You’re swiping through your Facebook feed and y’all all of a sudden come across a video that you actually want to employ somewhere else. The problem is, you don’t know know how to relieve video from Facebook to an iPhone. Don’t worry, nosotros have your back. We’ll show you three practical means for how to salvage videos from Facebook to your iPhone photographic camera ringlet.

3 Options to Relieve a Video from Facebook to a Smartphone (iPhone or Android)

Selection 1: Save Your Facebook Post Video to a Smartphone

You may have uploaded a video to your own Facebook business relationship only you lot don’t accept the source video file on your mobile device. No problem, you can utilize a third-party app for this. Use something like
Browser and Documents Manager
from the App Shop and so you know information technology’southward rubber. Assuming you want to download one of your own Facebook mail service videos to your telephone, hither’s the process to follow:

Step 1:
Download the 3rd-political party app from the App Store on your iPhone

Stride 2:
In your Facebook account, coil to the video you lot want to download and grab the URL by tapping the Share button and selecting Copy Link, equally shown in the screenshot below:

how to save a video from facebook to your phone safely

Pace three:
In one case you accept the link, launch the Browser and Documents Manager app,
click hither >>

how can you save videos from facebook to your phone

Step 4:
This will open a downloader site. Now, choose the Facebook icon on the site and paste the Facebook video URL that you copied in Stride 2 above. Follow the steps and tap Download when you run into the notification.

how to save video from facebook to mobile phone quickly

Pace five:
The file volition be saved in the Files tab of the Browser and Documents Manager app. Tap the ellipsis (iii dots) next to the proper noun of the video and choose Open In, then select Salve Video. The video volition exist moved to your camera curlicue.

how to save videos to my phone from facebook in an easy way

The in a higher place process will also work for Android devices, which you lot can download using the APK method. You tin
get the installation file here.

Option 2: Salve the Facebook Video from Others’ Posts to Phone

Downloading another person’southward video postal service Facebook video from your feed is also a relatively elementary process. The selection in a higher place wait tedious merely it’s a safer method because yous’re using a 18-carat file director from the App Store. However, y’all can also directly use a download site like fbdown.cyberspace. It’s the same procedure but with fewer steps.

Footstep one:
As in the above method, re-create the Facebook video’southward URL from the Share → Copy Link option on your iPhone.

Footstep ii:
Now, open the Chrome app (preferable) on your device and become to and paste the link you just copied.

Step 3:
Tap the Download push button next to the input field.

steps - how to save a video on phone from facebook

Step four:
Select the video quality (SD or Hd) and tap the Download Link button as seen in the screenshot above.

Although this process is certainly simpler, information technology doesn’t take the advantage of a protective intermediate step like the first process nosotros showed. Withal, it’southward one more than option to save videos from Facebook to your iPhone or Android device.

Option three: Save Video from Facebook Messenger to Smartphone

The third scenario is downloading a video from Facebook messenger on your Android smartphone or iPhone. This is very uncomplicated to exercise:

Pace 1:
Open the FB Messenger app and go to the conversation where the video was sent.

Step 2:
Detect the video and long-press it to see the options.

learn how to save video from facebook messenger to phone

Pace 3:
Tap on Save Video. That’due south information technology!

What You Should Know When You lot’re Saving Videos from Facebook

There are a couple of ‘rules of thumb’ to follow when you’re downloading videos from Facebook to your phone.

Pace 1:
Watch your telephone retentiveness – downloading also many videos volition clog up your device memory, so unless you have aplenty empty space, consider downloading on a desktop instead. You can withal use the same download websites for this.

Step 2:
Exist aware of quality – Some Facebook videos are already uploaded in low resolution or frame rate. These aren’t actually skillful for using anywhere else because they’ll be grainy and unprofessional. Make sure the original is clear and at least Hard disk quality.

Step 3:
Don’t jailbreak your iPhone! We don’t recommend that y’all hack your iPhone with a jailbreak in social club to download Facebook videos (or whatsoever other reason, for that matter) Information technology’s unsafe and it volition void your warranty.

A Recommended Video Editor to Get Your Video More Thumbs-ups

If yous’re using the video on another platform, we recommend that you
clean it up and do some editings to make it await more professional, especially if it’s been shot at dwelling house past someone on their smartphone. For this, you can try
iMyFone Filme, a gratuitous-to-use video editor with tons of features and a user-friendly interface. Y’all tin can download information technology on your Mac or PC and take advantage of the following features:

  • Editing– Full suite of editing tools such as cropping, trimming, splitting, etc. This will brand the video expect similar information technology’s been shot past a pro.

edit video before posting to social media - imyfone filme

  • Enhancements– Utilise transitions, text, effects, and blitheness to adorn the video before posting. Yous’ll find everything you need, including a Fast Video Mode to quickly create a stunning video slideshow (with audio) from video clips and images.

add text to video for a pro look - imyfone filme

  • Corrections– You can command elements similar brightness and contrast using Filme. This will make your videos stand out from the bulk of sick-lit and fuzzy videos on Facebook.

edit video attributes in imyfone filme windows and mac

  • Format– Filme supports dozens of video formats and codecs then you can catechumen the video into practically whatsoever format yous desire.

imyfone supports several video formats for export

  • Sound– Add together background music and effects from a vast collection of MP3 recordings bachelor within Filme.

add audio to video files in imyfone filme

Y’all tin can practise this and much more when y’all have iMyFone Filme watching out for yous. Other features include screen recording, sound voice-over recording, panning and zooming, and much more.

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In Parting…

Downloading Facebook videos helps you aggrandize your ain collection when you postal service on social media, but if you have a pro-level video editor like iMyFone Filme at your dorsum, you tin can set a very high standard for your audience. In a short time, you tin abound your followers solely based on the loftier quality of videos that you put out – and yous tin tell them how you did it!

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