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On your iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 10, iPhone XS/XS Max, or iPhone XR, y’all may wish to snap a screenshot because y’all want to share it with someone else or save the critical information on your device. This article, which describes two ways how to screenshot on iPhone 8, was written for that reason. In addition to the ways on how to screenshot on iPhone 8, viewing, editing, and sharing the screenshot on your iPhone device were also included in this article. To learn more than, keep reading.

The ability to photograph the contents of your iPhone screen tin be useful at times. This might be a thing y’all found online, a piece of music you need to call up, or getting the all-time score in a game and wanting to tell your buddies about it. Information technology tin can fifty-fifty be some important rumors that you really must spread.

Thankfully, taking a screenshot with an iPhone is a pretty unproblematic mode to reach this in these situations. We demonstrate how to speedily and easily accept a screenshot of an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus display.


  • How To Screenshot On iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus
    • How To Screenshot On iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus Using Buttons
    • How To Screenshot On iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus Using AssistiveTouch
  • How To Screenshot on iPhone X
  • Which Buttons Have A Screenshot On iPhone 8?
  • Editing The Screenshot
  • FAQ’s
    • Without the home button, how exercise yous snap a screenshot on an iPhone 8?
    • Why can’t my iPhone 8 take a screenshot?
  • Conclusion

How To Screenshot On iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus

how to screenshot on iPhone 8

In full general, there are two means how to screenshot on iPhone eight, it’s either via using buttons or ‘Assistive Touch on.’

How To Screenshot On iPhone eight or iPhone eight Plus Using Buttons

  1. Navigate to the iPhone screen you want to capture.
  2. To take a screenshot on your iPhone 8, quickly printing and then release the Dwelling house and Sleep/Wake buttons.
  3. The screenshot preview will and so announced in the lower-left corner of the screen. When you press on the preview, yous can change the screenshot by cropping it, adding marks, or adding text, a signature, or a magnifier.
  4. So select ‘Done’, then ‘Save’ to Photos to save the screenshot to your iPhone, or select ‘Share’ to send it via electronic mail, message, or some other method of your choice.

If you want to direct salvage your screenshot, just swipe left beyond the preview. The screenshot will be automatically saved on your device. If yous similar the screenshot to bank check afterwards, just go to your ‘Photos’, tap ‘Album’, then ‘Screenshots’ on your device.

How To Screenshot On iPhone viii or iPhone eight Plus Using AssistiveTouch

If you lot observe that pressing buttons might accidentally activate “Siri” or lock your iPhone if you don’t hit the buttons simultaneously, using “AssistiveTouch” is really more applied. You tin can do it by following the instructions listed below.

  1. On your iPhone, go to “Settings,” then “General” and “Accessibility.”
  2. To make your iPhone screen easier on the eyes, you lot can also invert color on the iPhone 8 under “Accessibility”.
  3. To activate it, roll down and select “AssistiveTouch.”
  4. Later on that, select “Customize Summit Level Menu.”
  5. To add together a fresh icon, simply tap the Plus (+) symbol.
  6. Select “Screenshot” by borer the recently added symbol, then click “Done.”
  7. The “Screenshot” pick will then appear in the “AssistiveTouch” Menu.
  8. Go to the screen you desire to take a screenshot on your iPhone 8.
  9. Click the ‘AssistiveTouch’ button on your screen and cull ‘Screenshot’ to screenshot your iPhone.

How To Screenshot on iPhone X

On your iPhone Ten device, the manner of taking a screenshot is a bit dissimilar from the iPhone 8 since in that location’s no ‘Home’ button on it. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Find the screen you wish to capture on your device by navigating there.
  2. To screenshot on your iPhone Ten, simultaneously press and concur the ‘Side and Volume Up’ buttons.
  3. Later on taking the screenshot, you can modify it further by clicking the thumbnail in the bottom-left corner of your iPhone 10, or you can choose to let it save automatically.
  4. In iOS 11, you can encounter the screenshots by visiting ‘Photos’, then Albums, and Camera Curl/Screenshots.
  5. In iOS 12, open Photos, choose ‘Albums’, go to ‘Media Types’, and select ‘Screenshots’ to get the Screenshots anthology.

Similarly, you can also screenshot your iPhone X using Assistive Affect mentioned above.

Which Buttons Take A Screenshot On iPhone 8?

Belongings down a few of the physical buttons on the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus at once is necessary to take a screenshot.

Press the Side button, which turns the iPhone on and off, while simultaneously pressing the Habitation button on the front of the phone to take a picture. For about a 2d, hold both buttons, and then release.

Editing The S

By moving the blue boundaries around the trivial image after tapping it, y’all tin can resize the image. You tin also highlight particular areas of the image using the diverse drawing and annotating tools that are accessible.

Y’all’ll run into a ‘+’ sign in the bottom correct corner, which provides you accessibility to text boxes, a identify to add your signature, and a magnifier that, every bit the proper noun implies, may overstate specific portions of the image.

When the screenshot is perfect, select Done in the upper left corner of the screen to save it to the Photos app.


Without the home push, how do you snap a screenshot on an iPhone eight?

On the iPhone viii, agree down the volume upwards button while belongings down the lock push to accept a screenshot. Your screen will flash white, and the phone will make a noise.

Why can’t my iPhone eight accept a screenshot?

The “SmartCam” role on the iPhone 8 recognizes when you’re attempting to take a screenshot and will take the motion picture instead.


How to screenshot on iPhone eight is i of the questions well-nigh iPhone users encountered when having trouble using the device. Hopefully, the means mentioned above can help yous how to screenshot on iPhone 8 easily and successfully.

Exercise not hesitate to share your ideas in the annotate section box below. Take a proficient 1.


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