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By | 01/10/2022

A briefing call enables you to organize a coming together with other people who are non at the office in a way y’all can communicate with each i and commutation ideas as if everyone was in the boardroom. Y’all can have a normal briefing audio call or a conference video call, depending on the capabilities of your equipment. Different types of equipment and software solutions may take slightly varying methods of setting up a conference telephone call, simply many use similar procedures. Hither are uncomplicated steps to set upward a conference call.

Login Into Your Conference Phone call Account

You need to have a conference calling software to do conference calls. In that location are several software solutions available in the market today with many offer costless trials and cheap subscription rates to their customers. Whatever the software you employ, ensure that other participants to the meeting are using a like program. They exercise not demand to buy the software if you have already bought 1, every bit most providers take like shooting fish in a barrel-to-install versions for phones and computers. You merely demand to invite them to the meeting through a link to their e-mail addresses from which they can install a client and register to join the call. About software solutions ask the participants to tape their names by saying them aloud when registering for the audio call. This helps you every bit the host to know who has already registered for the meeting.

You need to determine the fourth dimension of the meeting so that everyone is aware and tin can suit their schedules accordingly. The appointment and time of the meeting should be included in the invite you transport out. It tin be a calendar invite or through the conference software where the participants get to know the date and fourth dimension when they annals for the meeting. Almost software solutions will send a reminder to the participants a solar day and a few hours before the conference call starts. It is good to remind everybody individually with a brusque message or an e-mail just in case someone forgot about it.

Join the Meeting

When information technology is fourth dimension for the coming together your participants need to log in with their credentials. Some software solutions inquire participants to enter their dial-in numbers especially if they are using phones. This option is also bachelor if any participants do not have access to a estimator or the app the host is using. Moreover, with VoIP solutions available today, almost people now use their computers to set up up and run conference calls. It is cheaper and more convenient than holding the call using a telephone. Dedicated conference call hardware exists that accepts most of the available software solutions. Nonetheless, most of the equipment is proprietorial and may require all participants to take similar devices to communicate with each other.

Running the Meeting

Near conference calling software solutions have a range of features that you lot need to understand to run the conference telephone call conveniently. The common features include:

– The ‘mute’ feature, which prevents all the other participants from talking when the host or other speaker is talking

– The ‘raise a manus’ feature that allows participants to capture the attending of the host or interject without disrupting the coming together

– ‘Screen sharing’ feature on video conferencing calls where participants tin share the contents of their computer screen with others. It is essential for sharing data on training sessions.

– ‘Screen recording’ feature that allows participants to tape the proceedings of the coming together and share it with others who did non attend.

Best Practices

Meetings can sometimes exist unproductive and conference calls are no exception, especially as people are not in the same room. To have productive calls and ensure everybody gets the most out of them, follow these simple best practices:

Have an calendar

To create an agenda and share it with all participants before the meeting will brand the call more than efficient. An agenda volition brand it more than unlikely for topics to derail.

Be on time

Being late is boorish in whatsoever meeting, but especially in conference calls it tin exist quite awkward as the call won’t outset properly until everybody is in that location.