How To Reset Home Screen On Iphone

iOS sixteen brings
meaning improvements
for The Lock Screen so that users can customize information technology as they like. You can blueprint a customized security screen for your lock by coming up using diverse widgets such as font styles, colors, fonts images wallpapers, emojis, as well as colour-gradients. The ‘Suggested Photos’ feature cleverly displays photos from your library which can be instantly practical on your screen.

How can I gear up different backgrounds in iOS 16?

Although everything is fantastic and exciting thank you to the brand new lock screen feature in iOS sixteen. It’s a chip of a hassle to cull an culling wallpaper for both the home screen and the lock screen on iOS 16 on an iPhone. This is because, as a default iOS 16 applies the identical wallpaper to the home and lock screen whenever you switch or alter the background of your lock screen.

Like to that similarly, both the lock and home screen wallpapers alter when you lot change the wallpaper for your habitation screen on iOS 16 using the Share menu within the Photos app.

The short version:

iOS 16 requires yous to utilize the same background for both the Lock Screen and Abode Screen instead of having different wallpapers.

This is a real problem since the majority of iPhone users prefer to have two wallpapers: that one to employ for their Lock Screen and one for the Domicile Screen. In iOS 15 and older you take the choice to choose between Lock Screen, Domicile Screen or ready Both when you utilise a new wallpaper.

And then, how exercise I modify only the Home Screen in iOS 16 without altering my Screen for the Lock Screen?

It is possible to change the wallpaper of your iPhone Domicile Screen in iOS 16. The process overall isn’t easy, nonetheless and those who rarely change their iPhone backgrounds might be dislocated.

So, without further delay Let’s look at how yous can alter the background of your iOS 16 Home Screen background wallpaper. This guide is intended to be used on iPhone 14, iPhone xiii, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone xiv, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11 and all other iPhones
that run iOS 16..

How do I change the Dwelling house Screen on iOS sixteen? iOS sixteen on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings >
  2. Click on the ”
    Customise” push beneath on the
    domicile screen
    pane to the correct side.
  3. Click on the ”
    Photos” push button to select a picture in your Photos Library or Albums.
  4. Click the icon ‘Photos’ in the lower left corner.
  5. Click on”All” on the ”
    All” tab and cull the picture y’all wish to use as your wallpaper for your home.


    Search for specific images or get to Albums and select one from an album like
  6. To change the size and movement around the wallpaper you choose, simply move your finger in and out to alter the size of the picture and motion it around with your fingers.


    Make a image fit wallpaper on iOS 16 prior to applying i.
  7. OptionalSwipe left onto the display to add a filter on your wallpaper, such every bit Black & White, Duotone, as well as Colour Launder.
  8. Optional
    Apply the
    symbol (iii-dots) on the bottom left to actuate wallpaper effects such equally Perspective Zoom besides as Depth Effect.
  9. Click to ‘
    Done‘ after y’all have finished making your own Home Screen wallpaper.
  10. Click ‘Done’ a second fourth dimension to change the settings.

That’s information technology! The wallpaper you lot take applied will exist displayed in the Dwelling house Screen whereas the Lock Screen remains the same.

Create a unlike Home Screen wallpaper straight from the Lock Screen

Are you lot looking to add together a new background to the iOS 16 home screen when creating a new lock screen or modifying the one you lot accept already? It’s feasible.
To accomplish this
follow these steps.

  1. Lock your iPhone by using Face ID or Touch ID, or passcode.


    Do Not swipe upward to go back to your Home Screen every bit of now.
  2. Hold and tap
    on the Lock Screen.
  3. Click the
    + push button
    to create a new Lock Screen and choose the wallpaper you would like to utilize to use for it. You tin as well select ”
    Customise” to modify your existing Lock Screen.
  4. Tap on the
    Practice information technology
    then tap the’Done.
  5. To create an alternative Home Screen than the Lock Screen choose ”
    Customise Habitation Screen“.
  6. Follow the procedure above starting time with
    step iii.

How practice you lot mistiness the wallpapers of the Domicile screen on iOS sixteen

The Legibility Blur feature is a new feature that allows you lot to utilise blur effects to the Home Screen background in iOS 16. The blur effect that is added to your dwelling house wallpaper can make the icons of apps pop out and makes them easier to read. This is perfect to iPhone users who adopt blurred backgrounds on the Home Screen.

The blurry background creates the impression of an App Library. Brand certain yous use vibrant and vivid images to achieve the most effective result. The only drawback is that there’s no manner to modify the level of blur upshot. However, it is possible to
utilize Blear
the app for free with a simple interface to reach the blur you prefer.

Here’s how you lot can brand background blur on the Home Screen on iOS 16,

  1. Head to Settings > Wallpaper.
  2. Click to “Customise” under the
    Home Screen
  3. Click on the ”
    Blur” button on the correct paw corner to utilise blurring to the screen y’all take already set. You can as well see the changes right in a higher place.
  4. Click ‘Done’ to apply.

Similar to this you lot can too enable blur or switch it off when yous apply new wallpapers.

Mistiness is automatically applied after yous create an boosted Lock Screen and choose”Set as Wallpaper Pair” or “Set up as Wallpaper Pair” selection. Select “Customise Home Screen” instead and then tap the ‘Blur’ choice to eliminate blur from the Dwelling Screen groundwork.


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