Apple’s iPhone 13 mini, ‌‌iPhone 13‌‌, iPhone 13 Pro, and ‌‌iPhone 13 Pro‌‌ Max come in the same sizes every bit last year’s iPhone 12 series, and they share the same design elements with Apple’due south 2020 models, such as an all-screen pattern and no Home push on the front end.

If you’re upgrading from a device with a Home push button, go along reading to larn how to power on and off, force a restart, enter DFU mode, enter recovery mode, activate Emergency SOS, and temporarily disable Face up ID. Beneath you’ll find step-by-step guides for performing the button combinations of all of the above functions, along with explanations of what the more obscure ones do and why they might one mean solar day come in useful.

How to Hard Reset the iPhone 13 (All models)

  1. Quickly printing and release the
    Volume Up
    iphone 12 buttons front copy
  2. Quickly press and release the
    Volume Downwards
    push button.
  3. Press and concord the
    button until the Apple logo appears, then release the

During this process, yous will run across a slider to power off the iPhone. You’re going to want to ignore it and go along belongings down the Side button until the screen goes black. At that betoken, the Apple logo will popular up, and subsequently the restart is complete, the screen will activate again.

Using the strength restart process prevents you from having to shut the ‌iPhone‌ downwardly entirely, which takes several more than steps.

If you do desire to shut the ‌iPhone‌ down, y’all can do so by going to the
section of the
app, scrolling downwardly to the bottom, and choosing the
Shut Downwards

iPhone 12 Button Nuts

Apple tree changed many of the physical button functions on its smartphones with the launch of the ‌‌iPhone‌‌ 8 and ‌‌iPhone‌‌ X, so if you’re upgrading from a device that pre-dates these 2017 models, y’all’ll want to familiarize yourself with them.

iphone 12 buttons front

Face the screen of your new ‌‌iPhone‌‌ and y’all’ll see that in that location are 2 volume buttons on the left-hand side, and a single Side push button on the right-mitt side. With no Habitation push button to speak of, these three side buttons work in combination to undertake all of the necessary functions.

Other Useful Things to Know

  • How to Turn On iPhone 12 and Later Models
  • How to Turn Off iPhone 12 and Later Models
  • How to Activate Emergency SOS on iPhone 12 and Later Models
  • How to Disable Confront ID on iPhone 12 and Later on Models
  • How to Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone 12 and After Models
  • How to Exit Recovery Mode on iPhone 12 and Later on Models
  • How to Enter DFU Mode on iPhone 12 and Later Models
  • How to Get out DFU Fashion on iPhone 12 and Later Models

How to Power on iPhone 13 mini, iPhone thirteen, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max

To plough on your new ‌‌iPhone‌‌, press the Side button once. If the Apple logo doesn’t appear on the screen, the device may need charging – plug it into a power outlet using the supplied Lightning cable, and allow it charge for at to the lowest degree a few minutes before trying over again.

iphone x xs 11 power on

Press and concord the
push along with the
Volume Up
Volume Downwards
button until two sliding buttons appear on the screen.

How to Power off iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max

power off

  1. Press and hold the
    push button forth with the
    Book Upwardly
    Book Downwards
    button until two sliding buttons appear on the screen.
  2. Release the physical buttons and swipe right on the
    slide to power off
    push at the superlative of the screen.

How to Activate Emergency SOS on iPhone xiii mini, iPhone 13, iPhone thirteen Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Activating Emergency SOS on your ‌iPhone‌ automatically calls emergency services and sends a text message with your location information to the people in your emergency contacts. For this reason, y’all should but apply it when you’re in danger or facing a genuine emergency. Note that you’ll need to enter your ‌iPhone‌’s passcode to reenable ‌Face ID‌ and unlock your ‌iPhone‌ after performing Emergency SOS.


  1. Press and concur the
    button too as either one of the
    buttons, so that you lot’re essentially squeezing either side of the device.
  2. Continue squeezing until the Emergency SOS countdown initiates on the screen. Yous tin either wait for the countdown to cease or slide it beyond to telephone call the emergency services immediately and warning your emergency contacts.

If you lot don’t want Emergency SOS to automatically call emergency services when the Side button is pressed, brand sure to disable Auto Telephone call via
Settings -> Emergency SOS -> Disable Motorcar Call.


How to Disable Face ID on iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Disabling ‌Face ID‌ on your ‌iPhone‌ makes information technology so your passcode has to be entered to unlock information technology. By disabling facial authentication, a police officer or malicious person tin can’t unlock your ‌iPhone‌ simply past holding it in front of your face.


  1. Printing and hold the
  2. Printing and hold either
    push button.
  3. Tap the
    button that appears at the lesser of the screen.

Troubleshooting Functions

Apple tree inverse the procedure of activating the post-obit troubleshooting functions with the launch of the ‌iPhone‌ 8 and ‌iPhone‌ X, and then if you lot upgraded from a device that pre-dates these 2017 models, it’s a skilful thought to familiarize yourself with them in case you run into bug.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Entering recovery mode can help if you lot’re having problem updating or restoring your ‌iPhone‌ over the air. For example, if the screen shows the Apple logo for several minutes only no progress bar appears, you can try putting the device in recovery mode and restoring it with iTunes. Here’due south how it works.

  1. Using the Lightning cable that came with your ‌iPhone‌, connect the device to your computer. If y’all’re using a Mac running macOS Mojave or earlier, or yous’re connecting to a PC, make certain you lot take the latest version of iTunes installed.
  2. On a Mac running macOS Catalina or later, open up
    Finder. On a Mac with macOS Mojave or earlier, or on a PC, open up
    iTunes. If iTunes is already open, shut it, then open information technology once more.
  3. With the ‌iPhone‌ connected, force restart information technology with the post-obit steps, but don’t release the buttons when you lot come across the Apple tree logo. Instead, wait until the recovery fashion screen appears.
  4. Press and quickly release the
    Book Upwardly

  5. Press and quickly release the
    Volume Downward
    push button.
  6. Printing and concord the
    push until you lot come across the recovery fashion screen, then release it.
    connect to iTunes

  7. If yous’re using iTunes, select your device in the iTunes sidebar. Otherwise, select your device in the Finder sidebar.
  8. When you see the option to Restore or Update, choose
    Update. Your figurer will try to reinstall the software without erasing your data. Wait while your figurer downloads the software for your device.

How to Exit Recovery Mode on iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone thirteen Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Only press and hold the
push button until the “Connect to iTunes” screen disappears, and your ‌iPhone‌ should reboot back into iOS.

How to Enter DFU Mode on iPhone 13 mini, iPhone xiii, iPhone xiii Pro, and iPhone xiii Pro Max

The forced restart procedure described higher up can assistance if an ‌iPhone‌ is freezing, throwing up errors, or has stopped responding completely. DFU mode (standing for Device Firmware Update) on the other hand restores an ‌iPhone‌ if a restart or entering standard Recovery Style doesn’t solve the problem you’re experiencing.

Apple iPhone 12 Blue frontimage cable

DFU fashion lets the device interface with Finder or iTunes, update the firmware, and restore the Bone without automatically installing the final downloaded version. It’s useful for installing older versions of iOS if a beta persistently hangs your phone, or if a jailbreak goes bad.

Before post-obit the steps below, make sure yous take the latest version of iTunes installed on your reckoner.

  1. Plow on your ‌iPhone‌ if it isn’t already.
  2. Connect it to your calculator using a Lightning to USB cablevision.
  3. On Macs running macOS Mojave or earlier and PCs, make sure that iTunes is running. On Macs running macOS Catalina or later, brand certain Finder is running.
  4. On your ‌iPhone‌, press the
    Volume Up
    button immediately followed past the
    Volume Down
  5. Next, press and agree the
    Side button
    (or power button) until your ‌iPhone‌’due south screen turns black.
  6. Release the
    Side push button
    and and then agree downward both the
    Side button
    Volume Downward
    button together for approximately five seconds.
  7. Now release the
    Side button, simply continue to printing the
    Book Down
  8. Expect for at to the lowest degree five seconds for Finder or iTunes to recognize DFU recovery mode has been enabled.

If you’re using iTunes, you should run into a message dialog saying “iTunes has detected an ‌iPhone‌ in recovery mode. You must restore this ‌iPhone‌ before it can be used with iTunes”. If you’re using Finder, y’all should see a similar message. If you don’t see the message, repeat the steps above.

Once you’ve closed the recovery prompt you lot can go ahead and restore your ‌iPhone‌ back to factory settings by selecting
Restore iPhone
on the ‌iPhone‌ Recovery Manner screen. In one case restored, your ‌iPhone‌ will automatically go out out of DFU mode and kicking upwards to its activation screen.

How to Exit DFU Mode

If yous enabled DFU mode and want to manually leave out of information technology, here’s how information technology’south washed.

  1. Press the
    Volume Upwardly
    button on your ‌iPhone‌ and apace release it.
  2. Press the
    Volume Down
    button and release information technology.
  3. Press and concur the
    Side push
    until the Apple logo appears on your ‌iPhone‌’south screen.

Your ‌iPhone‌ should now have exited DFU recovery fashion.

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