How To Send Videos From Android To Iphone

Although iPhone and Android are the top two most popular types of mobile phones on the marketplace, their designers have not made it like shooting fish in a barrel to manage your files across the two dissimilar platforms. In fact, it tin can seem like a adequately difficult chore to transfer files from Android to iPhone – or at least at outset. Nevertheless, there is a range of methods available for the quick and easy transfer of files between your devices. Including options that don’t include a middleman estimator, or utilize the internet.

This article provides a complete step-by-step breakdown of to transfer files from Android to iPhone; including how to transfer files from Android to iPhone via Bluetooth, how to transfer files from Android to iPhone without the net, without wifi, and more.

Transfer files from Android to iPhone without a computer

If you practice not take a computer bachelor to transfer your files between Android and iPhone, or merely prefer the convenience of using but your Android and iPhone devices – these methods using deject storage will brand your transfer like shooting fish in a barrel. Still, information technology is of import to note that these methods will require admission to wifi and a power source.

Free and Wireless -AirDroid File Transfer

For users looking to transfer files from Android to iPhone,
AirDroid Personal
is an application
available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and the spider web online,

designed to help users manage their files across devices and platforms, allowing for the transfer of documents and files wirelessly and without loss. It uses a local area network or wifi to facilitate a loftier-speed data transfer. You can also ship your files quickly and efficiently to called friends, family, or business partners using the ‘Nearby’ feature.

Step 1.
Download the AirDroid app for costless on your Android and iPhone devices. Open up the app on your Android device and sign upward your Airdroid account.

Footstep three.
Adjacent, select the ‘my devices’ tab and click ‘add device’. Follow the easy 3-step instructions provided.

choose device airdroid personal

Pace four.
Now that both your devices are connected, y’all tin easily ship your files over to your iPhone device from your Android/iPhone. Simply select your iPhone from the list ‘my devices’, which volition open a conversation. Click one of the options to attach files via the paperclip icon, or ship your photos via the film icon.

transfer files airdroid personal

This is an particularly desirable option due to the fact that AirDroid likewise offers its users farther features beyond file management, including screen mirroring, decision-making your Android devices remotely, managing SMS and other notifications via a figurer, and a great remote camera feature. Let’s have a closer look at why these features are so helpful…

Manage all of your files in one place

Not but can you lot utilize AirDroid to securely transfer your files between devices, yous can also apply the app on all of your devices to share and seamlessly manage files across different platforms.

Remotely control your Android devices

AirDroid supports easy and secure remote access to your Android devices, without even needing to root the Android telephone. This will give you full control over the device, fifty-fifty if it’s far away, which tin can be particularly helpful in instance of an emergency.

Screen mirroring

Accept you ever needed to become a closer look at the content on your phone screen? Or wanted to watch something streamed from your phone on a bigger screen? AirDroid makes screen mirroring from an Android device convenient every bit the devices practice non have to exist connected to the same network.

Remote photographic camera

Turn your Android phone into a camera or sound-monitoring device that you can bank check from your desktop or another phone – great for keeping an eye on pets while yous are abroad, or babies in another room.

SMS management

If you lot find it inconvenient to go on checking your phone while working at your computer, AirDroid solves this problem by allowing you to manage your mobile notifications directly from your desktop. Your texts, phone calls, and messages from other apps (such every bit Messenger or Whatsapp) can all be received through your computer, and you can even make calls directly from your computer too. That way you will never miss an important message. AirDroid is a dandy style to manage all of your devices via one app, tying together all of your activities beyond different platforms and devices.

Transfer files using Dropbox

This guide explains how to transfer files from Android to iPhone using Dropbox. This method does non require a estimator every bit a middleman, even so Dropbox can be used on a calculator so your files will be bachelor on PC or Mac too. Dropbox is a platform that offers file storage on the cloud. Not simply can users utilize Dropbox for personal storage and synchronizing files, you can too apply information technology to transfer files across any device.

Step i.
Make sure Dropbox is downloaded on your Android phone. Open the app and choose ‘settings’ on the carte to change your fill-in and fire share settings.

dropbox settings

Stride 2.
Once y’all’ve opened the settings, select the choice to ‘sync contacts’ and also permit ‘camera uploads’. This ensures that all of your photos are automatically synced to Dropbox.

dropbox backup

Pace three.
Now go dorsum to the Dropbox homepage and click the ‘+’ icon. This will reveal an choice to “add to Dropbox”. Simply select the files that you lot desire to transfer to iPhone.

upload via dropbox

Step 4.
Lastly, download the Dropbox app on your iPhone and log into the aforementioned business relationship. The files y’all uploaded from your Android device volition at present be available to download onto your iPhone.

Transfer files using Google Drive

Google Drive, like to Dropbox, allows users to store their files on the deject. This as well makes for an constructive method to transfer files from Android to iPhone via WiFi. Google Drive offers up to 15GB of storage space for your image files, audio files, documents and more. Before you start, brand sure you are continued to wifi and to a source of power.

Footstep 1.
Begin the process by downloading the Google Drive app on your Android phone. Note: information technology may already be pre-installed. Open the app and sign in, or sign-up if you do non already have an account.
Stride 2.
At present look for the carte du jour on the app’s home screen, selecting ‘settings’ and then ‘backup and restore’ to backup all of the existing files on your Android.

googledrive backup

Step 3.
Select the files yous want to upload to the Google Bulldoze from your Android device and select “offset backup”.

upload to googledrive

Stride iv.
Now, download the aforementioned Google Drive app on your iPhone and select all of the uploaded files that you’d like to download onto your iPhone.

Transfer files using email

This is a ‘dorsum to basics’ kind of method, merely relying on manually sending your files over email. All that y’all will demand to do this method yourself is an email business relationship and an email app (not necessarily the same i) downloaded on both your Android and iPhone devices. You tin apply whatsoever email software you prefer. You merely have to have access to your email account on both devices. The simply drawback is that your files will have to be pocket-sized in size, and you will probably have to send many emails with your file attached – especially if you have lots of files.
send email

Step 1.
Starting time of all, open your chosen email app or program on your Android phone. Select ‘new message’ and accost the new email to your own e-mail accost. Essentially – you lot are sending an e-mail to yourself.
Step 2.
Next, select the paperclip icon to add together files to your email. Select as many files from your Android device as it allows. These files will then exist fastened to your email.
Stride 3.
Hit ‘send’. Now when y’all open your electronic mail app on your iPhone you will encounter the email containing your files. Download each of them onto your iPhone. Repeat the process until all of your desired files have been transferred.

Transfer files using a computer

If yous have a calculator, there are several manual methods for transferring files from Android to iPhone using a reckoner as a middleman. This method requires that yous are already an Apple user with the iTunes program downloaded on a computer. You can use iTunes to transfer music and video files from Android to iPhone past post-obit these uncomplicated steps.

Pace 1.
Connect your Android device to your computer and copy the music and video files to your Computer files.
Step 2.
Install and open iTunes on your estimator, so connect your iPhone to the computer using a lightning cable.

connect iphone to pc

Footstep 3.
Y’all will now need to import your transferred music and video files into the iTunes library on your computer. Starting time by opening the file menu in iTunes, then select the choice to add binder, selecting the files you lot want on your iPhone device.

add file to itunes

Step 4.
Once your chosen music and video files accept been imported into the iTunes library, it is like shooting fish in a barrel to download them onto your iPhone. Only make sure your iPhone is connected, select the device on iTunes and then select “sync music” and “sync movies” on the control panel, selecting all the files y’all desire to download.

itunes sync

Which method is best for you?

Read through these pros and cons of each method to help yous decide the method that’south all-time for you:


Allows for the transfer of files between Android and iPhone devices wirelessly and without net. Files are transferred quickly and to their total quality. App is easy to download and quick to brand an account. Tin can download AirDroid on Apple devices, Android devices, and desktop for the like shooting fish in a barrel management of files beyond all platforms and devices. Offers several other useful features, such every bit the ability to manage all of your devices from i place.
Requires sign upwardly. Free account allows for 200MB of remote information per month, which may non be enough for those with higher transfer demands (such as professionals).


Adept for transferring a large amount of files, does not require connection to the net.
Requires a computer, requires a lightning cablevision, requires an older iOS that however has iTunes as iTunes is now being phased out by Apple.


Does not require a calculator every bit middleman, although files can withal be accessed on a desktop. The files can be transferred directly from Android device to iPhone, does not require a cable.
Requires internet to download the Dropbox app and to access the Cloud. Need to brand a Dropbox account if you don’t have ane.

Google Drive

Does not crave a computer, although files can all the same be accessed on a desktop. Files can exist transferred from Android to iPhone wirelessly.
Requires a Google account, requires cyberspace to access Google Bulldoze and download the files.


Almost everyone with a calculator or phone has an email account, making this a highly accessible method. Does not require the user to download any apps. Easily transfers files from telephone to telephone wirelessly.
Requires internet connection, may need to send files in several separate emails depending on file size, is non the most secure and professional method. More than time consuming than other methods that take been designed for purpose.


Despite Android and iPhone devices having unlike operating systems that doesn’t naturally facilitate the sharing of files across devices, there are plenty of methods to choose from. We have covered options that require the use of a middleman estimator, also as others that can be done direct from the Android and iPhone devices in question. Still, ultimately it is the nigh fail-safety option to use a program such a AirDroid that has been designed for the most quick and efficient transfer of your files – delivering high quality results that don’t even require an net connection.


Will transferring files effect in a reduction in image quality on photos and videos?

Methods that may result in compression of image quality include using electronic mail to transfer your files, depending on the size of the files yous are sending. Information technology is more reliable to use a method such as AirDroid that has been designed for the seamless transfer of files, guaranteeing a lossless transfer that retains the original image quality.

What kind of files can I transfer from Android to iPhone?

This will depend on the method you utilize, but for transferring files using iTunes y’all tin await to transfer image, video and sound files. Dropbox and Google Drive can besides be used for photos, documents, videos, and audio such every bit music. E-mail allows for documents, photos and audio. While AirDroid facilitates the quick, loftier-quality transfer of all types of files, including music, documents, photos, videos, and APK.

Is there a limit on file size when transferring files from Android to iPhone?

When using iTunes you will be able to transfer files of any size betwixt your devices (or as much as your computer and phones let for). Dropbox and Google Drive offer a varying file size limit based on your subscription, even so the capacity bachelor to gratis users may exist enough for you to transfer and manage all of your Android’south files. Only a limited file size can be attached to an e-mail, then that method may require several carve up emails. Lastly, AirDroid’due south free account allows you lot to transfer single files upwardly to 30MB, and 200MB of remote information per month. A premium business relationship allows for the transfer of unmarried files up to 1G, and unlimited remote information.


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