How To Save A Slideshow On Iphone

If you are running iOS 10 and afterwards version, you can make a slideshow on iPhone within the Photos app direct. Once you lot accept pictures with the iPhone camera, y’all can create an iPhone slideshow directly. Thus, you can organize photos and videos into a slideshow with groundwork music for costless. Moreover, you lot tin add extra layers, texts and more elements to decorate the slideshow for party, family reunion, birthday and more. If y’all want to make a stunning slideshow on iPhone to share with friends and families, you can check this tutorial to get more details.

How to Make a Slideshow on iPhone

  • Part 1: How to Make a Slideshow on iPhone
  • Role 2: How to Share a Slideshow on iPhone
  • Function 3: Utilise Slideshow Maker to Create an iPhone Slideshow

Part 1: How to Brand a Slideshow on iPhone

The built-in Apple Photos app tin be your slideshow app for iPhone and iPad. It is supported to make a slideshow on iPhone past engagement, year, memories or album. Y’all can make a collection of different photos in category. The iPhone slideshow app too allows users to add together background music, adapt slideshow theme and utilize basic effects to slideshows on iPhone. In addition, you tin fifty-fifty make a slideshow on iPhone with music imported from your iTunes library. Also, yous can salvage a slideshow on iPhone.

Pace i
Open the Photos app. You can come across groups of photos organized by certain dates. Choose the
option to pick up some pictures.

Step two
Tap the
icon on the lower left corner of the iPhone screen. It looks like a foursquare box with an upward arrow.

Pace iii
near the bottom. Photos volition compile the selected photos into a slideshow automatically.

Step 4
Tap anywhere to play a slideshow on iPhone. And then cull
on the lower right corner to access the iPhone slideshow menu.

Footstep five
Set up
options to customize the iPhone slideshow.

Stride 6
After the customization, tap
to relieve a slideshow on iPhone with music completely.

iPhone slideshow options

Role 2: How to Share a Slideshow on iPhone

Yous can share or ship iPhone slideshows to others or social media platforms as other files too. When you are in the slideshow editing window, you lot can finish the process whenever yous want.

Step 1
Open the slideshow on iPhone Photos app.

Pace ii
Save Video
to save a slideshow on iPhone with Photos.

Stride iii
on the lesser left corner of iPhone.

Pace 4
Select the platform to share a slideshow on iPhone with iMessage, electronic mail, Facebook, OneDrive, YouTube and more than.

Step 5
Preview the slideshow within the app. Later, tap
to share or send a slideshow on iPhone.

Export iPhone slideshow

Function 3: Utilise Slideshow Maker to Create an iPhone Slideshow

Yous can only make a simple slideshow with the Photos app on iPhone. Photos lacks the latest slideshow templates and editing tools. If you lot want to make a themed slideshow, you can get fabulous effects and 100+ slideshow customizing tools from Apeaksoft Slideshow Maker. The ready-made theme tin make your slideshow more eye-communicable. Yous tin edit the provided slideshow theme or create your ain slideshow style freely.

The iPhone slideshow maker software can export the slideshows in various formats and devices. If you desire to play the slideshow on iPhone, you can cull Apple iPhone equally the output device to become all compatible formats. Moreover, you tin can accommodate the output video quality, resolution, and iPhone slideshow settings within the program.

Apeaksoft Slideshow Maker

  • Brand an iPhone slideshow with 10 swell slideshow themes.
  • Input media materials in various video, sound and prototype formats.
  • Add groundwork music to your iPhone slideshow.
  • Edit the existing or make new themes with 48 types of text, 57 types of transition, 43 types of filters and 65 types of elements.
  • Edit every prototype or video slide separately.
  • Share and save your created iPhone or iPad slideshow.

Download for Win

Step i
Run Apeaksoft Slideshow Maker. Click
Add photo(due south) and video(s) here
to import iPhone pictures and videos into the workplace.

Add pictures

Stride 2
Cull the certain media file. Click
on the top. Y’all tin can adjust image effects, rotate/crop image, fix the motion and more. Click
to save changes.

Edit pictures

In the video editing interface, yous can rotate video, ingather video, clip video, adjust video speed and other details. The preview window volition evidence you lot the real-time effect immediately. Click
to get back to the main interface.

Video editing basic

Step 3
To make a slideshow on iPhone with music, y’all can click
Add Background Music
and import the slideshow music you similar. Click
Edit Audio
and so
Loop Playback
to play iPhone slideshow music in a loop.

Add background music

Step 4
In the right pane of the iPhone slideshow maker, download and preview the slideshow effects. Here you can accommodate
to edit the iPhone slideshow.

Adjust text style

Step 5
to brand a slideshow on iPhone and relieve it. Select the specific output formats in the
section. Or you can navigate to the
department to go all compatible portable devices.

Output format

That’southward all to make a slideshow on iPhone and save/share it. You can brand your own slideshow on iPhone or desktop with the to a higher place 2 methods right at present. There are besides top 8 Free Slideshow Makers for you if y’all desire. It is easy to make an iPhone slideshow with music in iOS 14 and earlier versions. If y’all have whatsoever other good way to create a photograph or video slideshow on iPhone, you tin leave a message below.


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