.
  • Toggle the ‘Share My Location’ switch off.

How to cease sharing location
with an private?

  • Open the iPhone awarding Notice My Friend and click on ‘People’.
  • Tap the name of the person with whom you don’t desire to share your location.
  • Coil down until you encounter the option to “Stop Sharing My Location” and select it.
how to stop sharing location without them knowing

Option ii: Turn on Airplane Style

This is the quickest way to solve
how to turn off location without the other person knowing. When you switch off your phone’southward location, the network connection will get disabled completely and you won’t exist able to access the internet or use your telephone’s network. So, once you switch your telephone off or in Aeroplane mode, there is no way to trace it. Here are the steps to turning on Airplane mode on an iOS device.

  • Approach1: Swipe up from the lesser of the home screen to reveal an aeroplane icon. Toggle airplane mode on by tapping it.
how to stop sharing location

  • Approach2: Go to the “Settings” app and turn on “Airplane Mode.”
how to track someone on google maps without them knowing

Option 3: Use Your Old iPhone Equally Your Location

iPhone has a terrific function that allows you lot to share your location from some other iOS device with your iPhone. Gear up up location sharing with a specific device for this to operate.

  • Open your iPhone and go to Settings > Profile. While toggling the switch ON, turn on “Share My Location.”
how to hide location on iPhone

  • You may also set up a label for your current location past going to the “Observe My” app on another iOS device.
  • Scroll down the list of persons who tin share their location with you, tap on the listing, and choose to submit the location.
how to turn off location without the other person knowing

Selection 4: Use GPS Spoofer to Alter Location

Many tools on the market may spoof your present location. These are and so advanced that y’all can annunciate your location while you lot are actually relaxing at home or walking downwardly the street. Equally a event, this is another selection to spoof your present location, and it’s unlikely that anyone will detect. iToolab AnyGo is one of the virtually professional and handy for them.

  • Download it to your computer and connect your device to it. Now press the “Beginning” button.
how to stop sharing location without notification

  • A map of your nowadays location will emerge. Select the “Teleport” icon and type the desired location into the provided field.
location not available iPhone

  • The awarding will recognize the location and display a pop-upwards for information technology. Select “Become” to finish.
stop sharing location without notifying imessage

Option five: Turn off the Share My Location Option on your iOS Device

Do you recall,
how to end sharing location on iPhone without them knowing
how to stop sharing locations without notification? Follow the steps below to prevent your location from beingness shared with other people on the “Share My Location” listing. The steps outlined below will piece of work on iPhones and iPads running iOS 8 or later.

  • Afterwards you’ve opened the Settings app, scroll down the listing. Wait for the “Privacy” option and then, simply tap on it.
  • One time you’re on the privacy settings folio, go to the block that says “Privacy Settings” (Location Services). You may and then access its options past borer on it.
  • Now, become to the location services menu and touch on “Share My Location.”
  • Now in order to shut off location sharing you have to toggle the enable button on the “Share My Location” choice.

Part2: How Tin can I Track the Location of Others without Letting them Knowing?

i. mSpy- Track Location without the Other Person Knowing


A spying app is what you demand if you want something truly complex arroyo that doesn’t require physical admission to their phones daily.
is the app to become complete visibility of your target phone. Considering mSpy records all monitored data to your dashboard and you may view a target user’s road history at whatever moment.


  • Geofencing and GPS Tracking: One of the most popular features is GPS tracking when
    location not available iPhone. Using the phone’s built-in GPS capability, yous may instantly pinpoint your physical location inside 5 meters. For the target device, you can apply a GPS fence to plant restricted areas. You tin form an unlimited Zone and when your target enters the zone, the app will record the information automatically.

  • Message Tracker: As individuals communicate in multiple modes, monitoring but the text messages is no longer acceptable. What matters these days is spying on conversations in all popular messaging applications, such every bit Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder, Viber, Snapchat, Skype, and many others, and mSpy tin can let you read all those letters.

mSpy Usage:

Purchase mSpy:

1. Visit
the official mSpy website
and create a mSpy user account online.


View Demo >>

2. To purchase mSpy, choose the target device model.


iii. Select a subscription package and purchase it.


Installation Steps For iPhone:

Jailbroken iPhone:

Before you install the app, you must commencement accept downloads from unknown sources.

  1. Open up the “Cydia” app and enable download by clicking Add source.
  2. Subsequently downloading the app, navigate to the Mtechnology LTD repository to search iPhoneinternalService. Select -> Install -> Confirm in the new window and click on select I accept the license terms and provide license number to consummate installation.

Non-Jailbroken iPhone:

You will demand the following items to install the mSpy app on a not-jailbroken telephone:

  • iCloud credentials.
  • Activated iCloud backup.
  • Two-gene hallmark was turned off on the iPhone.

two. eyeZy- Some other Culling Hidden Location Tracker

eyeZy track location

A similar alternative app is
eyeZy, which is a parental monitoring app that can runway cell phones. eyeZy is a versatile software that tin can hide and track the location of cell phones, monitor text messages and phone calls, see what social apps the other person has installed, etc. Besides, eyeZy is uniform with Android phones and iPhone.

  • GPS Location Tracking:
    eyeZy has the function of tracking GPS location, yous can track the GPS location of the other person’s phone, so y’all tin know where they are all the time. Further, y’all can besides ready geofencing then that when the other person leaves the fix surface area, a warning will appear.
  • Monitor Installed Apps:
    Information technology can see which social apps are installed on the other person’southward telephone and rail what the app has viewed. Such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

How to Track Location without them Knowing via eyeZy?

one. Log in to
the eyeZy official website, you need to purchase an eyeZy plan and download eyeZy app, so y’all tin can track other’southward locations remotely.

two. How to track the location of an Android telephone via eyeZy?

If your target device is Android, yous need to install eyeZy on the other party’s phone to track the location remotely. And you can choose to hide eyeZy app and rails invisibly then that the other party won’t find you are tracking him.

3. How to runway the location of an iPhone via eyeZy?

To runway iPhone location, yous also need to buy eyeZy program, get the account and password from the electronic mail and download the eyeZy app. If the target’s iPhone is not jailbroken, you lot tin can cull iCloud credentials to rails location remotely, which does not require touching the other person’southward phone. If the other person’southward iPhone has been jailbroken, you need to touch his phone, install eyeZy app and then track his location.

iii. Track Someone on Google Maps without their Knowledge

Google Maps is a universal app installed on every device. And hither’due south
how to track someone on google maps without them knowing.

  • On the target device, open Google Maps and tap the hamburger push button in the top left corner.

  • Select Location sharing from the options.

  • To go along with the phone tracking, click on Get STARTED.

  • On the adjacent screen, you may cull the time for which you wish to track that person’s whereabouts. You tin can extend the fourth dimension past tapping the plus icon or decrease it by borer the minus icon. Simply tap on the Until you lot turn this off the option to runway the location with no fourth dimension constraints. However, once you select it, all other sharing choices, such every bit Bluetooth, Telegram, WhatsApp, e-mail, and and then on, volition vanish, leaving only the link to
    track location
    to exist provided via message.

  • If you pick a contact from the target device, a pop-upwardly message may announced stating that the contact is not linked to your Google business relationship. Only press the OK push.

  • Finally, hit on Send and directly yourself to the created link from the messaging app to see that person’due south current location from your phone.

Within the Maps app, you tin can also ship the location. In this situation, the target device volition transport you a notification to your phone. When you bear upon on that notification, the Maps app will open with that person’southward location. With a simple tap on the Directions tab, you tin can only get directions to their location.


 But if y’all desire them not to know y’all are tracking them, you have to
delete the location-sharing link from the target device.  deleting the location-sharing link will not ruin the link and it volition work as usual.



Hopefully, y’all’ve grasped the different methods on
how to stop sharing locations without them knowing. When a location is not required, it is pointless to share it with others. So, it is important to take all necessary precautions to safeguard your location’s privacy. We recommend using
mSpy to
track the whereabouts of people
in real-fourth dimension.

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