How To Recover Permanently Deleted Emails From Gmail On Iphone

By | 09/10/2022

It takes only one wrong swipe or tap on the screen to mistakenly delete an email on your iPhone. And unfortunately, restoring such an electronic mail is not as easy every bit erasing it. However, there are a few constructive data recovery methods that can help you bring back the lost electronic mail.

Read on to notice out how to recover permanently deleted emails on iPhone and forestall such an issue from happening in the first identify.

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How to Find Deleted Emails on iPhone

Luckily, whenever you delete an email on your iPhone, it even so physically stays present on your phone and can be hands constitute in most cases. Just at that place isn’t a separate binder for deleted items on iPhones, so the just way to view the deleted emails on your phone would be through the e-mail customer that you were using to access your electronic mail account.

Since the
app is the well-nigh commonly used electronic mail client for iPhones, we’ll also be using it to demonstrate how to locate deleted emails. Here’s what you should practice:

How to Recover Deleted Emails on iPhone

Here are the well-nigh effective data recovery methods that can be used to recover missing, lost, or deleted emails on your iPhone.

Method #1: Undo Deletion

Now iPhones come with a absurd feature that allows you to undo the latest action that you did on the telephone by only shaking it. This gives you an opportunity to immediately recover deleted emails from your iPhone equally soon equally you’ve noticed that you’ve deleted the incorrect one, but just if that was the last thing that yous did on your iPhone.

So, to undelete email on an iPhone with this method, simply milkshake your phone. Then a popup window will appear asking you whether y’all wish to undo the last action. Tap
Undo, and at that place you have it — the email volition exist placed dorsum into its previous location.undo delete email

Method #ii: Cheque Trash Folder

Whenever yous delete an e-mail on your iPhone, it gets immediately transferred to a folder in the Mail service app called
Trash. If the Trash folder hasn’t been emptied after y’all’ve deleted your email, you should be able to easily recover emails deleted from Trash and move them back to the folder where information technology was located earlier deletion.

Follow these steps to notice deleted emails on iPhone and recover a deleted one from the Trash folder:

  1. Open the
    app on your iPhone.
  2. Using the sidebar menu on the left, tap
  3. Tap the
    button at the pinnacle-right of the screen and choose the email you want to recover.
  4. Tap
    and select the folder to which you lot want to move the e-mail.bin mail iphone

Method #three: Bank check Archive

Information technology’due south very easy to mistakenly move an email on your iPhone to the
folder instead of deleting information technology. Then fifty-fifty if you tin’t observe the email in the Trash folder, it’s a adept idea to check the Archive folder likewise.

Here’southward how to detect archived emails on your iPhone and recover the e-mail from at that place:

Method #four: Recover From iCloud Backup

This is an effective data recovery method for restoring deleted emails on iPhones. Still, you lot can’t recover simply emails from your
iCloud backup
. You’ll accept to erase all data and settings on your iPhone, and and so when setting up your telephone again, choose to restore everything from one of your iCloud backup versions.

Follow these steps to recall deleted emails on iPhone using an iCloud backup:

Method #five: Restore Emails From Your iCloud Account

If you lot’ve been backing up your emails to your iCloud account, you tin can attempt to recover the missing e-mail from your recent backup. However, information technology is non always possible to recover permanently deleted emails from your iPhone using this method considering of the settings you’ve chosen on your phone in regards to iCloud backups.

This method is an excellent option if you want to recall sometime emails on iPhone since you lot’ll be able to access all of your emails from the iCloud account.

Follow these steps to recover accidentally deleted emails on iPhone from your iCloud business relationship:

Method #6: Use Data Recovery Software

If you’ve been accessing your email account via Post app on both your iPhone and Mac, information technology’due south possible to recover deleted or lost emails with the help of a data recovery tool like Disk Drill. The reason why nosotros chose this tool is that information technology works with basically any MacBook version and is capable of recovering
emlx files
(which are archives of your emails). As well, in that location are a few more options for recovering deleted emails direct from a Mac.

Follow these steps to recover emails from your iPhone using a data recovery tool:

In one case yous’ve recovered the needed electronic mail file, you should take a few boosted steps to import the emails back into your account. After y’all exercise that, y’all should be able to admission the recovered emails both through your Mac and iPhone.

Follow these steps to place back the recovered emails into your email account:

How to Configure Emails to Prevent Data Loss

Want to make sure that you won’t loose emails anymore on your iPhone? When information technology comes to emails, the best fashion to protect them from potential data loss would be by configuring the Mail settings on your telephone.

To keep yourself from mistakenly deleting the wrong email, it can exist helpful to switch on the feature that would ask you whether you’re actually sure that you want to delete a certain email. Here’south how to exercise it:

Also, it’s a good thought to make certain that your emails are backed up to your
iCloud account. This will requite you an effective pick in instance you ever need to recover an electronic mail from your iPhone.


If yous recollect that you might’ve deleted the incorrect email on your iPhone and need to restore it, the get-go matter that y’all should practise is double-check whether the email that you lot’re searching for is actually gone. And even if that’south the case, the methods described in this article should help yous bring back the deleted emails.

Also, make sure to configure the e-mail settings on your iPhone to prevent such an unpleasant event from happening once again.


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