How To Schedule A Text On Iphone 13

By | 09/10/2022

Do you want to send a text bulletin at a specific fourth dimension on your iPhone 13, 12, eleven, or even older iPhone models for free? If that’s the scenario then you are at the right spot. In this guide, yous’ll learn how to
schedule a text on iPhone thirteen
or older models for free using the Shortcuts app.

Although Apple tree did not specifically include this functionality in its Messages app, the iPhone may send scheduled text messages. New possibilities emerge with the power to set the day and time for a message to be sent. Reminders to friends and family, for instance, can exist arranged ahead of time, while thoughts that arise in the middle of the nighttime can be conveyed during working hours.

Apple’s Messages
app is highly adaptable and enjoyable, assuasive Apple customers to chat on any of their devices, beginning with an iPhone and progressing to an Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. Memoji and effects offer a charming bear on, while pinned letters and Shared with Y’all help you keep organized. Information technology is also possible to send a text message to an Android device, though some features will not be available on those phones.

How to Schedule a Text on iPhone 13 for Complimentary with Shortcuts App

Yous’re probably non going to launch the Shortcuts app because it appears to be difficult to use. But the fact is that information technology isn’t for a lot of things. It’s really strong, and in one case you become the hang of information technology, you’ll be amazed at what yous can accomplish with information technology. It is also possible to schedule SMS messages. Yes, y’all read that correctly. The Shortcuts app allows you to programme text messages for whatsoever time or date. This means that once you’ve gear up it up correctly, yous’ll never forget to transport a birthday greeting to someone.

Then, here are the steps to schedule a text message on iPhone 13 earlier using the Shortcuts app:

1. On your iPhone, open up the


ii. At the bottom of the page, select the
tab. Tap
Create Personal Automation

if yous’ve never congenital automation before.

Note: This choice will not appear if you take previously congenital automation. Rather, hit the Plus icon in the tiptop right corner, and so Create Personal Automation.

3. Tap the
Time of Day choice.

4. Gear up the
fourth dimension
for when you want the message to exist sent.

5. Then tap
and scroll down to modify the appointment the message will be sent. Tap
when you’re finished.

half dozen. Select
Send Letters then tap

7. Blazon the
you wish to send and select the
recipient, so hit

eight. Examine the New Automation to ensure information technology has all of the necessary data. The choice to
Ask Before Running
is i to pay special attending to here. Information technology’southward turned on by default. If you want the automation to run automatically without your input, press the toggle side by side to Ask Before Running to plough it off.

x. When you’re finished, hit
Done, and the automation will be set up to run according to the parameters you selected in the previous stages.

How to Schedule a Text on iPhone 13, 12 & 11 for Free with Shortcuts App

Schedule a Text on iPhone xiii

How to Remove or Conciliate the Shortcut

Presume you no longer want to send the planned text. With a single swipe, yous may erase the shortcut. If you wish to suspend the scheduled messages for a bit, you may disable them to avoid having to recreate the automation in the near future.

Hither’due south how to delete the scheduled text automation:

  • Navigate to the
    Automation tab
    in Shortcuts.
  • Swipe left
    on the automaton to be deleted.
  • Tap the

Remove or Deactivate the Shortcut

That’s information technology. These were the steps to schedule a text message on iPhone 13 or before for free using the Shortcuts app.

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