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How To Schedule A Text On Iphone

By | 03/10/2022

As more businesses have shifted to remote piece of work, information technology’s become increasingly mutual for many to have fewer work boundaries.

And while nosotros all have a tendency to impulsively check our phones with every ping, sometimes we but want to hang out with our friends and family without work messages taking over our lives. Enter scheduled text messages.

Sending a scheduled text can permit you lot to respect the fourth dimension zone your business colleagues and partners are in. You lot tin even suggest the feature to the people you work with if you find yourself getting as well many messages in the evening. In this commodity, we’re going to share how to send a scheduled text so y’all’re not sending letters back and along outside of your working hours. Plus, we’ll share other means to set expectations without feeling the pressure to e’er be available on call.

Can y’all schedule a text message on your iPhone?

Yes, you tin schedule a text message on your iPhone. Still, nigh people prefer sending scheduled text messages through 3rd-party apps because iMessage doesn’t allow you to send scheduled texts natively.

OpenPhone is an app that allows y’all to schedule messages on your iOS device, simply yous’re not limited to your phone with OpenPhone. If you prefer to text from your computer, yous can also schedule text messages on your calculator using the spider web or desktop app.

Ensure contacts opt in before scheduling text messages

Start things start: Before sending texts, brand sure any recipients opt into receiving texts from you based on the blazon of messages you’re going to transport.

For example, if you intend on texting them appointment reminders, you can make this articulate to anyone in advance within your opt-in form (your opt-in course tin either be a digital or hard copy course).

Be sure also to include an opt-out with every message yous send (“To opt out of messages from u.s.a., send STOP.”). If non, your recipient’s carrier could flag your business concern phone number as spam.

How to schedule a text bulletin using OpenPhone

How to schedule a text message in OpenPhone from the web or desktop app.

After yous terminate typing your text in OpenPhone, yous can click on the clock icon beside the send button to fix a time for your bulletin to send.

How to schedule a text and select the time you want to schedule a text message within the OpenPhone desktop or web app

The good news nearly sending scheduled texts with OpenPhone is that you can edit or delete messages before it’s sent.

How to schedule a text message: Specifying whether you wish scheduled text messages to cancel if your contact messages you first.

If you hear dorsum from someone earlier than expected, OpenPhone tin also automatically unschedule your message if they text you first. That message saves as a draft in your conversation thread if y’all want to employ it after. That way, you tin skip any defoliation on your contact’southward end. When you draft up a text message this pick is selected by default.

In example you lot but change your mind on a queued-up bulletin, before information technology goes out you tin can also cancel the message.

If you want to send the bulletin regardless of whether they message y’all or non, you tin can choose “Even if they message starting time” equally an option too.

Then can choose whatsoever fourth dimension to send your scheduled bulletin. OpenPhone provides a list of suggestions, merely in case you aren’t certain exactly what fourth dimension to schedule your text for. You’ll see options for later on today, this night, and tomorrow morn.

Trying to calculate late at night the right time to send a message based on a different time zone is only a math teacher’due south dream. For the residue of us, message apps like OpenPhone allow you to schedule a bulletin around the recipient’s time zone if your contact lives in a dissimilar part of the world. Past default, that’s based on their phone number’s area code.

Still, you lot tin update that to any time zone if they alive elsewhere. Then if yous’re hoping to send them a text at ix AM in their time zone, you can exercise that with just a few clicks. 11 PM finger counting math crisis avoided

If you’re waiting to speak with a colleague earlier sending off a scheduled text, you lot might choose after today.

Tag teammates internally as comments only visible to your team in OpenPhone.

When you lot and your teammate want to work together in context, you can even comment and mention them in the conversation.

When to send messages to multiple recipients vs 1-to-1

Like any engaging conversation, context matters. And in some circumstances where folks opted into receiving texts from you lot, you may want to text multiple recipients at once.

As well marketing campaigns, below are the most common overarching scenarios in which you can automate and schedule texts to achieve multiple contacts concurrently.

3 situations where yous schedule texts to multiple recipients

1. You want to confirm or remind your contacts of a booking

Consider scheduling automated touchpoints with your contacts if they asking an appointment with your business. Appointment confirmation texts can go out subsequently they volume fourth dimension with you. Exist sure to include an opt-in checkbox with your form as a record that they opted into receiving texts from you.

If you experience a lot of no-shows or last-minute cancellations, bank check our guide to learn how to utilize Zap delays to send out appointment reminder texts.

Members of a community may expect or want a notification if something comes upwardly that immediately impacts their day. For example, a condo board might send a bulletin to all community members when at that place’south an elevator down, water shut off, or another relevant issue that needs to exist addressed. In this instance, people who alive in the building will appreciate knowing this information equally information technology straight affects them — and they may not take checked their email inbox.

Looking to send messages similar this through OpenPhone? Attain out to our sales team.

3. You are gathering feedback

If yous’re collecting customer feedback for your team or conducting a enquiry study, you tin can besides break outside people’south crowded list of unread emails. People tend to read text messages at a higher read rate of 42% instead of e-mail which is simply 32%. People likewise respond to text letters much faster than emails. For case, an individual volition typically reply to a text within 90 seconds, whereas an email will typically accept about 90 minutes.

If yous’re looking to schedule a text asking for feedback to a small handful of people, you tin can create, share, and use snippets. A snippet is basically your get-to template message that yous can send to multiple people, without having to rewrite the entire message multiple times or striking re-create and paste.

Creating a text snippet in OpenPhone.

When you type /snippet into a text box and select “Create snippet”, you can etch and save any new snippets with anyone that has shared access to a specific OpenPhone number or a teammate.

In the OpenPhone app, share a text snippet with teammates via the shared numbers they have access to or by specifying the which team members you want to have access to a snippet

Once you’ve written a handy bully snippet, you tin share it with specific teammates or shared inboxes your team accesses.

When to send i-to-ane messages

In nigh other cases, scheduling one-to-one messages works better every bit you lot can personalize texts further based on your contact notes, chat history, and telephone call recordings. As mentioned above, scheduling text messages one-to-one in OpenPhone is besides particularly clutch if a recipient texts you before your scheduled bulletin goes out.

That said, scheduling one-to-one messages to 100% cold leads isn’t effective and tin violate FCC’s guidelines — so build up that relationship first.

Lesser line: When you’re nurturing relationships, have ongoing conversations, or only want to provide a more than tailored approach, one-to-i messages are the best choice.

How to schedule a text message on your iPhone using the Shortcuts app

iPhone users looking to schedule texts can utilize the Shortcuts app. Yet, you’re unable to schedule texts as a i-off message via Shortcuts.  Using OpenPhone allows you to easily send scheduled texts. Just if you’d prefer to ship the Shortcuts app, you can follow these steps. In the by, using this app was easier only it’due south go more complicated after newer updates.

1. Open the Shortcuts app if you have an iPhone running with iOS xiii or later on. If you’re running on an older iOS,  you can download an older version of the app from the App Shop.

How to schedule a text:  Using the Shortcuts app on an iPhone

two. Select “Automation” at the bottom of the screen.

3. Click “+” on the top right corner of the screen.

iv. Press the “Create Personal Automation”.

How to schedule a text: Setting up an automation from an iPhone.

5. Click “Time of Day” and ready a time and click “Side by side”.

How to schedule a text: New iPhone automation screen after clicking set up.

half dozen. Click “Send Bulletin”.

How to schedule a text: Adding an action from automations on an iPhone.

7. Type your message in the “Message” box and and then add your recipients to the “Recipient” box, click washed and then adjacent.

How to schedule a text: Creating a text message customized based on the recipient from an iPhone.

8. Brand sure the “Ask Before Running” button is clicked if you want to double cheque the message earlier sending and click “Done”.

How to schedule a text: Created automation from instructions above on an iPhone.

nine. Afterward the bulletin has been sent, delete the automation so it doesn’t repeat the side by side day unless you want information technology to.

This scheduled text tool allows you lot to add multiple automations but as mentioned, the downside is that you can but add recurring automations rather than a 1 off, making it less convenient than an app similar OpenPhone.

How to schedule a text bulletin using the Reminders app on your iPhone

While you tin can’t actually send a text with the Reminders app on your iPhone, y’all’ll still exist able to remind yourself to send a text afterwards. This isn’t a traditional SMS scheduler like OpenPhone, only could be helpful if you want a reminder to schedule a text just haven’t drafted the message yet.

1. Open the Reminders app and click “New Reminder” on the bottom of the screen.

Using the reminders app on an iPhone to remember to send a text.

2. For your title write “Send a text to [name of recipient].

Adding reminder details from the Reminders app.

3. Click “Details” and include the engagement and time and then “Add together.” You could likewise add together “When Messaging” and include a contact name to remind yous to send the message when you’re speaking with that person via text.

Setting additional details for a reminder.

Can you schedule a text message on an Android device?

With an Android 7 or after version, you can schedule a text message. Some of the features are express, so third-party scheduling apps might be a better alternative. Text scheduling is coming soon to our Android app, only in the meantime, you can still schedule texts from your business telephone number via whatsoever estimator.

How to schedule a text message on Android 7 or newer using Google Messages

1. Open your Messages app and write a text in the bulletin section without sending information technology nonetheless.
2. Press down on the “Send” push button by holding it down.
three. Choose the date and time you lot’d like to schedule text messages so tap next and send.

Stay responsive and set clear expectations with OpenPhone

Equally long as you’ve got WiFi, you tin can employ OpenPhone to transport i:1 text messages or automatically queue upwards messages with Zaps ahead of schedule. That manner, a recipient receives it in their fourth dimension zone or a more than convenient time for both of you.

However, if your team is apace growing, you don’t accept to go information technology solitary. OpenPhone besides lets you stay responsive by working with teammates from a shared number.

Auto-replies that go out when you receive texts after hours

You may as well be feeling the pressure to always be on call to your customers and desire to make certain your team can relax outside of working hours. Yous tin can add auto-replies that set proper expectations on when your contacts can expect to hear dorsum from your team.

Want to test out scheduling texts and auto-replies in OpenPhone? Sign upward for a free 7-twenty-four hours trial.

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