How To See Older Notifications On Iphone

By | 09/10/2022

Every twenty-four hour period, we go millions of notifications on our phones. And when something essential happens, we accidentally delete information technology from the notifications bar. On the other hand, nosotros might sometimes miss important notifications. Other devices don’t accept a way to look at old notifications.

But the iPhone does exercise that. This guide volition show you how to run across onetime notifications on your iPhone in 13 steps. Read this article carefully, and you’ll observe everything yous need to know.

How To Run into Old Notifications On Iphone

If you lot happen to miss whatever notifications, y’all tin easily recollect them. Follow these steps below to run into quondam notifications on your iPhone:

Stride one:
If the screen on your iPhone is off, you can turn it on by tapping information technology. It depends on what kind of iPhone you have, pressing the Ability or Home button.

Step 2:
Swipe down on the lock screen of your iPhone to view a list of notifications. No Older Notifications will appear instead if there are no notifications to display.

A list of notifications, tree

Step 3:
Depending on how many awaiting notifications you accept, y’all may meet them all. Or they may be organized into groups based on the app from which they originated.

Step four:
To access the Open up button, tap on a notification, such as a text message.

Step five:
To open the connected app, tap Open. If your iPhone is locked, y’all must unlock it using your Confront ID, TouchID, or password earlier proceeding.

Footstep six:
Swipe left on an warning or a group of alerts to see the Options and Clear/Clear All buttons.

Notifications quick deportment, webtrickz.

Step 7:
Tap Options to bring upward a small menu where yous tin change the settings for the app that sent the notification. Also, you can use the app’s menu to turn off notifications for the app or silence them.

Step 8:
To delete a group of notifications, tap Clear or Articulate All. It depends on how many notifications are in that group. That volition remove all notifications from your lock screen until new ones come in. But it won’t change anything inside the app. It also won’t modify any badges that might prove upwardly on the app’s icon to show that you have notifications.

Articulate notifications,

Stride nine:
If y’all want to get rid of your notifications at once, tap the X next to Notification Center. And then tap Clear All Notifications. That will eliminate any notifications already on your iPhone’s lock screen.

Footstep 10:
Swipe downwards from the superlative left corner of the screen to encounter notifications when your phone is not locked. That volition bear witness you the lock screen on your iPhone, just it won’t shut your phone.

Footstep 11:
When yous unlock your iPhone, the lock screen will show whatever notifications.

Step 12:
If at that place are no older notifications to display, the screen will display No Older Notifications instead.

Step 13:
You can do the same things with whatever available notifications.


ane. Why Exercise My Iphone Notifications Disappear?

You must examine the Notification Settings. The settings for notifications are incorrect. And so, the notifications tin can disappear from the lock screen. When this happens, you must go to Settings>>Notifications to ensure yous tin see everything you want.

2. Do Iphone Notifications Expire?

Yet, the problem begins when you plow off the device for some time. The announcements appear again when the device is turned back on or when the notification is enabled. They should not do then because they take already passed their expiration date.

3. What happens to push notifications?

Android alerts stay in the notification center until something is done most them. When Chrome users get out a screen where they have a web button notification, it goes away. To succeed, you must empathize these subtle differences between devices and OS. A message isn’t getting through because it’s too long for the device.

4. How long do messages on the lock screen stay in that location?

Persistent Notifications are different from regular notifications because they stay on the Lock screen of an iPhone until the user dismisses them or swipes them abroad. That will make sure that y’all don’t miss whatsoever vital iPhone alerts.


Since everyone is increasingly interested in the iPhone, it is crucial to know how it works and what it can do. Fifty-fifty though the iPhone is a loftier-quality device compared to others, it is not any easier to apply. If someone reads this article, they should take been able to curl through all the options to figure out
how to run across old iPhone notifications

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