How To Reverse Video On Iphone

By | 03/10/2022

How to Reverse Video in iPhone

Kendra D. Mitchell |

There might be instances when you wonder about the process people use to
opposite video on iPhone, and more importantly, why do they practice that in the first place. Talking about the ‘why’ part, while playing a movie or a particular scene, a few frames need your focus as an audience. If you’re a filmmaker or a vlogger, you might understand the significance of reversing the video as sometimes information technology is even done to demonstrate the events that took place in the past.

What’s more, the result is also used to represent a person who is going in the flashback visually. Because this cannot be shown using any other method, at least not that piece of cake, the reverse effect helps the directors to put this into the audition’s mind.

Considering these situations, the following sections explain
how to reverse a video on iPhone
in several ways, without installing any app and using some of the most popular ones.

  • Part i. How to Reverse Video on iPhone without an App
  • Part two. Best Apps to Contrary Videos on iPhone
  • Role 3. FAQs nearly Reversing Videos on iPhone

Part 1: How to Contrary Video on iPhone without an App

Because iPhone doesn’t have the built-in feature or tool to reverse a video, if you don’t want to install any app to consummate this task, yous need to employ some online video editors to reverse a video without the cost of whatsoever penny and installation. Hither, I will introduce the complimentary online video reverser tool from allows you to perform almost all complex and elementary mail service-production tasks, such as editing, converting, and compressing videos, images, and audio files.

Furthermore, there will be no watermark on the exported video later on editing and reversing videos using The steps beneath explain how to
reverse the video on iPhone
has with

Earlier proceeding, make sure that you lot have transferred the source video to your iPhone’s storage and that the clip is accessible from within the Photos/Photographic camera Roll app.

Step ane: Upload the Source Video to

Launch Safari on your iPhone (iPhone xiii Pro Max is used here for illustrations) and get to Online Video Reverser.

On the landing page, tap
Choose Files, tap
Photograph Library, tap to select the video that you desire to reverse, tap
from the lesser-right, and wait while the video is uploaded to

upload video to reverse on iPhone with

Optionally, from the landing page, you tin can upload the source video from your
Google Drive
cloud storage account, or tap the
icon to locate the footage if information technology is already published on the streaming media platform.

Step 2: Define Output Preferences

Once the prune is uploaded, tap to choose your preferred playback speed of the reversed video from under the
Reverse speed
section. Brand sure that the
Mute video
box is checked under the
Sound options
section, so you don’t have to hear the glitched audio.

Tap to open the
Salvage to
card and choose your preferred output format from the available list (MP4
is selected hither for reference) and tap
from the lesser-correct corner. Wait while processes the video according to your specifications to meet
how to reverse a video on iPhone without an app.

reverse video on iPhone with for free

Step three: Download the Video

In one case the reversal process is complete, tap
from the next page that appears and download the modified video to your iPhone.

Part ii: Best Apps to Reverse Videos on iPhone

Apart from using online video reverser to
reverse video on iPhone, you can also install the following apps to consummate the job without connecting to the Net.

1. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is another video editing app from Wondershare which can be used on mobile devices, including iPhone and Android. The intuitive interface makes information technology simple yet powerful enough to manage multiple timelines. You can do some basic video editing such equally trimming, splitting, merging, adjusting the playback speed, rotating the video, or calculation animated texts and stickers.

reverse video on iPhone with FilmoraGo

  • Launch FilmoraGo on your iPhone afterwards installing it from the App Shop and and then tap the
    NEW project to import the source video that you lot want to reverse;
  • Subsequently the video is loaded on the timeline, you need to mute the video beginning by tapping the
    Book button
    from the available tools at the lesser and dragging the
    slider to the left to set it to
    (this volition mute the video).
  • Scroll the toolbar at the bottom to the right to tap
    and then expect while FilmoraGo reverses the video
  • Tap the
    Resolutionoption from the upper-right surface area, and use the available
    Frames per Second
    sliders to define output preference

Watch the video beneath to discover out more details about reversing video on iPhone with the FilmoraGo video editing app.

2. ReverseVid

ReverseVid is an app that is particularly dedicated to reversing the video clips that you import to it. At the time of this writing, the program offers iii subscription plans that are per week, monthly, and annual basis.

reverse video on iPhone with ReverseVid

The process of
how to reverse a video on iPhone
with ReverseVid is given below:

  • Launch ReverseVid on your iPhone and tap
    Cull from the library;
  • Select the source video that you desire to contrary and tap
    from the bottom-right corner of the next screen that appears
  • On the main interface, utilize the options that are given at the bottom to add together music and annotations to the footage
  • Use the Timeline meter to define the playback speed of the reversed video, and then tap the
    button from the summit-right corner to export and download the modified video to your iPhone

3. KineMaster

KineMaster is one of the most used video editing applications on Android and iOS platforms. The plan is so pop that many times the users with some experience on it consider and introduce themselves equally professional editors, and up to some extent, they are good at it also. KineMaster is versatile and is too populated with several advanced tools and features. Because of this, information technology wouldn’t be wrong if information technology is called a consummate postal service-production mobile app.

KineMaster is costless to use and offers monthly and annual subscription plans to unlock its advanced features.

reverse video on iPhone with KineMaster

The process on
reverse video iPhone
with KineMaster is given below:

  • Launch KineMaster on your iPhone and tap
    on the beginning screen
  • Tap
    Create New
    and choose an output resolution by tapping the tile with your preferred aspect ratio and tap
    Side by side
    from the top-right corner
  • Import the source video to contrary, and tap
    (tick mark icon) from the top-correct corner
  • Tap to select the media rail in the Timeline, and and so tap
    from the panel on the correct. Reduce the
    slider to
    to mute the video and tap
    from the top-correct
  • Select the media runway again and then tap
    this fourth dimension from the right panel to wait while KineMaster reverses the video
  • Tap
    from the elevation-right to save the modifications and tap
    from the height-correct corner
  • Define output preferences on the
    Save and Share
    screen and tap
    Save as Video
    from the bottom to
    reverse video on iPhone
    with KineMaster

Watch the video tutorial below to find out more details about reversing videos with KineMaster:

FAQs about Reversing Videos on iPhone

1. Can I reverse a video with iMovie on iPhone?

At the time of this writing, unfortunately, the iPhone/iPad version of iMovie doesn’t take any selection to contrary the video. However, the Mac version of the program does let you to exercise that with ease.

2. How to opposite a video on an iPhone without an app?

If you want to know
how to contrary a video on iPhone without an app, the answer is simple. You must rely on an online programme that works on web browsers. One such tool is online video reverser which is quite reliable and efficient and exports the videos without whatsoever watermark even if you’re using a gratis subscription program.