How To Screenshot On Iphone Se 2020

A screenshot can capture anything on your iPhone screen, the all-time score of the game, the conversation with your family unit, or a piece of interesting news from Twitter, etc. Information technology’southward a quick way to record what happens on the screen at that moment and you can save the image for subsequently utilise or share it with others.

Every smartphone has a unlike manner to capture screenshots and and so does iPhone. Different models of iPhone have different ways to take screenshots. Here in this guide, I’ll detail how to screenshot on iPhone SE 2022, iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone SE 2016.

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  • How to Screenshot on iPhone SE
  • How to Accept Long Screenshot on iPhone SE
  • How to Screenshot on iPhone SE without Abode Button
  • Bonus: Become An Piece of cake Way to Transfer Your iPhone Photos

How to Screenshot on iPhone SE 2022/2020/2016

On the screen that yous want to take a screenshot.

i. Press the
button and the
button at the aforementioned fourth dimension.

2. Rapidly release two buttons and a screenshot will be taken.

3. Later on a successful screenshot, a thumbnail will appear in the lower-left corner of the screen for a few seconds.

You lot can tap the thumbnail to open the screenshot and you lot tin edit, delete or share it with someone else.

  • Edit the screenshot:Drag to ingather the epitome, draw the paradigm, add together arrows, circles, texts, signature, etc. as desired.
  • Save the screenshot:
    to save your edit. You can relieve information technology to Photos app or Files app.
  • Share the screenshot:
    Tap the
    button and you can share information technology via AirDrop/Messages/your chat apps or post it to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Delete the screenshot:Tap the
    Trash Tin can button and choose
    Delete Screenshot to confirm.

If y’all do not want to use the screenshot at this fourth dimension, you can swipe it to the left to dismiss information technology and continue taking more screenshots or move on to other things.

The screenshot volition be saved to
app and you can notice it in the
anthology or in the

album under Media Types.

Usually, when you accept a screenshot, you volition hear the photographic camera shutter sound. If you want to mute the sound of the screenshot, yous can put your iPhone on mute.

How to Take Long Screenshot on iPhone SE

It’s possible to take a consummate spider web page in Safari app. Yous can go to the webpage and take a screenshot just like the method we mentioned above.

  • Tap the thumbnail to open the screenshot and you will see ii options: Screen & Full Folio. Cull
    Total Page
    pick and you will see the total screenshot of that page. You lot can drag the scroll bar to view the screenshot.
  • Edit the screenshot or share the screenshot.
  • To save the screenshot, please tap
    button and cull
    Relieve PDF to Files option.

Full Page

If you lot want to take a scrolling screenshot in other apps, you tin permit third-party apps assist you go far, such as Picsew, Long Screenshot, Tailor.

How to Screenshot on iPhone SE without Home Button

If you want to screenshot on iPhone SE without Home button, you tin take reward of the
AssistiveTouch or the Back Tap

How to Accept A Screenshot on iPhone SE via AssistiveTouch

  • Turn on AssistiveTouch: Go to
    > Tap
    > Tap
    > Tap
    and turn it on.
  • Then yous volition see a semi-transparent button on your screen and you can tap that circle to find
  • Yous can tap
    Customize Tiptop Level Menu and click
    + button to add
    to the AssistiveTouch menu.


Take a screenshot on iPhone SE without Habitation button:

When you are on the screen y’all desire to take a screenshot, you can tap the semi-transparent push button and choose
and a screenshot will be taken immediately. And so yous tin can edit or share the screenshot.

How to Take A Screenshot on iPhone SE via Back Tap

If your iPhone SE 2020 is running on iOS xiv and after, y’all can utilize the Dorsum Tap function to have a screenshot.

Go to
> Tap
> Tap
> Tap
Back Tap
at the lesser > Choose
Double Tap

Triple Tap
> Select

Back Tap

Now yous can double-tap or triple-tap the back of your iPhone to have a screenshot.

Bonus: Get An Piece of cake Manner to Transfer Your iPhone Photos

If you are a new iPhone user, yous may be confused about iPhone information transfer. You may have tried to transfer photos from Android to iPhone SE merely plant that you can not arrive via copy and paste manner.

Well, if you desire to transfer photos, videos or songs to iPhone, yous can let iTunes sync them. Even so, iTunes just supports computer to iPhone transfer. What’south worse, yous may lose the existing items on iPhone because of wrong operations.

To brand things simple, you tin let FoneTool, one professional person iOS data manager help you transfer data between iPhone SE and figurer. You can select the files you want to transfer and it will non erase the existing data on your iPhone.

Transfer with MBackupper

Besides data transfer, yous tin too let information technology assistance you convert HEIC to PNG/JPG/JPEG, observe indistinguishable photos on iPhone and computer, backup of import information, etc. Go for information technology now and notice more than!

Terminal Words

That’s all about how to take a screenshot on iPhone SE. Ordinarily, you tin can press the Abode push button and Side/Top button at the same to get the screenshot. If you lot want to take a screenshot without pressing the buttons, you can make use of the AssistiveTouch or Back Tap characteristic.


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