How To Slow Down Time Lapse On Iphone

Time Lapses are a bang-up way to capture long static footage whether you’re interested in the conditions or the mural. Non simply do they help provide an artistic touch, they also help save space on your device past only capturing a fraction of the usually needed frames.

All the same, if you’ve tried to capture a fourth dimension-lapse on your iPhone then you might take realized that there’due south no visible mode to control the speed of your time-lapse.

This can be quite a hindrance in a creative workflow and if you’re in the same gunkhole then here’s how yous tin slow down your fourth dimension lapses on an iPhone.

Can you control the speed of a fourth dimension-lapse video?

No, in that location is currently no native feature on an iPhone by default that allows you to control the speed of your Fourth dimension Lapse videos. However, if you’ve recently bought a new device then chances are thatiMovieis pre-installed on your device.

iMovie is Apple tree’s free comprehensive video editor that has the ability to alter the time of your captured time lapses.

If preferred you can too utilise a third-political party app to boring downwards your fourth dimension lapses instead. Follow the next section to assistance you along with the process.

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How to slow down time lapses on iPhone

We recommend you lot start by using iMovie to alter the speed of your time lapses. Third-party apps can sometimes confront issues slowing downwardly time lapses that haven’t been captured through the app.

If iMovie can not get yous the desired final result, you can try using i of the third-party apps mentioned below instead.

Method 1: Using iMovie

on your device using the link above if it is non pre-installed. One time installed, open the same and tapMotion-picture show.

Tap and select yourTime Lapsefrom the previews on your screen. Fourth dimension Lapse videos volition take a small icon for the aforementioned in the bottom left corner of the thumbnail.

TapCreate Pictureat the bottom.

The video will now be added to your timeline. Tap and drag the play head to the beginning of your video.

Tap on your video to select it. It should exist highlighted in yellowish once selected.

Tap theSpeed
icon at the bottom.

Tap and drag the slider to adjust your speed. Drag it to the left to slow down your time-lapse.

Yous will be shown the new length of your video in your timeline as you adapt your speed.

In one case you lot’re happy with the changes, tapDonein the top left corner.

Tap theShareicon at the bottom.

Tap and selectSave Video.

And that’south it! The slowed-downwardly fourth dimension-lapse will at present be saved to your Photos app.

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while iMovie is a native app you go with your iPhone, you tin too utilize a third-party app to wearisome down time lapses on an iPhone. Use either of the apps beneath depending on your preferences.

Method two: Using Skyflow

Skyflow is a time-lapse app that allows you to capture and edit your fourth dimension-lapses as needed. Follow the steps below to help y’all along with the process.

Download and install Skyflow on your device using the link to a higher place. Once installed, open the app and tap thePhotographic cameraicon at the top.

Now frame your shot and tap theIntervalicon and adjust how often you wish to capture frames.

Similarly, tap theElapsingicon and suit the duration of your Fourth dimension Lapse.

Now accommodate your other camera settings equally needed and tapStart
to showtime recording your video.

once you’re done recording.

The video will exist now exist saved to your gallery. At present tap theBackicon.

Your captured videos volition now be available in the Skyflow gallery. Tap and open the recently captured video.

Tap theRabbit
to adjust and boring downwardly your time-lapse.

Drag the slider to your left to slow down your time-lapse.

Now conform other settings for your time-lapse if needed and tap theShareicon.

Tap and choose your export settings as needed. You can adjust the following options for your time-lapse.

  • Format
  • Resolution
  • Frame Rate
  • Quality
  • Rotation

one time y’all’ve made your choices.

The video volition now be exported and saved to thePhotosapp by default. Y’all can use the options on your screen to either save it to theFiles app
or share it to your preferred social media or cloud storage platform.

And that’s how you lot can utilise Skyflow to capture and adjust the speed of a time-lapse.

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Method three: Using InShot

InShot is some other video editor that y’all can utilise to irksome downward time lapses on your iPhone. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process.

OpenInShoton your device and tapVideo.

Grant permission to admission your photos based on your preferences and you should now take access to thumbnails for your photos and videos. Tap and select yourTime Lapse
from the previews on your screen.

Once selected, tap thecheckmark
in the lesser right corner.

The video will at present be added to your timeline. Tap and selectSpeedfrom the tools offered at the pinnacle.

Elevate the slider to conform the speed of your video. Move the slider to the left to wearisome downwardly your time-lapse.

Tap and switch toCurve
if you lot wish to selectively slow down or speed upwards your video.

Tap thecheckmark
once you’re happy with the speed of your video.

Now tap theShareicon in the tiptop right corner.

Adjust your consign settings equally needed. You can modify and alter the post-obit aspects of your final video.

  • Resolution
  • Frame Rate
  • Format

TapRelieveonce you’re done.

The video will now be saved to yourPhotosapp. If you lot wish to save the video to yourFilesapp, tapOther
and selectSave to Files.

And that’southward how you can adjust the speed of your Time Lapse using InShot.

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Other Third-party app alternatives

Here are a few other video editing apps that can help y’all adapt the speed of your Time Lapse on an iPhone.

We hope this mail service helped y’all hands slow downwardly Fourth dimension Lapses on an iPhone. If you have any more questions, experience gratis to drop them in the comments below.

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